7 Best Reflex Bags Reviewed & Buying Guide

Are you interested in developing your ability to slip a jab, improving your footwork, and making your aim better? Don’t you have a sparring partner or someone who holds punch mitts for you? Need boxing gear that is fun to use?

In addition to improving your footwork and speed, reflex bags enable you to improve your timing, precision, and more in your home gym.

In this article, you will find the best cobra reflex bags that provide a good training experience for users.

Our guide compares and reviews the best reflex bags and gives you some advice on what factors you should consider when buying one.

Best Picks

Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA)
809 Reviews
Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA)
This bag has two springs, one at the bottom and one at the top, so we can adjust the speed. Due to the foam material, the bag provides good resistance.
MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0
Punching this bag will teach you countless Muay Thai drills, MMA drills, and Boxing drills. It is very stable because the base is heavier than usual.

What is a reflex bag?

man hitting cobra reflex bag

Boxing takes a lot of skill development on different kinds of equipment. Reflex bags aren’t typically a fixture of boxing gyms, but they are perfect for practicing a wide range of offensive and defensive skills. While heavy bags and speed bags are mainly used for boxing training, reflex bags can be used at home since they don’t require any serious installation and much space. This free-standing training tool is made up of a weighted base, a flexible support rod, and a small bag. To replicate the movements of a real opponent, a spring (or more) is used in reflex bags.

Why do you need a reflex bag?

In martial arts, a reflex bag is used to practice punches and strikes. Additionally, people use it for body movement and dodge strikes as they shift their bodies to avoid the bounce.

The purpose of reflex bags is not to strengthen your muscles but rather to improve your concentration and coordination. In any sport, this is enormously important, so it’s necessary to focus on it. With the reflex bag, you’ll learn distance, timing, and accuracy while getting a great workout.

It helps to:

  • Improve coordination between the hands and the eyes.
  • Increase the speed of your striking.
  • Improve your footwork.
  • Perfect your head movement.
  • A fun way to exercise.

In addition, they are relatively small and compact, which makes them perfect for apartments or home gyms. Furthermore, most of them can be set up very quickly.

Check out how Ryan Garcia is hitting the cobra bag. 🙂

Best Reflex Punching Bag Reviews

Top Pick

#1. Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

Everlast is an industry leader in boxing, but they also have great equipment for other combat sports. Everlast tries to make a better reflex bag with the Hyperflex Strike Bag than the other products on the market.

They added two springs to the pole at the top and bottom to make the bag more durable. The springs can also be locked in place. If you use this setup, the pivot point can be either at the top or bottom. This helpful setting makes it more versatile to practice various techniques. Three workout settings are available: speed flex, straight flex, and hyperflex.

A grey foam sleeve covers the top spring. If you misplace a punch, it helps prevent injuries, mainly if you don’t wear gloves.

The Everlast freestanding reflex bag can be adjusted in height so that you can customize it to your liking. The bag can be adjusted from 4’8″ to 5’6″. It is usually a good idea for a reflex bag to be at chin level, but it isn’t a problem at all if it’s a bit taller or higher. Since the lowest point is almost 5 feet, it might be a little tall for kids, but it’ll be fine for teenagers.

The punching bag is made from dense foam. It is quite resistant due to its dense construction. There is a significant improvement here compared to many reflex bags that are empty and need to be pumped with air. Even less maintenance is required since it’s a foam bag. You also have more resistance to hitting the foam bag.

Water or sand is needed to fill the base. With four screws, you secure the pole onto the bottom once it is filled. Despite the fact that this is a safe and secure way to access the base, this also makes it hard to empty out.

With the Everlast Hyperflex, the only problem is that the base moves if you strike too hard. By using sand instead and placing a thick rubber mat, we can solve the moving, though.


  • Quality and durable material.
  • Bottom and top spring that locks so we can have more versatile workouts.
  • Foam punching bag instead of air-filled.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Only 120 days warranty
  • A bit complicated to empty the base.
  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


It will be a great little training tool if you don’t have enough space to hang a heavy bag in your home gym. The lot of positive reviews this reflex bag also has proof that it’s an excellent tool for at-home training.

Runner up

2. Everlast Reflex Bag

If you found the previous product a bit expensive or you don’t need a bag with spring settings, this simpler version is maybe a better option for you. It’s more affordable, but to be honest, it’s made for fitness training instead of real boxing training. It can hold only light punches. I wouldn’t recommend it for strong guys or pro athletes.

If you found the previous product a bit expensive or you don’t need a bag with spring settings, this simpler version is maybe a better option for you. It’s more affordable, but to be honest, it’s made for fitness training instead of real boxing training. It can hold only light punches. I wouldn’t recommend it for strong guys or pro athletes.

Compared to Hyperflex, it has just one sprint at the bottom, which means we can have fewer opportunities to practice various techniques. But, for a mediocre practice, it still does. We can also adjust the height, though.

The exterior of the punching bag is made of durable synthetic leather. Also, it isn’t inflated but made of high-density foam. Hence, the resistance is pretty good, but we need to use boxing gloves.


  • Durable and dense punch bag providing resistance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for cardio, fair boxing training.
  • Adjustable.
  • Affordable


  • Only one spring at the bottom.
  • It’s not made for pro athletes or big punchers.
  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


If you search for an affordable reflex bag to practice punches and light kicks to release stress and lose weight, this bag is a good choice for your home gym. But, for advanced level training, you need a more powerful bag.


3. MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

You can do countless martial arts drills with this Cobra bag style punching bag, including boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai drills. Aside from the heavier base than most other bags available, the manufacturer included fitness bags for weights, bag gloves, and a pump.

Its unique characteristics make it one of the most popular bags on the market. You can adjust the reflex speed and range on this bag, making it unique on the market.

MaxxMMA cobra punching bag’s spring is located somewhere about halfway up the pole, unlike most other bags that have springs close to the base. A faster rebound is the result of this. As a result, your workout will be more challenging and beneficial. By placing the spring in the middle, the bag will be more stable, so it’s less likely to fall over. You can adjust the height from 52 inches to 65 inches.

Also, the bag comes with 4-speed settings, so it’s suitable for beginners to advanced trainers.

In the plastic base, you can fill it with sand or water to the max of 55 pounds. For even more stability, you can place the MaxxMMA Core Training Weight on the base. You can also use it as a workout bag.

There are two sizes of bag available, a medium and a large. They both contain an inner bladder. There’s a steel rod connecting the bag to the base. The manufacturers claim that they have tested the rod and spring 120,000 times.

We get complete boxing set with one purchase. Two types of punching balls are included in the boxing bag kit, one big and one small. Gel hand wrap gloves are also included.


  • 4-speed settings.
  • Good rebound
  • Complete kit with hand wraps, two punch bags, pump.
  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable height.


  • Regularly we need to tighten the screws.
  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


This bag provides benefits to users of every skill level as it can be adjusted for speed, length, height, and range. It costs more than other boxing cobra bags, but it provides a good user experience, durable, and some other helpful boxing training equipment.

Good for fitness

4. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

The Ringside Reflex Bag is perfect for novice boxers or fitness enthusiasts who want to get a great workout while developing accuracy, timing, and distance.

There is a size range of 49 inches to 69 inches for this bag. With this height, you can easily tweak your sparring partner’s height to a realistic level.

Unlike most models, the chrome spring on this model is located at the bottom of the pole. The whole system will bend, not only the head, which might make the rebound a little slow, but this is good if you’re just starting.

With water, you can fill the base up to 125 pounds; sand fills it up to 240 pounds. Although water is easier to fill and remove, sand, being heavier, is much better at immobilizing the base.

Faux leather is used with this bag. It’s easy to maintain and durable. It does not need to be inflated with air. Because it is made from dense foam, it is ready to take punches immediately.


  • This is an ideal bag for beginners.
  • A neck that can mimic natural movements is very flexible.
  • The materials used are strong.
  • The bag’s height can be adjusted.
  • Easy to set up and move.


  • Experienced fighters may find the motion slow.
  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


The Ringside cobra reflex bag is an excellent choice for beginners looking to improve their reflexes and reaction times. Moreover, it is very easy to use and fits anyone.


5. Title Boxing Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri-Bag

This Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar will help you learn pinpoint accuracy, lightning speed punching, and super quick reflexes. A multi-functional training bag capable of benefiting and improving athletes of all sizes and skill levels, from youth to super heavyweight, from beginner to world-class athletes.

Various elements combine to make this Title reflex bag effective workout equipment. You can enjoy extensive training with the spinning bag, the spring-mounted strike ball, and a paddle target included in the unit. A reflex bag like this one would be a great tool for improving your blocking, speed, bob, defense, and jabs in multiple combinations.

The height can be adjusted between 60″ and 78″. Stability is a crucial feature of such a piece of sports equipment, so the Tri-Bag includes suction cups on its bottom part so that it won’t move while you practice! The base can be filled with any material or element that is suitable, such as sand, water, or any other material.

Designed with sealed precision bearings, the spinning rapid-reflex boxing bar is constructed of stainless steel with padded stainless steel grips. Padded steel is used for the paddle target. A dense molded foam fills the striking ball. Punches, strikes, and combinations are all possible with the striking ball.


  • Steel construction for durability.
  • Paddings and the bag are comfortable to hit and gives resistance.
  • Adjusts from 60” to 78”.
  • The boxing bar is 34” long.
  • A massive base for stability.
  • Multifunctional equipment to improve defense and offense skills.


  • More expensive than other typical cobra reflex bags.
  • Hard to relocate.
  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


If you are looking for all-in-one boxing equipment to improve your techniques and have more versatile training, the Title cobra reflex bag is an excellent choice.

For kids

6. Tech Tools Punching Bag with Stand for Kids

When you are just starting in combat sports, this product from Tech Tools is ideal for you. At an affordable price, it comes with everything you need to start training. You get a punching bag, gloves, a hand pump, and an adjustable stand.

In spite of the fact that this bag isn’t designed for advanced martial artists, it is the perfect bag for kids, teenagers, and people just starting in martial arts.

The stand can be adjusted between 48 inches and 58 inches. But, using too much force can cause it to topple over. As a starter set for kids who want to get into combat sports, it’s a good buy. It’s also affordable.

  • Durability
  • User experience
  • Value for the money


7. Viper reflex cobra bag (UK seller)

Cobra’s Reflex Bag, widely popular among competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is an entirely free-standing punching bag, so you can place it wherever you like, regardless of whether it is at the gym, in your home workout area. A fast-returning spring that is industrial grade ensures a lightning-fast return of the bag every time. You can use the foam-filled punching bag right away, as it does not require inflation. The bag has an adjustable height of 4 1/2′ to 6 1/2′.

Best Reflex Bags: How to Choose

Height adjustments

Punching bags should be placed at the chin level of the user, so it’s essential to buy an adjustable reflex bag. In this way, we can set the unit to our height. Check the maximum and minimum settings on a bag before buying one.

What is the weight of the base?

Generally, the bigger the base, the better, since we can fill it with more water or sand. The bag will be more stable this way. Sand provides a base that is about 40% heavier than water. To avoid the moving of the base, which is usually made from plastic, you can place a rubber mat under it.

Location of spring / Speed settings

Standard reflex bags usually have a spring at the bottom. Therefore, when we punch the bag, this type moves and rebounds more slowly. Beginners should choose these models since they are easier to hit.

The bag moves faster and swings less with some models that have a spring in the middle.

Top springs on some models allow for a minimal bounce while moving very quickly.

Top-notch models, such as the Everlast Hyperflex, are equipped with bottom, middle, and top springs that can be locked. We can set the behavior of the bag in this way.

Punching bag materials (foam or inflatable)

Synthetic leather is typically used for the punch bag’s exterior, as it is a durable, easy-to-clean material.

Cheaper reflex bags are inflatable. They contain a bladder. However, some poor-quality bladders leak, so you have to pump them up regularly.

Bags with high-density foam inside are my favorite. They are more durable, provide more resistance, and won’t leak.

What are the boxing reflex bag alternatives?

Floor-to-ceiling bags, also known as double-end bags, are small, circular bags connected by an elastic cord on both ends of the floor and ceiling. The rebound elasticity of these products can be adjusted and varies in size and shape. Various punching skills can be trained with it. Learn more about double-end bags.

Speed bags contain air and are attached to a rebound platform. Using speed bags helps a fighter improve hand-eye coordination, keep hands up, and shift weight. Generally, they are filled with air and can move very quickly. Learn more about speed bags.

Instead of hanging from above, freestanding heavy bags rest on a weighted pedestal. The base is usually filled with sand or water to provide stability to the bag and keep it moving. They can also be thrown over for ground-and-pound practice. Essentially, they serve the same purpose as heavy bags that hang on a wall. Learn more about the free standing heavy bag.


How to use a reflex punching bag?

Watch this video to see how you can improve your striking and footwork with the Everlast hyperflex striking bag. Stepping up and sliding, pendulum-stepping, and lunging or pushing.

What is the difference between a Cobra reflex bag and a double end bag?

Ringside Leather Double End Bag

Among other skills, you can find out how quickly you react, how agile you are, and how accurate you are using these tools. With both bags, you can practice various combinations and jabs to improve your skill. Among the moves on the list are those associated with MMA, including kicks. Even so, if you are looking for more advanced movement, the double end bag is best for you. To achieve the best results, these bags should be used in conjunction with regular training.

Beginners may like the Cobra reflex bag since it requires less control and doesn’t require any installation. Boxers with experience prefer double-end bags, however.

What’s the best reflex bag for beginners?

The boxing reflex bags that come with bottom springs are the best for beginners. This enables newbies to be accustomed to moving targets and practice punches better. But, they should also do shadowboxing to get familiar with the various boxing moves.

To sum up

The best reflex punching bag is the one that allows you to kick and punch it to your heart’s content. Of course, you should also consider the size, weight, and material. And choose a durable product that will last years. Within the list above, I gathered the best reflex bags that provide a good user experience and will support your martial art development. If you still have questions, feel free to ask below.

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