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Best Mexican-Style Double-End Bag Reviews

To be an effective boxer, knowing how to slip punches and land effective counterpunches is essential. You will be able to sharpen your reflexes and learn these techniques with the double-end bag. For learning fundamentals, try larger bags and small ones for perfecting your quickness and eye-hand coordination.

What’s the difference between a Mexican and a traditional double-end bag?

Typical Mexican-style double-end bags contain two balls, giving them the appearance of the number 8. Thanks to that shape, it is possible to train a wider range of punching angles such as uppercuts.  

Mexican-style bags generally weigh more and are slower. Consequently, they are not as good as traditional double-end bags for speed training. You might want to consider a regular bag if your aim is speed. A bag in the Mexican style would be most appropriate if your emphasis is on punching variations. 

The Mexican bag has dual punching options, so it’s perfect for teaching head-body combinations.

#1. Ringside Mexican-Style Double Double-End Bag

Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag


  • Constructed of full leather. High quality.
  • Maintains air pressure well.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike.
  • This is an excellent tool to learn the basics

Regular usage is unlikely to cause any issues with the stitching or quality of the leather, and users have had very few complaints about air leaks. The training gear that Ringside produces is generally good quality.

Its design makes it perfect not just for beginners but also for more seasoned punchers. Many people need a bag that sits between a heavy bag and a double-end bag, and the Ringside Mexican Style Bag fills that need.

This kit does not include any hardware.

#2. Ring to Cage Mexican Style Leather Double-End Bag

Mexican Style Leather Double-Double end Bag


  • High-quality complete leather construction.
  • Durable loops.
  • Durable bladders inside.
  • Keeps inflation well.
  • It can handle heavy punches.
  • Comes with cables.

Ring to Cage Mexican bag is an excellent training bag that will help you improve your boxing skills. Made of all leather construction, this bag is made of high-quality leather.

This Mexican-style bag comes with twin rubber bladders for maximum durability. This training bag will give you years of excellent service, complete with nylon web and leather riveted leather attachment loops on the top and bottom. When it comes to improving your boxing skills, this is one product that should not be missing from your gym equipment collection.

#3. TITLE Mexican Style Double-End Bag

Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End Bag


  • Two rubber cables are attached to S-hooks at both ends.
  • The construction is made of genuine leather.
  • The dual butyl rubber bladders provide convenient and worry-free training.

Title double end training bag that professional boxers have used for years. The leather design is perfect for punching and kicking. It will withstand any punishment you give it during training while providing a soft surface to hit upon impact.

It features a durable leather shell with triple reinforced nylon stitching, soft hand laces, and two leather welted seams. This bag is perfect for any fighter looking to develop their speed and timing while improving endurance.


How to work out with a Mexican double-end bag?

An excellent example of how to use this boxing equipment professionally is shown in the video below.

To conclude

It is common to look for cheap solutions, but not always the best. Products that are cheaper often hide poor quality or poor executions. When you purchase a good product with good design and a fair price, you will save money in the long run.

I hope this post has been helpful and will make your decision much easier. It has been organized to help you compare the various Mexican-style double-end bags. The main points from this blog post should enable you to make an educated decision either way of what is the best bag for you!


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