Best 200 lb Heavy Bags For Professionals

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A 200 lb heavy bag is not typical boxing equipment. It is recommended to buy a bag that is half of your body weight, so in this case, the user should be above 300 lbs.

But, I believe you do not want to buy such a heavy punching bag because of your weight, but because you need something to increase the power of your punches or kicks. Something that does not swing so much and stand the most powerful blows and kicks.

Plus, it might be useful for some martial artists who want to get used to a prominent opponent since this bags are enormous.

If you want to get the mentioned benefits, a 200 lb punching bag is a good buy for you.

However, compared to other bags, this equipment is much bigger. So, you must install it carefully. Plus they cost more.

Do you want one for home?

Well, there are not many products out there in such size, but I try to list the best ones here with a short overview.

200 lb Heavy Bag Reviews

1. Ringside Power Puncher Heavy Bag – The Winner

ringside 200 lb heavy bag


This big boy measures 16″ x 48″, so it is really long and wide suitable for any martial art. It is only available with a soft filling, and when you buy it, you get it about 140 lb filled.

But, you can quickly add more filling, up to 200 lb, by unzipping the top. You can use any material you want to get the optimal hardness for you (sand, cloths, etc.). So you can easily customize it to your needs.

The shell is made of synthetic material that is durable and provides a leather-like feeling. You do not have to be afraid of tears at all. The same is true for stitching.

With the bag, you will also get the chains, swivel and there is a D-ring on the bottom

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46 Reviews
Read more customer reviews here.
To sum up, this is an excellent price/value 200 lb bag that can be adjusted quickly and used for many training purposes.


2. Ringside Large Leather Heavy Bag

This bag is the leather version of the previous one with the same functions, dimensions, fillings, etc. The difference is only the leather shell.

A genuine leather bag provides excellent user experience, and its vintage look makes it the ornament of a home or boxing gym. Plus, they offer excellent workout experience. The leather shell of this Ringside bag is thick and quality, lasting forever.

But, this bag has a problem that not everyone, but a few customers complain about, the stitching. It pops out a bit, so when the trainee hit it, that may bruise the knuckles. But I think if hand wraps and quality boxing gloves are on, that should not be a problem. That is more annoying if you elbow or kick those edges. But, with usage, those popping out edges soften a lot.

Find more info and user reviews here.
44 Reviews
Find more info and user reviews here.
To sum up, for this price you will hardly find a leather bag like this (since they cost over 500 bucks typically).


3. Prolast 200 lbs Duratech Boxing/MMA Pro Bag

prolast 200 lb punching bag

The height of the bag is 60 inches, and its diameter is 30 inches, so we are talking about a giant bag.

It is made of a unique material called PROLAST® RIP-STOP which provides long-lasting functionality and durability. The USA-based manufacturer is so sure in its product that it gives a lifetime warranty.

Thanks to the specially blended filler, the resilient shock absorbency of the bag is exceptional. The training experience is excellent.

Such a bag is not cheap, it costs 800 bucks, but it is worth to check out if there is discounted price.

Check out here



Is there a 200 lb heavy bag stand?

In case you do not have a place to install the bag, or you do not want to spend your time with installation, you can get a stand instead.

Such massive equipment requires a really robust and heavy duty stand. And, I know only one from Outslayer which has a 350 lbs maximum weight limit.

It has such a design that lets you kick the bag without hitting your feet to the straight bar. It is also adjustable so you can tweak it to your height. Plus, it is easy to assemble.

You can check out the Outslayer stand here.


To sum up

As you see, there are not so many bags out there with such a weight, but I hope you found the 200 lb punching bag that is most suitable for you. So, you can hit your monster whenever you want.




If you have any questions or found equipment that is not listed here, feel free to comment below.

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