What Types of Punching Bags There Are | What They Are Good For

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Types of Punching Bags

Punching bags are quite important to make the fists strong and to kick a hard punch in the opponent’s face. No matter whether you need equipment for practicing session or you need one for exercising purposes, you certainly need to know the different punching bag types that are available in the market. So, you can make a good selection whenever you need to make a purchase.

Every type is different in its size, shape, and weight along with some other factors. Each of them provides different experience and resistance to the person, so it is quite important to choose the product with intelligence. Selecting the right type by its usage is essential.


Guide to Different Types of Punching Bags

They are available in various sizes and shapes based on the intensity and the purpose of training. Basic types include heavy bags, which are available in both hanging and standing varieties, speed bags, uppercut bags, double-ended bags and maize bags.

Below are listed the different types of boxing bags available in the market so that you can take help from it in the case of making a buy according to your usage:

1. Types of Heavy Bags

heavy punching bag types


When the person needs training for muscle toning and improving muscle strength, lightweight models would be of no use. Hence, heavy bags are available for such purposes. Where lightweight punching bags are used for light exercises, heavy bags are used for strength exercises.

Such models provide strength training without being excessively stable and strong.

They are available in two basic types in the market which are free standing heavy bags and hanging bags. The material used for filling the heavy punching bags are usually water or sand, or maybe fabric.

Water filled bags provide more kickback and do not do much damage to the hand of the user. Whereas, sand filled punch bags is a tougher option and they are also more durable.

Free standing bags, as the name suggests, is the standing unit which frequently has wheels for portability. Because of wheels, this type is the most easily handled equipment and can be stored anywhere by dragging it to the storerooms, etc.

Moreover, standing models are also perfect for kicking workouts. The standing punching bag has its center of gravity maintaining the standpoint and thus kicking would not affect the position of the equipment. It is also equally good for punching, and so it is an all-around option. Hence, they are suitable for almost any martial arts and maybe the best punching bag for beginners.

  • Hanging Heavy Bags

Hanging bag gives you the freedom of suspension as it can be mounted on walls and can be suspended on ceilings. They are suitable for small workout rooms as it saves floor space. They are best for punching workouts. They must be in a boxing gym.

  • Angled Heavy Bag

This equipment is almost the same as the hanging ones, but it has an angled surface. Thanks to this feature it allows the fighter to practice uppercuts more efficiently, but it can be used for all the other hits and kicks.

  • Kickboxing punching bag

This type is longer since it should be suitable for lower and high kicks and knees. They are longer than 60 inches. This Outslayer punching and kicking bag is a good example.


2. Uppercut Bags

Uppercut Bag

The uppercut bag is a mini version of the heavy one which is just available so that the athlete can practice striking by beginning at the waist level and then moving up towards the chin. It is quite hard to move the uppercut bag, and it also needs an excessive amount of space for mounting it horizontally.


Speed Bags

speed bag

For a quick workout and fast punching, these speed bags are used. They are filled with air and so a lighter type. A short spring is used to mount it so when the strike is made, it comes bouncing back with speed, so as its name.

The speed bag is usually used for developing the skill of timing among the boxer instead of strength as with the heavy bag. With the help of it, the athlete can focus on the eye and hand coordination, and keep their concentration on his speed and rhythm. They are mounted on the ceilings or walls so that they cannot be moved easily.

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Traditional or Mexican Double End Bag

Double-Ended Bag

This particular type is about the size of basketball (or smaller) and is strung in-between the floor with two tight coils, so as the name double-ended. It is somewhat similar to the speed punching bag in the sense that it hits back quite quickly when it is beaten.

But it is more like an opponent hitting back, and so the athlete can practice counter striking skills with the help of this double-ended equipment. The person can develop coordination and can practice swerving and dodging skills using this particular type. It requires dedicated floor space as it is mounted permanently.

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Large Maize bag

maize bag

This type has a unique design, and it used to enhance the head movement technique. However, it can be utilized for developing the hooks and uppercut punches. Fighters like it since it swings well. However, it is not so good for body punch training.


Teardrop Punching Bag

Teardrop bag

This type is more suitable for training that develops accuracy, timing, and speed. Thanks to its shape it is also useful equipment to practice close punches such as hooks and uppercuts, but also suitable for practicing the head movements for defense. It is usually lighter, so it swings more.



What is a punching bag filled with?

There is a wide range of materials that can be used and you can also combine them to get the needed weight and punching surface. You can use rags, clothes, sand, grains or you can buy special materials that made for this purpose. I think, the best punching bag material is if you combine them to get the hardness for your needs. Check out the filling tutorial here.

What weight heavy bag to choose?

That depends on your weight. The heavier your are, the heavier boxing equipment you will need. But the following guide will help.

sizing chart
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