Best Double End Bag Reviews & Buying Guide

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best double end bag reviews

After the heavy bag, the most useful boxing equipment you can have at home is the boxing double end bag. Why? One reason is that it hits back so you can practice the various defense skills. Also, it is moving fast, so you can develop your reflexes, coordination and the accuracy of your punches. So, it is a great option if you do not have somebody to spar with.

Here I'm going to give you a detailed guide about double end punching bags. You will learn its advantages, how to use it, the various types, how to install it, what to look for when you buy one and also review the best products.

So, let's get started.

What Double End Bag Should I Get?



The traditional one is a single ball that comes with flexible cords. The size of the balls is different. These are more suitable for speed workouts. The shape can be sphere or speed bag style.

​Mexican Style

Mexican style DE bag

​And there is the Mexican style double end bag that looks like as if two balls were put together looking like the number 8. Thanks to this shape you can practice more types of punches such as uppercuts. However, they are heavier and bigger, so they do not bounce as fast.

​Boxers use both, but for an average Joe for home the traditional bag is suitable, I think.

​The Material

​The shell of the ball can be leather or synthetic leather. It is evident that the leather is the best providing the best user experience. However, they are more expensive and react badly to moisture.


​Well, it is hard to tell if a stitching of the ball is durable or not just by seeing it. So, I suggest you checking out the customer reviews.


The inner bladder is one of the most important part of the double-end striking bag. It can be made from latex or rubber. The rubber is maybe more durable but heavier, so the bag will bounce slower. The latex bladder is lighter, but in some cases it sometimes requires reinflation, but the ball moves faster.

So, before shopping, check out the customer reviews to see how the bladder works for the users.

On the other hand, buying new inner bladder is only costs a few bucks, and it is not hard to change.

everlast bladder

​The bladder which is inside bag.


​Another important factor. The size determines how difficult it will be to hit the bag and how fast it will be.

​The smaller the ball, the faster it is, so the harder to hit and move away. But logically, it develops the speed and the accuracy better.

​Bigger bags moves slower, and since they have a larger punching area, they are easier to hit. I think, for hobby trainees, the larger bags are more suitable.

​Choose your bag’s size according to your skill level. Use a 9-inch bag if you’re a beginner, or an 8-inch or 7-inch bag if you’re an intermediate boxer. Experts can use a 6-inch double-ended bag.

​The Cord

​Finally, the cable that also determines the movement of the double end ball. Lighter bags need lighter elastic cord while heavier ones require a sturdier cord.

​The reason is that if the ball is heavy and the cord is light, it will not have enough strength to rebound the bag quickly. And, of course, if the ball is light and the elastic cord is too sturdy, the bag will not move like it should.

​Fortunately, most of the products are sold with the cables that are recommended by the manufacturer. So, you do not have to worry about that.

​On the other hand, if the bag comes with an adjustable cord you can quickly vary your workouts by changing the tension. So, you can focus more on your defense or offense skills.

​If the cord is not so stretched, it makes it jumpier, so it will be harder to hit. If the cable is extended more, that makes it quicker.

​Top Rated Double End Bag Reviews

​1. Ringside Leather Bag - Good Price/ Value Ratio


​This is a classic ball that comes with a leather shell providing a great user experience and durability. The top and bottom loops are longer than usual and triple reinforced for long lasting usage. Users think it is a well-made boxing equipment.

​People training with it say it works as it should. It bounces correctly, and the ball itself is well balanced. Also, they did not have problems with installation, although they think the cord should be a bit better quality. Keep in mind that cables are not adjustable.

The inside bladder is a good as well, just a few customers complain about a little bit of leaking. They should reinflate it about once a week.

There are 3 sizes available: 5", 7" and 9"

79 Reviews
Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag
Considering that it is a genuine leather bag and it has a lot of positive reviews it is worth to buy. Suitable for both pros and beginners.

​2. TITLE Double End Bag - Provides the Best User Experience

coordination bag

​Title is a famous manufacturer of boxing equipment, and this is the ball that Manny Pacquiao used. It has a leather shell, stitched with triple nylon and has an extra long twin-ply leather attachment straps with heavy-duty chrome O-rings for durability. Thanks to these features user do not complain about tearing or anything like that.

​It comes with butyl rubber bladder that can be easily replaced with the help of the inset zipper closure on it. Users do not complain about deflating.

​The user experience is great. Thanks to well-balanced design it moves as it should, and the surface does not damage hands even if gloves are not used.

​The size of the bag is 6 inches, and it comes with all the mounting hardware.

boxing timing bag
164 Reviews
Check out the reviews here
It is a perfect solution for anyone who is searching for a high-quality equipment.

​3. RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing DE Bag - Great Option for Pros

RDX Maya timing bag

​As you see this bag has a different design than the previous ones and because of that, some users find it harder to punch it. On the other, hand others bought it because of this extra difficulty.

​It comes with adjustable 48-inch rubber bungee cord that allows you to quickly set the optimal height for you. The rubber cord quickly calibrates the ball no matter what angle it was hit.

The shell is strengthened by twin textile layer inside that provides extra durability. The surface is comfortable enough to punch without gloves and made to prevent injuries.

​The bladder insertion opening is larger than usual, and that makes replacement easy. Also, it is not disturbing since it is placed at the top not where it is most hit.

​The only problem that may occur is that the adjustable cord loosens up a little bit with usage, so you should sometimes pull the straps back.

52 Reviews
More about RDX Double End Speed Ball here
To sum up, this is a great DE bag with an optimal size and perfect moving. Recommended for any martial art.

​4. TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End Punching Bag - Special Design

TITLE Mexican Style

Peanut bag boxing

​If you want to improve your body and head shots further, this Mexican bag is the solution for you. It is especially useful for practicing the uppercuts. It can be used as a kind of substitute to the pad work.

​Compared to other bags here because of its size and weight is not as fast, though.

​The shell is manufactured from genuine leather and well-stitched, users do not have any problems with ripping.

​Floor and ceiling attachments, as well as rubber bungee cable, are included for quick installation.

​But, the bladder should be much better. Many customers have problems with air leaking, and few even could not pump it up. However, after getting in touch with the support, they got a brand new bag.

mexican double end bag
36 Reviews
More details on Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-n-1 here
If there were no problems with the bladder, this bag would be an excellent purchase for home punching workouts. However, the customer service seems to resolve the problems pretty quickly.

​5. MaxxMMA Double End Striking Punching Bag Kit - With ​Stand


​In case you are searching for an all-in-one equipment that comes with everything you need, then this kit is for you. With the pack, you will get a ball, cords, gloves, a basement and a pump. So, you can quickly set it up wherever you want even in your office to release stress and move a little bit.

​However, this bag is not for professional usage, and it is better for those who wants to have cardio workouts at home or even for kids. The tension and balance of the ball are not the best, and the gloves are low-quality as well. Some users claim that the materials used are not the best and the whole equipment wobbles.

71 Reviews
Check out the customer reviews here
To conclude, this kit is not bad for the price, but it is not for serious practice. Get it if you need something extra to workout with at home or to release stress, but not for real martial arts training.

​6. Cleto Reyes Bag

Find more reviews here
1 Reviews
Find more reviews here
If you are searching for a quality DE bag in the colors of Mexico, this ball is for you. It has a compact, and lightweight design made from high-quality materials. It is packed with all the accessories you need to set it up. It comes with an extra bladder, so you do not have to worry about it in the future. The customer reviews are all positive, so it is a good buy, the price is rather high, though.

​How to Install the Double End Speed Bag

​Well, it seems to be an easy task, but for me, it was a pain to find the proper height and the cord strength.

​Firstly, the height of the bag should be between somewhere your chest and chin. However, some trainers recommend to use it just at the high of the chest. Try which one works you the best.

​The usual question is that how hard the double end punching bag should be inflated. For each product, there is a maximum level that you should not go above, or the shell will tear. I like pumping mine hard as it becomes faster, but you should test what works you the best.

​The worst part is when you install the bag. The best would be if after setting up the bag were at the right position, but, well, it never happens. So, you must be tricky. If the bungee cords are adjustable, it is easy. If not you should set them to the right length somehow or buy other cords.

​You can use a hanger on the ceiling and the floor, but you can use a base as well. Watch the video to learn more about the double end bag installation.

How to use the double end punching bag?

​The first thing I had to learn when I got mine is that it is not a heavy bag. So, you should not throw power punches, just "play" with it. If you are a beginner, start with basic punches. Throw jabs and crosses and practice footwork.

​As you get better, you can start doing easy double end bag drills (here is a useful guide).

Watch the this video for essential advice.

​Another question is if gloves are needed or not. Well, I use gloves, since that is the way how boxers fight in the ring. And I want to imitate that situation. Although, this type of punching bag is not as hard as a heavy bag so that you may use it without gloves.

What are the Benefits?

This type of punching bag is used in boxing, MMA, kickboxing but it is useful for any martial art. Below you can find out what they are good for.

​It improves your punching speed and accuracy.

​Thanks to the flexibility of this equipment when it is punched it bounces back and forward quickly as if an opponent is moving his head and body.

​Punching such a fast moving thing requires accuracy and concentration. You have to get the rhythm that is important in fighting. You have to control your punches and footwork to hit the ball at the right time. Hence, you get better at the timing.

​With practice, you will see significant improvement in your punching placement, speed, and timing.

​Develop Your Footwork

​Beginners usually forget to practice the footwork which is as important as punching. The double end bag training is an excellent way to force yourself to improve that skill.

​As the bag bounces, you have to protect yourself from being hit. Also, you have to find the right distance to place the punches. So, you have to step forward, backward and to the sides. This way you will practice footwork. And with practice, these steps will come naturally.

​To tell the truth, I always had problems with my footwork. When I had only heavy bag workouts, I usually stayed at the same place. After, buying mine, I felt notable improvement at both heavy bag and shadow boxing.

double end striking bag workout

Double end striking bag workout

​Practice Defense Skills

​The problem with the heavy punching bag is that it does not hit back. But the boxing double end bag does! If you throw a powerful punch on it, and you are not careful, you will feel the effect on your face.

​Thanks to that, you can boost your defense and counter punching skills. Because of the movement of the bag, it forces you to keep your guard up and move it around to protect yourself and to throw a blow at the right time. I think it is the best tool for practicing the head movement.

​Good For Combination Effectiveness

​Throwing combos on the heavy bag is not difficult since it stays almost at the same place. But the double end striking bag changes its place, so it is hard to land even short combos. For that, you should react quickly changing your position and increase the speed of your hits.

​Enjoyable, Safe and a Good Workout

​If you want fitness equipment for the home that is not tedious to use, helps to train all your muscle groups, develops your cardio and even fun to use, get one.

​Compared to heavy bags it is much safer to use since there is not such a great impact on your hands and shoulders when the punches reach the ball.

​Also, since you have to move a lot, you can train all your muscle groups and boost your heart rate that leads to cardio and endurance development.

​You can also quickly set it up in your garage or even in the doorway if you live in an apartment.

​Once you get familiar with it a little bit, you will be addicted. That happened to me. 🙂

​That is all about double end bags for now. I hope after reading this guide, you will get the ball that suits you the best. Believe me, this type of training is more than just punching a bag. You can learn skills that can be learned only with just this equipment.

​If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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