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Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag Review

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    70" x 10.5"


    Multi layer cover


    Synthetic leather

    dripex punch bag

    The Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag is an outstanding choice for anyone in search of a well-made bag for home. Covering the highest quality multilayer construction, it features a punching surface that is carefully designed to minimize the chance of any bruising on your wrists or to break your hands while still ensuring efficiency in your workout. Complete with 12 super-strong suction cups, easily inserting this punching bag to its designated spot will be finished in no time.

    This freestanding bag is an excellent addition to your home gym, basement, or your office. The stand is well designed and easy to set up. No tools are needed.

    Upgrade and build your boxing skills at home with this freestanding punch bag—ideal for boxing exercises and regular punching practice.


    • Easy installation, assembly and mobile.
    • Great option for punching, kicking, cardio. (beginners, intermediate level adults, children)
    • The cover is a multi-layer construction with a buffer layer for hand protection. 
    • Quite tall, about 70 inches.
    • Works well on any type of even floors.
    • Requires little space, compact size
    • More silent than other free standing bags.


    • The core is empty, so the bag itself is somewhat lightweight. That means it doesn't give enough resistance for powerful punches and kicks.
    • It isn't suitable for advanced athletes in martial arts. The width of the striking surface is 10.2", quite narrow.
    Go purchase the Dripex punching bag now!
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    Go purchase the Dripex punching bag now!
    Dripex is spring-loaded, easy to store, and simple to assemble. No additional boxing equipment is required. It's the perfect answer for men and women who want to workout at home.

    Dripex punching bag review

    Ultra Stable Base

    base for stability

    A typical problem with free standing punching bags is that they tip over or move. To avoid that, the Dripex bag is equipped with two solutions.

    Firstly, it comes with a rounded base, which we can fill with water or sand. By filling with water, it weighs about 140 lbs, with sand 180 pounds. That alone gives good stability.

    We can also find 12 strong suction cups at the bottom of the base, each with 176-pound sucking power. That way, the bag sticks to tiles and other smooth floors firmly.

    The sucking cups and the filled base combination makes it extremely stable. There are no complaints about shaking, tilting, or moving. IMO this system was an excellent idea from Dripex.

    Shock Absorbing System

    Dual TPU absorbers + springsx4 achieve 360° shock

    The Dripex standing punching bag has a unique shock absorption system that improves it in two ways.

    Firstly, shock absorbers improve rebounding, which enhances the timing, rhythm, and accuracy of the punches. It also forces the user to react faster, turning the home workout more intensive.

    The absorbing system also takes place in the stability of the product. The four heavy-duty springs inside of this system also reduce the noise.

    Hand Protection & Fast Rebound

    The cover of the boxing bag is made of a durable yet convenient multilayer construction. The first layer is PU leather, which is a durable and easy to clean material. Underneath, we can find a springy, high-density EPE foam padding, then a fabric buffer. The core of the bag is a stainless steel tube.

    This combination of materials is convenient and safe for the hands. It also results in a swift rebound. It buffers the power of punches so you won't experience stress on your wrists.

    But, I still recommend wearing boxing gloves for maximum safety.



    User experience

    Ease of Use


    The Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag is a convenient and well-constructed item that you can essentially install anywhere you'd like. It comes with 12 strong suction cups, allowing you to install it on any hard surface in your home. It is constructed from high-quality, multiple materials that absorb the strike force from your fist's impact to improve efficiency and minimize pain caused by hand injuries. Great for boxing training, Taekwondo, Karate, general fitness workout, and more at a moderate level.

    If you are tired of boring workouts, try the Dripex freestanding bag to spice up your workout routine!

    Amazon customers love it!

    But, advanced-level trainees or big guys are better to get more sturdy and heavier workout equipment with a large striking surface and better durability. If that's the case with you, check out other free standing heavy bag reviews here.


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