This is the section where you can find the detailed reviews of the most popular heavy punching bags. We review a wide range of models from beginner to advanced level, freestanding or traditional ones, etc.

pink punching bags for women

5 Best Pink Punching Bags for Women

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Need to lose weight, boost your fitness, or release stress? Check out the best pink punching bags to add cardio to your training with heart-pumping boxing workouts.

dripex punch bag

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag Review

If you are searching for a reliable free standing punching bag, the Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag is exactly what you need. Having durable materials that will last longer saving more cost to buy replacement.

40 lb punching bags

4 Best 40 lb Punching Bag Reviews

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Do you want to buy a 40 lb punching bag? Check out the best light heavy bags, read our honest reviews and see the prices.

punching bags price

How much does a punching bag cost?

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Within this guide, I’ll go deep into the punching bag prices looking at the types, weight, sizes, purpose and other factors.

Century Wavemaster XXL training bag review

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag Review

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Century Wavemaster XXL is a popular freestanding heavy bag that is suitable for any martial art. Check out what are its pros and cons to know if it is for you.

ringside elite freestanding heavy bag

Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag Review

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Ringside Elite free standing punching heavy bag is a professional model for any martial art. It is perfect for pro users for kicking and punching.


The Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag

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Do you want a professional Muay Thai heavy bag for home? Read this review about a professional punching bag for kicks and punches.