Best Heavy Bag Stand Reviews & The Ultimate Buying Guide

A typical problem that comes up when someone wants to buy a hanging punching bag for home is where and how to hang it. Yes, it requires space and proper installation to avoid falling and with that injuries.

But, you do not need to neglect such a great workout, since you can get a quality heavy bag stand for home giving you excellent training experience.

However, getting a quality boxing stand needs some research since you can bump into products which rattle, moves here and there, even worse, fall over causing injuries.

I know it is quite an investment, but it is good for nothing if you cannot enjoy your training.

Here I would like to help you to find a stand that you will not regret. Plus, tips on what to look for when purchasing.

best heavy bag stand guide

Best Punching Bag Stand Comparison



  • ​100 lb max weight
  • ​Height adjustments from 72" to 102".
  • No weight plates required for stability
  • Legs extend 7.5 feet from the corner
  • ​1-year warranty


  • ​100 lb max capacity
  • ​84.13" tall
  • ​With 3 pegs for weight plates
  • ​Not adjustable
  • ​​1 year warranty


​1. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand - Editor's Choice

​I'm a big fan of the Outslayer brand. They have excellent quality equipment made in the USA for all types of martial arts. And, the same is true for this heavy bag holder.

​Here are some of the goodies of it.

  • ​Its maximum weight capacity is far higher than other stands. It can be used up to 350 lbs which is more than enough even for an advanced level trainer.
  • ​It is also adjustable in two ways. Firstly, the manufacturer customize the height for you. The legs are about 30 inches long, but you can extend them by 12"-15" if more stability is required.
  • ​You do not need weight plates since it comes with 4 empty sandbags for stabilizing the legs. After filling them, each will be about 60 pound heavy. So, they stick the stabilizers to the floor.
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    It is 7.8 feet tall, so it is compatible with more extended bags with that for Muay Thai, MMA or kickboxing training.
Outslayer Muay Thai Stand
  • ​Also, the distance between the bag and the straight bar is about 17 inches, so you do not have to be afraid of kicking the bar accidentally.
  • ​It has a triangular base which provides excellent balance.
  • ​All accessories are included and easy to assemble.

​This Outslayer heavy bag stand is without a doubt the winner of this list. It is a perfect choice for even tall guys and any types of martial arts. It is not cheap, but worth every penny. Have no bag yet? Check the best Muay Thai bag here.

​2. Century Cornerman - Excellent stability but requires space

Century Cornerman boxing bag stand

​This is a very stable system that does not require weights thanks to the ultra long legs and the unique structure. But, with that, it takes up a lot of space.

​What are the pros?

  • ​It comes with 6 height adjustments from 72 to 102 inches. So, it is suitable for even large equipment, and you can find the optimal tallness for you.
  • ​The length of the legs is 7.5 feet from the corner providing superior stability making it suitable for practicing powerful kicks and punches. The base is also supported by rubber feet.
  • ​Depending on the diameter of the bag you would like to use, the distance between the central support post and the bag is about 4 feet. So, you have far enough space to kick without hitting the bar. Plus, you have more space to move around than the other stands here.

​Not so good:

  • ​​The maximum weight punching bag it can hold is 100 lb which is OK for most of us. But, some buyers use it with 120-130 lbs bags without any problem.
  • ​​It has an enormous footprint and tall, but that is why it is so stable.

​To sum up, this is a very well-designed punching bag holder that gives the most space to hit or kick safely. Not cheap, but provides an exceptional workout experience for any martial art.

​3. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand - The Cheapest

​If you found the previous to products too expensive or you are not at an advanced level, then this will do for you. Perfect for the average Joe to have fitness boxing workouts at home.

​What do you need to know about it?

  • ​It is 83 inches tall so suitable with most of the bags, but taller people may find it short.
  • The footprint 69" L x 48.25" W so it does not require so much space, but since there is a rare stabilizer, it does not fit into the corner so well.
  • It comes with 3 storage pegs so that you can place plates for extra stability and durability. The pegs are compatible with any types of plates. About 20 lbs per peg will do.
  • Unfortunately, because of its compact design, you have less space to strike the bag since there is not much place between the front legs.
  • The maximum weight to use is 100 lbs. That is acceptable.
  • It is not adjustable, so check the height of the ceiling carefully if you want to buy it.
everlast punching bag stand set

​To conclude, Everlast is a basic level boxing heavy bag stand which is a good option at home training, but not for pros.

​Everlast - 2 Station

It has an advanced version with almost the same features. The difference is that it has a speed bag platform. Speed punching bag training is excellent to develop your timing, accuracy, rhythm, etc.

The platform is adjustable and compatible with any speed ball sizes.

However, with this version, there are some shipping and assembly problems.

with speed bag platform

​Pros & Cons of Stands

​A stand is without a doubt an easy solution to substitute the heavy punching bag installation. You can quickly assemble it and ready to use. No drilling is required and can be used anywhere.

​However, because of the stabilizers at the bottom, you have less space to hit the bag, as if you were using a hanging one that you can move around. Not a serious problem, but something you need to know.

​Finally, you need to have a smooth floor to place it to avoid shaking and wobbling. I recommend putting a rubber gym mat under it. It increases the stability of the stand, plus it protects the floor.

​What to look for when buying a boxing bag stand?

​1. Maximum weight capacity

​It is evident that the higher the maximum capacity of the stand, the better. It is a sign that the equipment is made from heavy-duty materials, well-welded and it has a very stable structure.

​The heavy bag you want to use should be about half of your weight. As you see from the comparison table above, most of the stands support up to 100 lb which is enough for most of the people. Even if you are 200 lbs, they are suitable for you.

​However, if you are big, stronger than average, and at an advanced level, you will need bigger equipment, and with that, a more robust punching stand.

​If that is the case, Outslayer is the best pick for you. Otherwise, a cheap stand will do.

​2. How high is it? Can I adjust it to my height?

​Heavy bags come in different length, mainly from about 40 inches up to 60 inches. And, as you see from the chart above, stands are between 85 to 90 inches. Hence, for a regular bag, they are suitable for providing enough space to swing.

​However, if you want to use a Muay Thai bag, you will surely need a tall kickboxing stand since such equipment is much longer (over 70 inches).

When you hang the bag on the stand, the top of it should be about the same level as the top of your head. That is the optimal height to practice both head and body punches.

​If the stand is adjustable, then it is an easy task. If not, you can still tweak the length using the boxing bag straps or lances.

​3. Is it stable?

​As I said before a tilting and shaking stand ruins your workout. So, balance is crucial. Although, minimal shaking is inevitable.

​What are the signs of good stability?

​If the bottom stabilizers are extended, that is a good sign. Also if the stand is heavy.

​To maximize the stability, you will have to use weight plates unless the stand comes with some sort of weight like Outslayer.

​With that, do not forget that you will need to have weight plates at home. If not, use sacks filled with sand.

​4. Will you have enough space?

​Well, do not forget that a stand is rather big equipment, so you need space to store and use it comfortably.

Check the footprint, and add a few feet around it to know if you have enough place where you want to use it. Do not forget that you will move around it.

​5. How far from the central vertical pole does the bag hang?

This is an essential question for those who want to kick. If the bag is too close to the upright bar, you may kick it. So, check if the distance is at least 15 inches. (Although, that depends on the diameter.)

​5. Does it come with extras?

​Some equipment comes with extra features to install a speed bag or a double end bag as well. This way you can develop your other martial art skills and techniques.

If you do not have a bag yet, you may search for a punching bag and stand set. This way you may save money and do not have to care about buying equipment individually.

​To sum up

​I know there is more heavy bag stands out there, but I wanted to list only the best ones. If you think, I have missed quality equipment, please let me know. You are maybe also interested in the best free standing punching bag reviews here.

Last updated on September 7th, 2018

Check out what are the best heavy bag stands and learn how to choose the right punching bag stand for you.

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