9 Problems with Freestanding Punching Bags

Freestanding punching bags are excellent substitutions for hanging heavy bags. No installation or dedicated space is required, and these bags are portable.

But, there are a few typical problems with them. I’ll show you these problems and solutions to them within this post.

1. The punching bag is moving

Typically, the bag’s base is made of plastic, so it shifts if we place it on a smooth floor. The best is to establish a rubber mat under the base, similar to those used in gyms. That stops the moving plus protects the floor.

Another reason for moving might be that the base isn’t filled or heavy enough when loaded. If the latter is true, you can place bags filled with sand on the bottom to get better stability.

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2. The bag falls over when I kick it

Since kicks are much more powerful than punches, we need a massive, stable bag such as Wavemaster XXL, Ringside Elite, or the PowerSystem Powerforce. These bags have a huge base that can be loaded with hundreds of pounds of water or sand. Plus, they have a spring inside that absorbs the kicking energy much better. So, buy a bag that is made for kicking.

Placing a rubber mat and extra loads on the base also helps to avoid falling over.

Another reason for tilting is that you buy a too light bag for you. For punching bags, the rule is to pick a bag that is half of your weight. But, if you want to kick the equipment, buy one heavier than you, about twice your body weight.

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3. Water or sand is better for filling the base?

Of course, filling the bottom with water is the simplest since pouring the sand through the hole is quite complicated. The best is if we add both. This way, we can get maximum weight and with that stability. Plus, there’s no spilling water.

Use arid sand since that’s the only way to pour the sand into the bottom. You can buy sand in sacks or put the sand in the sun to dry. Pour some water, then sand, and repeat it until the base is fully filled. After some weeks, check out if refilling is required.

Remember that standing bags with a large basement will be hefty if you use the previous method. It’s going to be complicated to relocate it. It’ll need two people.

4. The neck of the bag broke

Some freestanding bags, such as Everlast Omniflex or Everlast Powercore comes with an adjustable neck. That’s beneficial since we can set it to our height. Plus, these bags rebounds much better, so we can improve targeting, rhythm, footwork, and other boxing techniques. But, that neck is the weakest part of these items.

Firstly, I don’t recommend kicking these bags since they aren’t strong enough. So, use it only for boxing workouts. Big guys with enormous punching power should also buy a more sturdy bag or use these lightweight bags to substitute double-end bags.

5. The bag is short for me

The bag’s hitting surface should be higher than you, and a few inches are enough. Therefore, you can practice head and body shots to complete a boxing workout. If you want to practice high kicks, you can buy an even taller bag.

6. My hands hurt when I hit the bag

Always wear heavy bag gloves when you strike the bag, and also wrap your hands. The hands and wrists consist of a lot of small bones and joints. A significant and unlucky punch and you get a severe hand injury.

It looks cool to hit the bag without any hand protection, but prevention is better than cure.

If you still find your freestanding heavy bag too hard, unfortunately, you can’t do anything since these bags typically come without the option to modify the filling.

7. The bag doesn’t rebound much

A bag that bounces fast is an excellent target to improve such skills as timing, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, head moves, and footwork. However, a more oversized bag that is more static improves the punching power.

If you already have a bag that doesn’t rebound well, you can’t do anything. But, you can buy a double end bag which is affordable and easy to install. Double-end bags are excellent boxing equipment to develop skills.

8. I can’t decide between the freestanding and hanging heavy bag

hanging vs freestanding

If you have a dedicated place and an appropriate place to install it, get the hanging bag instead of the freestanding one. It gives the best workout experience and imitates a real opponent’s movement better. There is a good reason why we can hardly find standing bags at boxing gyms.

That doesn’t mean freestanding heavy bags are useless. But to maximize the outcome of boxing training, a heavy bag is a better option. On the other hand, standing bags are great for home workouts to lose weight, improve endurance, and make your workout routine more versatile.

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9. I can’t choose between a traditional standing and a BOB bag

Century BOB XL

Body opponent bags are excellent equipment since we feel like fighting with a real opponent. Plus, we can easily target the head and various parts of the torso. With a standard bag, we have to visualize these areas. Century BOB is an excellent choice since it’s a very stable and durable item used in boxing gyms all over the USA.

If you are serious about martial arts, I say buy a BOB bag. For conditional training, an ordinary standing bag will do.

To sum up

These are the typical problems people experience with freestanding bags, but please let me know if you have others in the comment section below.

It’s better to buy a more massive bag since that is more stable and durable, especially if you are committed to martial arts. We have a detailed comparison and review of the best freestanding punching bags here.

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