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When I bought my punching bag a few years ago, I started hitting it like a mad each and every day. I did not care about the time and combinations. Frankly, I only knew two types of punches: cross and jab. And, well, I combine them. Looking back those workouts they were just playing with the heavy bag.

But I loved it so much, that I started to dig deep into the topic. I learned all the punches and some easy combos. I practiced them all the time with and without a heavy bag, and as time went, I felt more and more confident.

However, there was a problem. I wanted to train as real boxers do with a coach. So, I wrote the combinations on the wall of my home gym and picked them randomly. It was much better than hitting the bag without aim, but it was a difficult method since I could not focus as I wanted.

As I develop I wanted to go to the local boxing gym, but I’m busy, so I could not let myself do that. But I was so crazy with heavy bag training that I did not give up.

Finally, I found an excellent boxing training app called Precision Boxing Coach made by JT Van V an ex-professional boxer who has a fantastic box training channel on Youtube. This app is the best if you need a virtual boxing coach for your home workouts.

Watch the video below to learn how it works presented by the creator.


Why is it such a powerful boxing training app?

  • It is perfect for both beginners and advanced level trainees.
  • Highly adjustable. That means you can set the number of rounds, the intensity of your boxing workout, length of rounds, and the rest.
  • You can choose from 5 workout types depending on your level and the hardness of combinations you want to perform.
    • Amateur: It is for beginners with simple combos.
    • Golden Gloves with 4-punch combination.
    • Pro, Titleist, and P4P with up to 8-punch combos.
  • It is a boxing app that calls out punches. The instructions are told and can be seen on the screen of your device as well.
  • The combos are built up.
  • Boxing defense techniques are also included.
  • There is also a southpaw and counter strike mode.
  • It is a shadow boxing and heavy bag workout app
  • The basic application is free, and the Pro version is just a few bucks as well.

Download from Google Play here and from iTunes here.

boxing training app

What should you know to use this box training application?

Since the punches are told by numbers you should be aware of how to perform these punches correctly and their number. Here they are.

1: jab

2: cross

3: left hook

4: right hook

5. left uppercut

6. right uppercut

7: left shover hook

8: overhand right

Also, there are body shots for 1,2,4,5,6, and the defense instructions are told out.

So, if you are a total beginner, and you do not know the punches yet, you will need time to learn and get used to the numbers. But with practice, it will be OK, just keep training.

To conclude I have tried a few other box training applications but none of them were such useful and professional like Precision Boxing Coach. I strongly suggest it for everyone who wants to have effective boxing workouts at home lead by a professional boxer.

Thanks, JT Van V for the Precision Boxing Coach App


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