How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing & Punching Bag

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how to wrap your hands

It was a few years ago when I bought my heavy bag and a pair of boxing gloves for punching it. I was so happy, and I started hitting it as soon as I hang it up. With full power! I felt myself as if I were going to be the next world champion. 🙂

But after a minute or two my knuckles, wrists, the upper part of my hand and fingers were hurting terribly. Then, I realized that I forgot to buy an essential equipment for heavy punching bag training, the hand wraps. So, I ran out and bought two and I wrapped my hands on my way. I mean, I did not follow any tutorial.

So, I put more wraps on the areas where it hurt, on my knuckles, and wrist. But, after hitting the bag for few seconds, they loosened, and I felt they did not protect my hands the way they should be. So, I tried it again, and again and, well, again. But none of them worked.

I just tell you my story to help you understand that hand wrapping is not just about putting wraps here and there. It is a technique that every fighter should learn.


Why wrapping your hands for boxing is so important?

Obviously, it protects your hand from injuries. If you are a fighter, your hands are your most valuable weapon. There are hundreds of talented fighters out there who had to finish their career because of a severe hand injury.

Your hands are made up of a lot of small bones and joints that can easily suffer an injury while you punch the bag, even if those hits are not so powerful.

hand wrap instructions

The aim of the wrap is that it holds those joints and bones together supporting all parts of your hand. It keeps your hand as a whole not letting those small bones to move freely when your fist land on the bag or your opponent. Thanks to the fastened joints the shock is spread across you entire hand.

But, this protection can only happen if you wrap your hands correctly. If it is badly-done, you do almost nothing.

One more thing. Even if you use hand wraps, using gloves is still a must. Your gloves are for cushioning the impact while wraps are for keeping your hand joints and bones together. Hence, both of them should be used while you workout.


What kind of wraps is the best?

The first thing you should keep in mind is the length of the wrap. For people with bigger hands, the length should be about 180 inches (traditional Muay Thai hand wraps length). That is enough to cover the hand completely and safely. In case, you have smaller hands, and for girls, a 120 inches wrap might do. But, the best is if you try before buying.

Another crucial feature is the material. The best products are semi-elastic providing the most comfortable, safe and durable usage. I tried hand wrap gloves as well, but they are good for nothing.

Here are the best boxing and heavy bag hand wraps on Amazon

Now you know the reasons, so let’s learn the best technique.


Hand Wrap Instructions

From my experience, and also suggested by experts, this is the best way. This method is perfect for any types of training and martial arts. It is the mostly used hand-wrapping technique that boxers, MMA, Muay Thai fighters use. It is comfortable and supports your knuckles and wrists.

Watch the video below to learn this technique.


Let’s recap how to wrap hands for heavy bag

  1. Begin with the loop around your thumb and start covering throughout the back of the wrist.
  2. Go beneath the wrist 3 x.
  3. After that, circle throughout the wrist and next cover the thumb to safeguard the joint then once more around the wrist.
  4. Go in between each finger beginning with the little finger and go back towards the pointer finger.
  5. Go up towards the knuckles over the back of the hand. Cover the knuckles 2-3 times.
  6. End by creating an X on the back of the hand while you go down again to the wrist.
  7. Finish by covering throughout the wrist and locking down.


Other Tips

The wrap should be comfortable for you. Do not make it too tight or too loose. However, it depends on you. If you want to land more powerful punches on the heavy bag, it is better to make it a bit more tight for extra protection.

Also, if you want to hit a heavy punching bag, you may want to add more cover to the wrists. But keep mind that, if your wrists are thickly protected, it is going to be harder to throw uppercuts and crosses.

If you cannot stand the smell of your gloves and wraps, you can use glove dogs that help absorb moisture and deodorize. It keeps you gloves  smell like new. To tell the truth, I have not tried it yet.

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