Bob Punching Dummy vs Heavy Bag

Whether you’re just getting started in the sport of boxing or you’re an advanced fighter, it’s essential to understand the differences between bob punching dummy bags and traditional heavy bags. These are two different types of bags that are used for various purposes. With the right equipment, you can improve your skills on either bag, but it’s important to know their differences.

Bob Punching Dummy Bags

With a BOB dummy, the punches and kicks can feel a lot more realistic than with a heavy bag since it is made of high-quality materials that mimic the human torso. Plastisol is used for the dummy’s skin, creating a realistic appearance. Basically, because you can see the body targets, you will be able to practice various kicks and punches more efficiently.

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  • Dummies don’t take up much space, and they can be easily replaced after training.
  • You don’t need to install anything. Punching dummies can be assembled quickly.
  • The practice of punching dummies allows you to keep your attention on your opponent’s body and strengthen your arms and legs.
  • Practicing with a punching dummy gives you the confidence to punch at full power and speed, just like against a real opponent.
  • The exercise allows you to practice hitting specific parts of your opponent’s body that are most likely to be damaging.
  • Martial arts and boxing techniques use balance and reaction time, which can be improved through this workout.
  • You can practice uppercuts well with dummies besides the basic punches such as jabs, crosses, and hooks.

Here is a video on how to use the BOB training dummy.


  • The free-standing nature of dummy bags makes them static. There is only a slight swing. As a result, they don’t let us practice our footwork, which is vital. Due to its lack of swing, and the fact that you do not need to move very much during a session, you tend to be lazy about doing footwork.
  • A human-like bag typically costs more than a standard hanging bag. However, there is no installation hardware or heavy bag stand required.
  • As part of the equipment, a body opponent bag comes with a base that should be filled with either water or sand for stability. Insufficient width or a light base can cause the bag to fall over, mainly if the trainee is a strong athlete.
  • If you want to practice striking higher or lower, modifying the BOB each time will be necessary.

For whom are dummy punching bags good?

Due to the BOB’s static nature, it’s not as helpful in practicing offense and defense skills. As a result, a hanging bag is a better option for those who wish to master these martial arts skills and punching power.

On the other hand, if the human body helps you to target your hits better, makes your workout more fun, or if you want to improve your endurance, a fighting dummy is a good option.

Traditional hanging heavy bags

Boxers have used heavy bags as a substitute for real opponents for centuries. Leather, synthetic leather, canvas, or polyurethane are common exterior materials. Depending on how firm we want the heavy bag, we can use various fillings such as clothes, sawdust, rice, sand, rubber, etc. Chains or nylon straps can be used to attach the bag to the anchor.

A punching bag half your weight or heavier is recommended to improve your punching power. It provides enough resistance but also offers enough swing for other boxing techniques.

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  • Heavy bags provide resistance due to their weight. To improve your punching or kicking strength, hit a target with weight behind it. When it comes to a free-standing bag, the bag itself isn’t heavy, just its base.
  • The bag never falls over, no matter how powerful your strikes are.
  • The bag swings, forcing you to move and practice footwork. This is one of the primary reasons hanging bags are so helpful—getting your range (coordination) when the bag swings develops your offensive skills. You can also practice your defense skills when the bag approaches you, such as stepping away, blocking, or moving your head.
  • Materials such as the cover and filler determine durability. Hanging bags made of high-quality materials, such as Outslayer, have a long lifespan and are suitable for professional athletes.
  • This exercise improves balance. Balance in boxing involves moving around the ring and throwing punches while remaining on your balls of feet. Keeping both feet balanced is also necessary for stopping quickly. By keeping a good balance, you’ll be able to avoid getting hit and punch harder.
  • It is crucial to have a quick reaction time in boxing. Quickness and accuracy are not natural abilities. By practicing with the hanging heavy bag, you can improve this skill.
  • Your hand-eye coordination improves when you hit the heavy bag. To hit a moving target, you must be able to use both your eyes and hands together. In boxing, your hand-eye coordination is essential to see where you hit your opponent and react quickly when struck.

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Here are some powerful drills you can do with a heavy bag.


  • It’s pretty complicated to install a hanging bag since you need a sturdy anchor point, plus you have to install the hardware carefully.
  • Because mounting and unmounting a heavy bag is quite complicated, it is better to use a dedicated space for the bag. To use it effectively and safely, you need plenty of room.
  • A poorly filled bag can result in uneven hitting surfaces. The filler can sink to the bottom, for instance.
  • Because the bag moves and sometimes feels solid, beginners can suffer hand injuries if they don’t apply hand wrapping, wear heavy bags gloves, or keep their fists close together.

For whom are hanging heavy bags are good?

Professional fighters prefer traditional hanging bags for a good reason. They can be used to develop fighting skills and techniques as well as to improve physical strength and endurance. Go ahead and train with heavy bags if you have a proper place.

To conclude

The boxing dummy versus the hanging punching bag comparison should help you decide between them. Basically, if you want to improve your martial arts skills and power, the standard heavy bag would be a better option. The punching doll, however, is more convenient and maybe more fun to use.

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