How much does a punching bag cost?

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Within this guide, I’ll go deep into the prices. It’s hard to tell exactly how much a punching bag cost since there are so many factors that affect the price point of a bag. And, the market is stuffed with products.

If you want me to say a general number, I’d say bags cost about 120-140 dollars on average. But, you will see there are huge differences. Read on to learn why.

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What affects the price of punching bags?

The type of the bag

This is the most crucial factor that affects how much you will pay. There are many types for various purposes, combat sport, level, etc. The weight of the boxing bag also determines the price. The best is if I show you all of them.

The traditional hanging heavy bag cost

The regular bags are mainly made for boxing. But of course, we can do high kicks with them. The length is from 3-5 feet, and they weigh 40 to 200 pounds.

I would put them into two categories.

Hobby Level

The first option is made for the hobbyist who wants to practice boxing at a basic level, learn the punches, or use it for cardio and weight loss. To simply put, punching bags for beginners to develop their stamina. These bags usually have synthetic leather or fabric shell, which aren’t such long-lasting materials. Hence, professionals and big punchers shouldn’t buy this type of bag. The reasonable price range is from 50-100 dollars.

Advanced Level

These heavy-duty hanging bags are far decent quality products and they give a better boxing workout experience. They come with enhanced filling for shock absorption and with a canvas or leather exterior for durability. These hanging bags are suitable for real boxers or serious boxing training. Of course, their price is much higher, usually between $150-300.

The downside of hanging bags is that they require a safe and strong anchor point and space but they provide an excellent punching bag workout. The lances, anchors, and other hardware are usually included with the products.

If you can’t hang the bag for some reason, you can purchase a boxing bag stand or a bracket, but that means extra expense. Stands typically cost between $150-300.

The free-standing punching bag cost

Standing bags are a good choice for people who can’t utilize a hanging bag to the ceiling. They require no installation. We need to fill the base with water or sand.

The affordable standing bags are made for beginners, mainly for fitness training. We can use them for light blows, but they aren’t good for kicking. These tools are also portable, so you can use them outdoors. These freestanding options usually cost about 150-200 dollars.

More expensive free-standing bags are larger, more durable, and stable. Quality equipment is made for all sorts of martial arts. We can use them for punches, elbow strikes, high and low kicks, and knee strikes since their sizes are larger. That’s why they are preferred by MMA and Muay Thai fighters. These heavy-duty standing bags are expensive, starting from 250 dollars and up.

There is also a unique version called the BOB bag with a real human upper body. It’s an ideal boxing gear to practice head and body shots. But, BOB bags cost above 300 dollars. Century BOB is a good quality gear.

Muay Thai Bags Price

These are longer than the traditional boxing bags. They are about 6 feet in length. MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai fighters need a bag on which they can practice all sorts of kicks and knees. Since the Muay Thai bag is under severe usage, they are made from high-quality materials. That’s why they are pretty expensive. We can shop for about 200 dollars.

Speed bag price range

This boxing gear is useful to improve hand-eye coordination, timing, and rhythm. Quality speed bags are well-balanced and rebound quickly. The shell is usually made of leather. It is affordable since we can shop one for 50 dollars, but high-end models cost up to 100 bucks.

The bag itself is useless without a quality speed bag platform, which is quite an investment. Platforms start from $150.

Double-end bag price

These bags are excellent boxing gear to improve the hitting technique. It improves eye-hand coordination, footwork, accuracy, timing, rhythm, reflexes, and agility. Reflex bags aren’t so expensive compared to the benefits, cost around $40. They also don’t need complicated establishment and are suitable for adults as well as kids.

Water boxing bag prices

Fighters favor water bag options because they protect the hands and feel like hitting the body of a human being. Also, they are easy to fill and tough. The shape of them also varies. We can find round, teardrop-shaped, and standard ones. The price typically depends on the size. The larger, the more expensive it is. You expect to pay about $150.

Uppercut bag price

As the name suggests, these bags are made for uppercuts, but wise martial artists can work them differently. Mainly we can find them in local boxing gyms to enhance the skills of the athletes. I think uppercut bags aren’t necessary for a home boxing gym, but you can shop one for about 130 dollars if you can afford it.

Of course, there are more kinds of bags, but the ones above are enough for regular boxing training.

How much should you pay for a punching bag?

The prices that are mentioned above are average costs. I know, there are much cheaper bags. Be very careful when you want to get a boxing bag which is much cheaper than the others. A punching bag will need to survive huge impacts and abrasion. I’d better spend $250 on a quality item that I use for 5-8 years than on a cheap punching bag that costs only 80 dollars, and I’ll have to replace it after a year.

Do your research, read a lot of reviews and if it’s possible, ask someone who already uses the product your want to purchase. An extended warranty is always a good sign. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty. Yes, those bags cost twice or three times more, but you won’t have to be afraid of tearing and cracking.

The material of the bag

Genuine leather heavy bags look not only beautiful but also provide a good feeling when we hit them. Of course, they are the most expensive, starting at about $250. They also require maintenance and can’t be used outdoor at all.

To keep the price is down, the manufacturers employ other materials for the exterior, such as vinyl, which is durable and easy to clean. These products are cheaper. The average cost is about 100 dollars.

The filling can be anything. Clothes, sawdust, sand, rubber mulch, etc., are all good for stuffing, and they cost almost nothing. Also, most of the heavy punching bags come already filled.

The weight

Of course, the heavier the bag, the more expensive it is. The manufacturer should use better materials and sewing to keep them in good shape for a long time. A typical 100-pound hanging bag costs about 120 dollars. In contrast, a 200-pound heavy bag price range is from $300 to $500.

When we choose a bag, the weight of it should be about half of the user’s. That mass gives enough resistance, but still swings to train the different boxing skills. Unless you are a professional athlete, there is no need to spend money on a large bag.

Commercial vs. bags for home

Commercial boxing gear is made for boxing gyms. Hence, they must be much more long-lasting than boxing equipment for home. And, that’s why commercial bag prices are far higher than products made for general use.

There are two reasons to invest in commercial equipment.

Suppose you are an advanced athlete with a huge kicking and striking power and want to get the best training experience. The other reason is you want to shop for a lifetime, and you’re willing to pay more.

I think, for an average-level heavy bag workout, basic boxing bags will do.

The goals

If you want to be serious with martial arts, then you should purchase a quality bag. If your primary goal is cardio training to lose weight and improve your endurance, cheap boxing bags will do.

What’s the best place to buy a punching bag?

I prefer online stores such as Amazon or Walmart since there are many reflections made by real users. Also, the prices are reasonable, we typically get free shipping, and they are trusted online stores. Sometimes there’re great deals as well.

Don’t forget to check out the manufacturer’s website to know if the prices are lower.

Is it worth buying used punching bags?

Of course, but make sure the seller is trusted with a good reputation, and there are plenty of pictures about the boxing bag to see the condition. A bit of wearing isn’t a problem. Look for breaks and tears. This way you can get quality training gear for the fraction of the new price.

How much other boxing training equipment cost?

Boxing training equipment isn’t cheap. Boxing gloves can cost $30, plus they need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. You also have the mouth guard which can cost around $50, and head gear costs about $40. The list goes on from there; head bands ($20), hand wraps ($9), skipping ropes ($15), jump rope ($10), boxing shoes ($40), foam rollers ($20) , protective cup (jo jock) ($35), hand grip trainers – the average price is around $35, punch mitts should be around $45.

To sum up

I hope this punching bag price guide will help you to get boxing equipment that suits your training and budget the best. It can be difficult to choose a boxing bag from the numerous options available. If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask below. I’ll kindly help.

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