What is the best boxing equipment for home training?

Home boxing equipment is not just for the professional fighter. It’s also for anyone who wants to have a great workout and get in great shape. The best boxing equipment can take your training to the next level and help you reach your fitness goals. You can regularly change your home workout routine to keep yourself challenged and interested. Boxing is one of the best workouts you can do since it works so many muscles in such a short period.

But what boxing equipment should you get exactly? Well, I’m going to go over everything in this article to find the best pieces for you.

Top Home Boxing Gym Equipment Overview

EquipmentImageWhat is it good for?
Hanging Heavy bagheavy bagHanging heavy bags are at the core of a boxing workout. They build incredible strength, flexibility, and agility that most people never experience. They will unlock your true athletic potential in ways you would have never imagined.
Free standing bagFree Standing BagFreestanding bags are easy to assemble and store. They take up less floor space than hanging bags.
Speed bagspeed bagsIt offers a quick and efficient way to improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. In addition to this, it targets all muscle groups in the upper body and thus improves your overall stamina and strength.
Double end bagdouble end bagDouble-end bags are good at helping improve your balance, hand-eye coordination, timing, and reflexes. They can help develop punching combinations that can be integrated into most martial arts or combat sports.
Boxing Glovesboxing glovesGloves help to protect the fighter’s hands. We can get gloves for sparring, heavy bag training, and simple workout gloves.
Hand wrapshand wrapsBoxing hand wraps provide that protection as well as keep your fists (fingers, wrists) stabilized and secure during the impact.

1. What kind of punching bag should I get?

The heavy bag work aims to substitute the real opponent or a sparring partner. It improves the punching power, allows to practice the different punches and combos, etc. It’s necessary to evolve your offense and defense abilities.

There are two types of boxing exercise equipment we can buy for bag work:

Freestanding punching bags

man punching free standing heavy bag
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Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag
5,672 Reviews
Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag
Ideal for fighters, fitness enthusiasts, and people just looking to have a good time. This bag is the product of quality materials and design. It’s adjustable, stable and easy to assamble.

The free standing bag is popular boxing gym equipment since it doesn’t require installation and can be used even in a room. We need to fill the base with water or sand, and we are ready to go.

The smaller stand-up bags are better for people who want to do boxing training to burn fat and improves cardio. They swing more, forcing us to move faster around them. But they aren’t suitable for power punches. Everlast PowerCore is a good beginner boxing equipment.

There are also large boxing bags that are far more durable, stable, and made for more advanced athletes. These bags are long and very heavy. Hence they are perfect for practicing high and low kicks. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is the best buy product of this type.

Finally, I must mention the Century BOB XL, which comes with a human-like hitting area. Since we see the torso and head, we can better practice the head and body shots. It gives a great boxing experience, but the price is higher.

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  • Easy to set up
  • Various sizes and adjustable height.
  • Comfy hitting surface (foam).
  • Mobile and easy to store.
  • Great for cardio boxing workout.
  • Larger bags are good for kicks.
  • Beginner-friendly, but suitable for various fitness levels.(depending on the product).
  • We can use them even in the living room, compact design.


  • Smaller bags are willing to fall over (depending on the power of the user) because they don’t have a stable base.
  • They don’t swing so we can’t practice punching techniques so well.
  • Cheap products may break and have very bad stability.

Hanging heavy bags

man punching hanging bag
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Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag
Have you been looking for a punching bag for your home? This is an excellent choice because it is a durable, full-sized heavy bag with 100 pounds of weight to it. It’s designed to give you a real-life feel of the punches you might take in the ring.

The classic hanging bags require a dedicated space and careful installation. But, since they swing, they imitate the movement of a real opponent well. That forces us to practice footwork, punching techniques, and defense skills. The hanging bag doesn’t let us stay in a static position. That’s why they are preferred by fighters to improve their performance.

When we choose a hanging bag, we should get one which is about half our body weight. If it’s too heavy, it’ll be too static. If it’s too light, we can’t practice power strokes since it’ll fly away.

It’s enough for boxing to get a traditional heavy bag that is 4-5 feet long such as the Outslayer Filled Boxing Bag. If you want to have MMA, kickboxing, or Muay Thai type workouts, you need a longer bag, such as the Outslayer Muay Thai Bag, suitable for any combat sports. These pieces are the best on the market.

🤜If the punching bag setup is a problem, then consider buying a heavy bag stand such as this one from Everlast boxing.


  • They provide a more realistic fighting experience.
  • Better for practicing punching and kicking techniques.
  • We can practice footwork, and other offensive and defensive moves.
  • They are made of durable materials.
  • We can modify the filling to our needs. (modify shock absorption)
  • Excellent choice for all-level athletes.
  • Variety of sizes and weight options.


  • Requires dedicated place (hung from chain)
  • The installation can be complicated.
  • Leather bags are expensive.

What is the best punching bag for beginners?

It is recommended to buy a heavy bag about half of the user’s weight to provide enough resistance. But, novices can use lighter items since they have to learn punching techniques first instead of concentrating on the power of the blows. Freshmen typically want to punch with a lot of force, which leads to a hand injury. The lighter bag also forces the user to move more, so their footwork and condition also improve.

2. Boxing Gloves and Traditional Hand Wraps

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves
Heavy bag gloves can be costly, but these Everlast MMA gloves are affordable and provide excellent protection.

Hand protection is boxing essential when we do bag drills. The hands include many small bones and joints, which are vulnerable to impacts. A lousy punch, and your hand is injured.

Boxing hand wraps are usually 180 and 210 inches in length. The more protection you want, the longer you use it. Correct hand wrapping protects your hands from serious injuries. You can get adjustable wrist wraps on Amazon for a few bucks.

The next necessary boxing training equipment for safety is a pair of quality boxing gloves with accurate padding. Since you’ll hit the bag, you need to buy a pair of heavy bag gloves with knuckles and wrist protection. The Everlast Training Gloves are the right choice.

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3. Home Gym Equipment for Conditioning

man jump roping at gym

Hitting the bag is just one part of boxing programs. We need to enhance our strength, stamina, and cardio as well. There is no need to invest in expensive gym machines. A few things will do.

Jump Rope

Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope Set
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Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope Set
Weighted jump rope system for weight loss and fitness. Workout app (iOS + Android) that lets you work out anywhere. Light and heavy ropes can easily be connected with a fast-clip connection system for a more versatile workout. There is no coiling or tangling.

The jump rope is an excellent tool for conditioning and cardio workout, but it also promotes the rhythm required for boxing. If you want to boost your heart rate quickly, just do it. There are special skipping ropes that are easy to turn and durable such as the CrossRope.

How to choose the right jumping rope for you? Step on the middle of the rope and lift your hands. If the handles are under your armpits, that’s the right size, but a slightly longer jump rope will do as well. That’s why buying an adjustable rope is recommended.

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For strength training workouts, dumbbells are the most versatile pieces. With the help of hand weights, we can have a full-body workout. But, we don’t need to build muscles for boxing, so it’s enough to use light weights.

I prefer adjustable dumbbells such as the Yes4All sets since they are cheap and durable. But, you can buy individual hand weights as well.

Pull up dip station

The bodyweight workout is a natural way to grow strength. That’s why professional boxers do sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and dips.

With the help of the workout station, you can do all the beneficial bodyweight exercises for the upper body mentioned above. It’s a handy workout machine to expand your routine.

4. Best Boxing Training Equipment to Develop Skills

We have listed the best home boxing gear above that are enough for most of us. But, to get good at boxing, you can consider two other tools that help you punch faster and more accurately. In a nutshell, they improve your skill level.

Double-end bag or reflex ball

double end bag
Everlast Double End Striking Bag
Take your practice, drilling, sparring, or striking to the next level with the Everlast bag. This is a great tool for training in MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and all types of martial arts.

Two elastic bands are attached to it, which we fix to the floor and the ceiling. This way, even a light punch makes the bag move higgledy-piggledy. So, it’s hard to hit it again.

The double end bag drills improve the accuracy, timing, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, punch speed, and footwork. It reached to punch smarter, not harder.

We can choose from various sizes. Beginner boxers should buy a more oversized bag.

Speed Bag

speed bags
MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit
It’s never been easier to work out with a speed bag. The adjustable height and speed allow for an easy and effective workout for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Speed bag drills improve the timing, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination. It also teaches us to keep our elbows high (beginners usually drop their fists, making their faces unprotected). It makes the shoulders strong and fun to use.

We can also buy speed bags in different sizes. The smaller the bag, the more difficult target and faster it is. Hence, beginners should get a bigger one first. The MaxMMA speed bag kit is a good choice.

The downside is that we need to install a platform, and it isn’t quiet.

Punching Mitts

focus mitts
Practicing with boxing mitts

Focus mitts are valuable tools if you have a partner who can use them the right way. The boxing mitts allow you to improve your punching skills such as speed, power, timing, technique, and accuracy. They’re also helpful for offensive skills such as slipping, dodging, and blocking. You should train with punching mitts if you’re serious about boxing.

Build your home boxing gym

Now, you know what you need for efficient boxing home workouts. I suggest finding a dedicated space with enough area for a shadow boxing workout. Also, there is no need to buy everything at once. A bag, wraps, gloves, and ropes are enough.

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Boxing training for beginners – How to start?

I’ve had boxing workouts at home for many years, and I love it. I subscribed to some Youtube channels made by professional boxers to keep going on and motivated. I see them as my boxing coaches. I also use an application called Precision Boxing Coach that calls out punches. I suggest you do the same and start with shadowboxing routine. But, of course, the best is if you join a club and get the help of a boxing coach.

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