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Century Wavemaster Punching Bags Comparison & Reviews

    Century Wavemaster punching bags are one of the most popular free-standing heavy bags on the market. They are made out of high-quality materials and designed to last.

    To make it easier for people to compare the different models, we’ve created this buying guide. It’s a summary of all the information available on the web. It has a comparison table of the features, benefits, and specifications of each model. This is a guide to help you find the best Wavemaster punching bag for your needs.

    Wavemaster Traning Bag Comparison Chart

    Wavemaster XXL
    Century Wavemaster XXL | Freestanding Punching Bag with Base | Heavy Bag Boxing Martial Arts Kickboxing Bag | Optimal Strength and Cardio Training Bag
    Max weight (pounds)
    Height adjustment
    18 inches
    Good for
    Anyone (even for professionals)
    Current price
    Wavemaster XXL
    Century Wavemaster XXL | Freestanding Punching Bag with Base | Heavy Bag Boxing Martial Arts Kickboxing Bag | Optimal Strength and Cardio Training Bag
    Max weight (pounds)
    Height adjustment
    18 inches
    Good for
    Anyone (even for professionals)
    Current price

    Century Wavemaster heavy bag comparison chart
    Size comparison

    Century Wavemaster Punching Bag Reviews

    Top Pick

    1. Century Wavemaster XXL

    The XXL is a revolutionary and high-quality martial arts training bag with an extra-large striking surface. The low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution make it perfect for trainees of all levels. With the high-quality exterior and sturdy construction, this bag will provide endless hours of practice for all martial arts students, beginners or not.

    When filled with water, the bag weighs approximately 260-270 pounds. If we use sand, it’s over 300 pounds. The base measures 28 inches in diameter and 14 inches high. This large and low-profile base provides the bag with good stability, so even more powerful fighters can use it without worrying about falling over. But that also means it isn’t easy to move around Wavemestr XXL once it’s filled.

    Covers come in black, red, or blue. Made of vinyl, they are durable and easy to clean. There is a high-density foam padding underneath the cover, wrapped tight around a plastic core. The striking surface absorbs the blows well. It’s neither too soft nor too firm. But, it’s still recommended to use punching gloves for hand protection.

    The unit will arrive in two boxes: one with the base and one with the bag and core. When shipped, the system weighs around 35-40 pounds. The bottom can be filled with water or sand after the center is screwed onto it.


    • Premature wear will occur on the bag if you concentrate too much on a specific area. So, make sure to strike the bag from different angles.
    • A very smooth floor or a partially filled base can make XXL move. To solve this problem, place a rubber mat under it.
    • Upon striking the bag, you may notice that it wiggles within the outer base. The unit removes some of the stress from the plastic core by doing this. There is no problem with this. It is by design.

    For whom is Century Wavemaster a good choice?

    This full-length training bag is intended for practicing all kinds of punches and kicks. Leg kicks from low to high, all sorts of blows, knees, and elbows are all good for practicing on it. Also, it’s very stable and durable. That is why it’s a favorable free-standing heavy bag in martial art studios to serve intense training routines.

    To conclude, if you need a versatile, long-lasting free-standing bag that is even suitable for professional training Wavemaster XXL punching bag is a good option. Of course, the price is higher than others, but we get a quality construction that is ideal for anyone. Read more reviews 

    Runner up

    2. Powerline Wavemaster

    In comparison with the original Wavemaster, the foam density is twice as high. With the perfect amount of cushioning, your workouts will be comfortable and supportive. It can also be adjusted from 47 inches to 68 inches high, with sand or a water-filled base. The materials are thick, durable vinyl and polyester.

    Powerline is a versatile punching bag with an eight-position height adjustment ranging from 47 to 68 inches. With this feature, we can adjust the bag to our height or for the preferred training.

    Like the other models, the Century Powerline also comes with a plastic base that can be loaded with either water or sand. When fully filled with water, the unit weighs 270 pounds. At its maximum height, however, it is willing to fall over if it is hit hard.

    Powerline Wavemaster bags are 4 inches bigger than the Original bag, measuring 17.5 inches across. It gives you more space to practice different punching and kicking techniques and styles.

    Rapid bounce speed makes it highly effective. This boxing bag is a good option for kickboxing, cardio, or working out at medium or light intensity. The better rebound speed requires us to move faster, developing our frightening skills.

    The bag doesn’t dent when you land a blow on it or when it’s used for a long time because of the high-density foam filler material. The hitting area has an optimal density. In addition, the vinyl cover makes it extremely durable and easy to clean.

    It is an improvement over the previous Century Original Wavemaster. Compared to the Wavemaster XXL, it is also an affordable option.

    The cons

    • Due to the high profile of the bag, it is likely to fall over at the highest adjustment if it’s hit with huge power.
    • When filling the base with water, some customers complain of leaks. But, if we use some tape around the cap, we can resolve this problem.
    girl kicking Wavemaster Powerline

    Century Powerline Wavemaster is designed for whom?

    Due to its heavy padding, this bag with adjustable height is ideal for moderate boxing and kicks. You can practice high and low kicks on it while it remains stable. It’s an excellent choice for beginners who want a sturdy medium free-standing punching bag.

    However, this bag is not recommended for professionals or bigger guys who want to work out on a full-fledged punching bag. Read more reviews 

    Best selling

    3. Original Wavemaster

    In combat sports, the Original Wavemaster freestanding bag represents a pioneering development. Perfect for all sizes of practitioners. The height of this bag can be adjusted from 47 to 68 inches. It’s great for mid-level, low-level, and high-level kicks.

    With a durable vinyl cover and high-density foam material, the original Wavemaster punching bag provides ultimate comfort. These free-standing bags have the advantage of being adjustable and have a height range of 47 to 68 inches. Due to this, the bag can fit people of different heights.

    When it’s filled, the base weighs approximately 250 pounds. It can be filled with sand or water.

    There are several colors to choose from, like red, blue, and black. You can expect the vinyl cover to be durable and reliable, which means that it won’t tear easily or suffer holes. There’s a foam filler in the bag to absorb force. However, you should wear hand protection before punching because it can be tough on the hands.

    Compared to many free-standing heavy bags, this is a much smaller and thinner bag with 13 inches in diameter. If you have powerful strikes, you might prefer something more extensive like the Powerline or XXL.


    • Limited punching surface.
    • It is not able to withstand strong hits.
    • It’s stable only when it’s set to short levels.

    Who should use the Original Wavemaster?

    Short adults and children are better off with the Wavemaster Original because it’s more stable when adjusted to shorter heights. The design becomes unstable and wobbly when adjusted to the size of people over 6 feet tall.

    I recommend this Century standing punching bag for absolute beginners, teens, or kids. The compact design makes it ideal for beginner boxing workouts and low-impact exercises. Read more reviews 

    Best for women

    4. Aerobic Wavemaster

    It is best used for cardio training rather than punching strength. A low-impact, rapid heart rate exercise is perfect for the smaller footprint. The bag is best used for kicking and striking quickly and with precision, as opposed to using raw force as is done with heavy bags.

    This freestanding bag is made from high-density foam fill and comes with a solid vinyl cover. The bag can be adjusted for heights between 53 and 65 inches, so it is suitable for different sizes of people. You can also get the bag in black, red, or blue.

    Contrary to other Century Wavemaster training bags, the Cardio Wavemaster measures just 10.5 inches in diameter. With the base, it also weighs around 170 pounds, which is considerably less. If necessary, its compact size allows it to be moved easily.

    Due to its intended use as cardio workout equipment instead of strength or power trainer, this bag is smaller and lighter. You should avoid striking the bag with powerful kicks or punches since it isn’t stable enough. Consider the XXL or another heavy bag from another brand if you want to work on strength or power.

    woman kicking aerobic Wavemaster punching bag


    • Impact does cause the bag to move so much.
    • Users complain that the bag design is too narrow and restricts their ability to kick and punch freely.

    Is this punching bag suitable for you?

    This Wavemaster bag combines resistance and cardio training to provide you with a complete workout routine. This bag is best suited for those who appreciate cardio rather than punching power. For those who want to tone their arms and legs, this bag is an excellent piece of exercise equipment at an affordable price. But, for serious martial art training, it isn’t suitable at all. Read more customer reviews 

    Perfect for kids

    5. Wavemaster Kid Kick

    Introducing children to martial arts like boxing, kickboxing, karate, and other forms of fitness is a great idea. Four height adjustments are included on each bag. In addition, the bag features a rounded base that makes rolling easy.

    This product comes in a cool shade of red and has an excellent design that’s sure to catch your child’s attention. Beginners and older children interested in learning the basics of martial arts or boxing will find this a good choice.

    A high-impact foam surface outside of nylon on the punching bag enables it to absorb shocks and remain gentle on the skin of your child.

    This product also comes with four height adjustments so young adolescents can keep pace with their growing needs as they get older. Total weight of 170 pounds is achieved by filling the bag with either water or sand. Customer reviews generally agree that it’s sturdy training equipment for children.


    • Customer reviews suggest filling it with sand if your child already has a certain amount of arm and leg strength to avoid falling over.
    • You shouldn’t leave the bag outside in the rain or sun since it can damage the structure.

    Should you get it for your kids?

    Made of durable and long-lasting materials, this punching bag is made for children and teenagers. The activity of punching and kicking improves children’s physical and mental development. Plus, it’s enjoyable fitness training. No products found.

    What are the benefits of Wavemaster training bags?

     Standing punching bags are designed for those who want to train without damaging things in their house. They can be easily moved, making them ideal for those who live in apartments or tiny houses with insufficient space for a traditional heavy bag. Also, you can use them at home if you don’t like going to the gym because it’s too expensive or inconvenient. 

    There are several benefits to Wavemaster models.

    • Because they don’t swing, they take up a lot less room than hanging heavy bags—perfect options for home use.
    • They’re also easier to set up because they don’t need any hanging apparatus or room modifications.
    • Assembling them is not difficult at all.
    • Height settings make them suitable for more people.
    • Quality materials are used to manufacture these products, and they come with a good warranty from a trusted manufacturer.
    • The hitting surface of the boxing bags is knuckle-friendly – not too firm, not too soft.
    • Century heavy bags have a rounded base design, so you can move them if you don’t have a dedicated training space.
    • Depending on the type of training we want to do, we can choose from different types of bags.
    • We can use these bags for martial art training strategies and cardio workouts.

    What are the best alternatives to Century Wavemaster?

    For professionals, there are two professional standing bags that I recommend checking out.

    Ringside Elite is very similar to the XXL Training Bag, but it has an inbuilt spring that makes the rebound better, plus the bag even more stable. It’s a good option for a hardcore training session and taller people.

    Another alternative is the Century BOB bag which is a punching bag type with a real human body. That helps the fighter target the punches or kicks better, plus the training is more enjoyable with this heavy-duty punching bag.

    For general cardio workouts, you may consider the Dripex free-standing bag which costs less and has a lot of positive reviews.


    Is the Century Wavemaster good for boxing?

    Boxing and martial arts use punching bags to build power. In order to avoid toppling over while being used for practice, the base is filled with sand or water. That gives stability to the bag, which makes the bags relatively static. Thus, it does not move like hanging heavy bags that better imitate a real opponent’s movements. Therefore, standing bags do not improve defensive and offensive boxing skills such as footwork as much as hanging bags.

    How do you fill a Century Wavemaster?

    We can use both water and sand. The water filling is simple but lends less weight to the base. To achieve maximum stability, sand should be used. Play sand is available in bags weighing 50 pounds. Using a funnel, scoop the sand into the funnel, then use a hose to wash the sand into the bag base. Once you’ve done this 20-30 times, turn the bag over to drain the water. Continue until the entire 300 lbs of sand is in the bag base.

    Is there a way to stop my free-standing punching bag from moving?

    Instead of using water, fill the stand with sand since it’s much heavier. We should also place a rubber mat under the base to prevent sliding.

    How easy is it to find replacement parts for Wavemaster bags?

    Wavemaster replacement parts are readily available from Amazon. You can directly contact Century if you are unsure which spare parts are available. Century will send the spare parts directly to you.

    To conclude

    The Century Wavemaster reviews are now complete. I’ll briefly summarize the different heavy bags we’ve listed and try to recommend one.

    Century Powerline Wavemaster.  – An improved version of the original Century Wavemaster. Excellent for drills and cardio exercises. Exercises that improve your explosive power are not recommended with this bag.

    Century Wavemaster XXL  – This is an extra-large martial arts training bag. The best of all, the Wavemaster is suitable for any form of workout. Its sturdy build lets it withstand a powerful kick without tipping over. It’s the most oversized punching bag on this list and the best buy for the money providing an excellent workout experience.

    Century Aerobic Wavemaster  The best way to incorporate heavy bag exercises into your workout routine at a reasonable price. But, it’s not suitable for power punching.



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