The Perfect 10 Round Heavy Bag Workout

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Before showing you an excellent 10 round heavy bag workout, let me talk about myself to avoid my mistakes.

When I bought my heavy bag a few years ago, I started playing with it like a child who got a new toy. I was punching it here and there, trying to throw punch combos with strength and hitting it for a few seconds, then stop. MY jabs, crosses, and hooks for shame.

It was very far from real training. It was just playing. I think I made all the mistakes that a beginner could commit.

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If you are a newbie, like I was, read the post above and then come back here and watch the video, I would like to share it with you. This video is the perfect example of how you should train with your heavy punching bag.

It was made JT Van V, the owner of my favorite boxing Youtube channel, where he shares tons of useful tutorials for beginners.

So, here is the heavy bag training video. Watch it carefully, and pay attention to his advice.

10 round punching bag workout in details

  1. Throwing mainly single and double jabs (jab combinations) on the head and body. Particularly suitable for beginners. Since they are easy, focus on hand speed. This is the warmup round.
  2. Practicing Southpaw jab. Not just for those having Southpaw stance. It is always good to practice punching by using the opposite position. It develops your boxing skills and body movements. It is also fun to challenge yourself.
  3. Short combos. Simple punch combinations are great to warm up and prepare yourself for more complicated ones. Throw combos like 1-2, 1-1-2, 1-2-3, etc. Make the punch combination speedy and have fun, enjoy your training.
  4. Short combos as Southpaw. If hitting the bag is not new to you, this round is great to practice the opposite stance. I like it, and it adds a useful variety to my routine.
  5. Focusing on head movement. The workout is not just about hitting the bag but practicing the defense skills as well. This round is a perfect example of how to practice head movements (an important boxing technique) in different ways.
  6. Body attacks. This is the round for practicing the body shots. Beginners like to focus on head punches, but hitting the body is essential in the fighting. You can do power punching here.
  7. Concentrate on hitting with balance. This is a powerful technique to develop your balance and learn to beat the opponent continuously from a close position.
  8. Working on the inside. This is for practicing close combat—the round for practicing hook punches from different angles.
  9. The last round is for short punch-out sets. Hit the bag and try to survive the final round.

This 10-round workout routine is a good example of how to add various heavy bag drills to a session.

Get your boxing rounds done at home!

You will find a list of the best heavy punching bags to buy, both hanging and freestanding.

More heavy bag training tips

Throw light punches

There is no need always to throw power punches. Actually, it’s impossible, plus push punches slow your arms down. If you check out a boxing match, the fighters 95% throw light to medium blows instead of power shots. During the heavy bag workout, try to imitate as if you were fighting with a real opponent, so move and hit the bag in the same manner.

Watch your footwork

The proper foot movement is vital since the punching power comes from the lower body. If your footwork is terrible, you can’t land punches correctly as well. Also, don’t remain stationary. Move around the bag. If your boxing stance is regularly wrong, spend more time with shadow boxing instead of bag work, as you can focus on it much better.

Correct technique

We tend to forget the correct technique while we are hitting the bag. For example, we lower our hands or even perform the basic punches incorrectly. It’s better to slow down and practice the boxing basics instead.

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Improve reaction time and accuracy

It will swing if you pick the right punching bag for you, which is about half of your body weight. That is an excellent possibility to improve your reaction and coordination. I mean, don’t stop the bag or wait until it slows down, but use it for practicing footwork or counter punches. They are important boxing techniques.

While double-end bags are typically used for accurate punching bag workouts, you can use the moving heavy punching bag for the same purpose. Put duct tape to the target areas or maybe pain them on the bag, and as it moves, focus only on those areas. Let the heavy bag determine your blows like a real moving enemy.

Do HIIT for conditioning

Hitting the bag effectively and get ready for real boxing, acceptable endurance is needed. The best method to develop your stamina is by doing high-intensity interval training. For example, do jump rope or jumping jacks for 30 seconds, rest interval for 10 seconds, and do 8-10 rounds. You can do the same for the heavy bag training session to turn it into an endurance workout.

Use boxing gloves

It’s vital to protect your hands, so use both gloves and hand wraps. Never hit the bag with bare hands.

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As you see, this 10-round heavy bag workout is very versatile and includes a lot of techniques to develop your strokes and defense skills. It is especially beneficial to see the footwork since newbies prefer to stand in the same place and hit the boxing bag from the same position. If you try this heavy bag routine, please tell us how it works. And, look around in our training category for more boxing workouts.

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