15 Fundamental Boxing Tips for Beginners

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boxing tips for beginners
Learn boxing basics

Boxing seems to be a not so complicated sport, but believe me, it is more than just throwing punches. It requires coordination, balance, endurance, strength, well-performed punches and proper footwork. Plus, it is not just about attacking the opponent but mainly about defense.

Hence, you should not only train your body but your mind as well. But with the right type of workouts and continuous practice, you can get good results.

Here are some basic boxing tips for beginners.


Boxing For Beginners Advice

1. Throw Light but Sharp Punches

An unfortunate mistake of beginners is that they want to hit the heavy bag with full strength.

If you want to punch with power, you will only use the strength of your arm and shoulder muscles, that seems to be OK, but instead you should use your body to throw the punch. That way you will be able to strike much bigger. For this, your body should be relaxed. Try punching with tight muscles and with loosening muscles. You will feel the difference.

Also, if all your punches are the level of the maximum, you will not have any energy to train long. Your boxing training time will not be long enough. If you get out of breath after 1 minute that will get you nowhere.

Watch the video below to learn why your body is so important.

2. Shorter Combos

As you are a beginner, there is no need to do complex combinations. 3-4 punch combos will do. As you get better, you can add more punches to your combos. It is better to be good at 4-5 combination types than doing a lot of badly-performed ones.

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3. Be Hydrated

No matter if you hit the bag at home or spare with an opponent, always drink plenty of water. A good boxing practice is tough, and you sweat like mad, so you have to refill yourself to be hydrated. If you are dehydrated, you will not have the energy to train.

4. Learn, Learn, Learn

If you go to a boxing gym, get in touch with others and ask for advice. Watch how the best boxers train and “steal” their best movements. Also, there are tons of materials online from which you can learn. The more boxing tricks and techniques you know, the better since you will see and understand your weaknesses.



5. Correct Breathing Technique

Do not hold your breath! Do not forget you should exhale when you punch. The right breathing technique while training is crucial to have energy for the whole workout. Plus, you can handle the body hits reaching you better as well. If you are totally out of breath, inform your trainer and have time to calm down.

6. Keep You Head Up

Many beginners look on the floor while they punch the bag or spare. Big mistake! How do you know where your opponent is and what he is doing if you cannot see him?

7. Get Harder Workouts Gradually

As with all other sports, you should start slowly and increase the length and hardness of your boxing training gradually. If you push yourself to the limit from the first days, you will get tired fast both mentally and physically. Your body and mind need time to get used to this type of workout. You do not want to quit after a month, do you?

8. Proper Boxing Stance

No matter if you hit the punching bag or fight with someone always keep the proper stance. This state will help you to throw more powerful punches and support the defense. Also, it provides better stability, flexibility, mobility and balance.

correct boxing stance
Boxing stance for beginners | Credit: expertboxing.com

9. Hand High & Elbows Low

If you watch a match, you can see fighters lowering their arms, but since you are a beginner, you should not do that yet. Always keep your hands high and your elbows low, close to your body. Keep this position even if you punch a heavy bag. Also, keep your chin down.

Watch the video to learn proper position.

10. Keep Hitting

If you spare with someone or you punch a heavy bag keep hitting no matter what. Your opponent should know you are a not a quieter.

11. Be Focused

In the ring, there is no time to lose your focus. Your opponent waits for that one second when you do not focus to knock you out. When you hit the bag imagine you are fighting with someone, and keep focusing as if you are in a real fight.

12. Throw Body Punches

Do not only train for hitting the head. Hit the body of your opponent from every angle. As it is said,

Hit the body and the head will followClick To Tweet


13. Keep Your Opponent Wondering What Your Next Punch Will Be

If you always throw the same punches and combos, your opponent will quickly find the way to protect himself and find your weaknesses. So, keep them guessing. This way he will also get tired in mind sooner or later and lose his focus.

14. Footwork

Good footwork is vital for defensive and offensive reasons. It is as important as the correct ways to punch. During sparring or heavy bag training always move but keep the proper boxing form. Have your ever seen fighters standing in front of each other during the who match? I guess you haven’t. It is one of the most important boxing techniques for beginners that you have to learn.

Here are 10 useful boxing footwork tips

15. Have Fun

I have tried several sports in my life, but none of them makes me so excited as boxing. I know I’m not going to be a fighter, but this type of exercise has helped me a lot to release stress and boost my endurance. As with everything, do not take it too seriously unless you want to be the next Tyson. Of course, you should give your best while training, but do not make it boring.

These are just a few boxing tips for beginners, but maybe they are the most important ones. As you develop both mentally and physically, and the various techniques come naturally, you will be able to pick more professional technical skills in boxing. Just keep in mind that boxing is just like any other sport, you should practice, practice and practice. If you want to train at home, look around on this website to find reviews of boxing at home equipment.



How to learn boxing at home? Is that possible?

Well, there are tons of useful sources online that you can use to get started. For example, I learned a lot from the Precision Striking Youtube channel made by a formal professional boxer names J T Van.

He made excellent videos about boxing fundamentals, but on his channel, he shares a lot of advanced level tips as well. He also has a fantastic app that helps to practice at home.

Another excellent source is expertboxing.com with full of advice. Johnny Nguyen, the founder, also has a “How to box in 10 days” instructional video and ebook pack made for people who want to start this fantastic sport.

On the other hand, if you want to be a boxer, you cannot get on without the help of a professional coach.

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    • Yes, maybe I talk too much about footwork but I made the mistake of focusing only on punches when I was a beginner.

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  4. I boxed for 7/8 years myself as a young lad ‘now 50 years old I have decided to start training young lads from where I live ‘ althought I had several years experience as a boxer I still know myself we never stop learning so I read and watched tips on your site which have helped me learn more now which I will try to put these tips forward to the young lads that I am training .thank you .TERRY STIRLING

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