Beginner’s Guide to Boxing Stance

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If you want to start boxing the first and one most of most important thing you have to learn is the proper boxing stance. Without it, you can’t move, throw punches, and different yourself effectively. In the beginning, you may not devote importance to it, but believe me, the right stance is the basis of everything you do in boxing.

What is the boxing stance?

A position in which the legs, arms, and body are in a position that enables easy and uninterrupted attack and defense in all directions and in which the points of impact are protected is called the boxing position. Hence, it’s very important for beginners to learn and implement it in the right way.

What is the proper boxing stance?

The orthodox fighting stance (for right-handed)

orthodox boxing stance

The left foot of the boxer in front, in the case of a right-handed student (orthodox boxing stance), is in a backward lunge with the right foot not exceeding the width of the student’s shoulder. The body weight rests evenly on both feet. The left foot is fully planted, but the weight of the body is more on the front of the foot. The right foot rests on the ground with the midfoot slightly turned inwards. In terms of body position, the longitudinal axis of the shoulder girdle does not coincide with the line joining the centers of the feet but forms an angle with it when turned towards the opponent.

proper feet positions
Relation between the longitudinal axis of the pelvic and shoulder girdle in the standing position

In the orthodox stance, the arms are in the best position when the right arm is resting on the body, the right fist is directly next to the chin, and the fist of the left arm, bent at right angles at the elbow, is positioned in front of the left shoulder at shoulder height. The basic position is correct when the right shoulder is slightly lowered, the left shoulder is slightly raised and the chin is placed in the cavity formed by the shoulder and the breast.

Learn the proper orthodox stance from the following video.

The southpaw fighting stance (for left-handed)

Southpaw stance is used in boxing and some other sports, where the boxer is standing forward with the right hand and foot forward, launching jabs with the right hand and following them with a right cross. Left-handed boxers normally use this stance. The rules are the same.

Southpaws should position their arms such that the left arm rests on the body, the left fist is directly under the chin, and the right fist, bent at the elbow, is positioned in front of the right shoulder at shoulder height. It is essential that your left shoulder is slightly lowered, your right shoulder is slightly raised and your chin rests in the cavity formed by your right shoulder and breast.

Learn the proper southpaw stance from the next video.

Why a good boxing stance is important?

It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to have a good stance. A good stance will help you attack and defend with balance. An athlete should not lose his or her balance while throwing a punch. If one is off balance, one is more likely to get hit by an opponent.

You can throw a broader range of punches by standing in an ideal manner without leaving yourself too vulnerable. Getting your stance right will provide you with more strength, balance, and mobility.

The boxer is constantly in motion in order to solve his tactical ideas, so he can best apply his imagined movement patterns in space and time in relation to his opponent. The most important component of agility is footwork, which may necessarily be combined with the movement of other parts of the body. But, all these movements are impossible without the right stance.

Mistakes to avoid

  • The possibility of getting smacked in the mouth increases when your chin is raised higher than your raised hands.
  • Taking a step where you lose track of the imaginary line connecting the toe of your front foot to the heel of your back foot, thereby compromising your balance.
  • A heavy front leg makes you more vulnerable to attack because your body weight is transferred to your front leg.
  • Turning the shoulders in such a way as to present a bigger target for the opponent.
  • Being unable to move easily because you are flat-footed.

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