Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag Review

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Are you looking for durable boxing and MMA equipment made of high-quality material and gives you value for money? Look no further than the Ringside free standing punching bag. This model is ideal for tall people due to its 6’4 height.

It is another excellent product from Ringside, undisputed in the manufacture of martial arts training equipment. Their boxing equipment is known for durability, which translates to value for money. The Ringside Elite free standing bag is made to build muscle for the user. It is also ideal for full-length kicks.

Ringside Elite review

It is made of a synthetic leather shell that is very durable. The high quality of the leather can withstand heavy punching without wearing it out. Ringside guarantees that the bag is made to withstand even the harshest blows. It also has a removable foam collar. The collar increases or decreases the swinging.

With a height of over 75 inches, the bag can accommodate kicks and punches from great boxers. The big Ringside Elite is comfortable to use regardless of one’s height. It has a base diameter of 32 inches, while this free standing heavy bag itself has a diameter of 17 inches.

It has a thick bottom that can hold up to 270 lbs of water or sand. The massive base ensures that it does not move as one punch or kick. Fighters will agree that a heavy bag that keeps on toppling over as one kicks and punches is very annoying. Well, this Ringside model will not disappoint you when it comes to stability.

Ringside Elite Review


Workout Experience

Best Features

Listed below are the striking features that will make you dash to the nearest gym equipment shop and grab one.

Quality Material

It is manufactured using high-quality synthetic leather. The material is durable and does not peel due to punching. For boxers who are looking for a bag that will withstand intense boxing during training, this is perfect for them. Heavy punching and kicking will not have the trainers going back to the shop to replace it.

Solid Base

It has a massive base that holds the top. It can hold up to 270 lbs of water or sand. The feature ensures that it does not move as one kicks it. Heavy and fast punching will not push it from one point to another. Stability is crucial when hitting or kicking since all energy is focused on the bag, which helps one improve their technique without wasting punches. The weight distribution of the bag is perfect.

Check out why pro users like it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Ringside Elite free standing bag comes with a return policy in case one is not satisfied with the product. The 120-day purchase return policy allows you to sample the product. In case one is not pleased with the quality or the product disappoints them in any way, the purchaser is entitled to return it for an exchange or refund.

It is good to note that if one is returning the product due to the color or size, then the product should not be unwrapped, and the original packaging should be present. However, if it’s a manufacturing defect, then the original packaging is not necessary.


Ringside Elite is manufactured with a professional trainer in mind. For this reason, training using this kit will ensure that the trainee builds muscle and develops their punching and kicking technique. It can also be put in a home gym for the enthusiastic home trainers who don’t have time to stop by the gym. Suitable for every martial arts.


Advantages of Ringside Elite

  • One of the significant benefits of Ringside Elite free standing punching bag is its solid bottom that does not move or topple over when one strikes. The stability of this bag allows for consistency when hitting, and this improves the technique of the training.
  • A similar free standing punching bag is the Wavemaster XXL (and the bag from Everlast). Watch the video below to learn why Ringside is better than XXL.
  • Another merit of this bag is that it is made of high quality of the material. The synthetic leather is guaranteed to last for long, which means one can have many training sessions without replacing the bag. The durability ensures value for your money, making it a worthy investment.
  • The satisfaction guarantee given is also a plus. When a trainer feels that they are not happy with their purchase, they have up to one twenty days to return it and receive a refund or have it exchanged in case of defectiveness.
  • Another advantage is that it has been made for professional training. It’s therefore bound to ensure that a trainee builds on their technique and grows in their profession.
  • The price of this Ringside bag is also quite affordable, and best of all, one can order it online and have it delivered to them. Payment methods are also convenient since they accept many credit cards and payment methods.


  • The downside is the massive solid base that makes it immobile in the gym. It’s tough to move it from one point to another, so one cannot use it for wrestling practice.
  • It does not accommodate people with a small build since it has been manufactured with heavily built professional trainers in mind.



  • Versatile, perfect for any martial arts and level
  • Very stable
  • Durable (suitable for gyms)
  • Excellent training experience


  • Big size
  • Heavy so not easy to move around

Ringside Elite Free Standing bag has received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, with most of the customers found the base very solid. They are happy that it does not move even when it’s the basement is filled with water or sand.

The customers also like the quality of the material used to manufacture the bag since it will serve them for a long time. Most customers are pleased with the reasonable price tag given the high quality of its manufacture and durability.


Why buy a free standing bag instead of a hanging bag?

A standing heavy bag is the best option for people who have no space at home to hang a standard heavy bag. After the workout, we can relocate to the corner of the room. The problem is that most standing punching bags easily fall over or break if a heavy hitter or an expert fighter uses it. Otherwise, for beginners or cardio training, they will do.

The Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag is an exception. It is very stable (great center of gravity), durable, and well-built, so it gives almost the same workout experience as a traditional heavy bag. Plus, Ringside Elite is suitable for any combat sport such as kickboxing or Muay Thai to hit with full force.

Which is better for filling sand or water?

For maximum stability, it’s better to fill the base with sand since it’s much heavier than water filling. But, it would help if you used dry sand to fill the basement through the hole.

What does the shock collar do?

The collar is between the bag and the base, which is there for two reasons. First, it protects the shins when low kicks are made. The other reason the function of the shock collar is to improve the stability of the free standing heavy bag.

Should you use boxing gloves?

Yes. Ringside Elite has optimal shock absorption, but it’s still crucial to protect the joints and small bones of hands. So, use gloves and hand wraps for your power punches and strength training.

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