The Perfect 10 Round Heavy Bag Workout

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When I bought my heavy bag a few years ago, I started playing with it like a child who got a new toy. I was punching it here and there, trying to throw combos and hitting it for a few seconds then stop.

Actually it was very far from a real training, it was just playing. I think I made all the mistakes that a beginner could commit.

If you are a newbie like I was read the post above and then come back here and watch the video, I would like to share with you below. This video is the perfect example how you should train with your heavy punching bag.

It was made JT Van V who is the owner of my favorite boxing Youtube channel where he shares tons of useful tutorials for beginners.

So, here is the video, watch it carefully and pay attention to his advice.


Let’s Recap the 10 Rounds

  1. Throwing mainly single and double jabs on the head and body. Particularly suitable for beginners.
  2. Practicing Southpaw jab. Not just for those having Southpaw stance. It is always good to practice punching by using the opposite position. It develops your skills and body movements. It is also fun to challenge yourself.
  3. Short combos. Simple combinations are great to warm up and prepare yourself for more complicated ones. Throw combos like 1-2, 1-1-2, 1-2-3, etc. Make them speedy and have fun, enjoy your training.
  4. Short combos as Southpaw. If hitting the bag is not new to you, this round is great to practice the opposite stance. I like it, and it adds a useful variety to my routine.
  5. Focusing on head movement. Bag workout is not just about hitting the bag but practicing the defense skills as well. This round is a perfect example how to practice head movements in different ways.
  6. Body attacks. This is the round for practicing the body shots. Beginners like to focus on head punches, but hitting the body is as important in boxing.
  7. Concentrate on hitting with balance. This is a powerful technique to develop your balance and learn how to hit the opponent continuously from a close position.
  8. Working on the inside. This is for practicing the close combat.
  9. The last round is for short punch out sets. Hit the bag and try to survive the final round.


As you see this 10 round heavy bag workout is very versatile and includes a lot of techniques to develop your punches and defense skills. It is especially beneficial to see the footwork since newbies prefer to stand at the same place and hitting the bag from the same position. If you try it, please tell us how it works for you.

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