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Water Punching Bag Benefits and Cons – Are They Suitable for You?

    You have probably seen someone hitting a water punching bag, but what exactly is it? There are several benefits to using these heavy bags as an alternative to free-standing or leather bags. Do they work well at home?

    This blog will look at the different aspects of aqua punching bags, why they are the latest trend and when they are the right choice.

    What is a water-filled punching bag?

    water punching bag benefits

    In contrast to traditional heavy bags, water punching bags have a rubber exterior to store a lot of water. Compared to traditional materials such as cloth, sand, or rubber mulch, water filling provides a much different boxing workout experience. The whole bag is more homogenous resistance as if you were hitting a real human body. These water-filled bags also come in various sizes.

    What are the benefits of training aqua punching bags?

    Filling is simple

    When using regular heavy bags, it is often difficult to find the right mix of filling to provide a homogenous hitting surface and sufficient weight to the user. You need to use various materials.

    It’s easy to add more or less water to aqua training bags, and they can be filled and drained within minutes. Once it’s loaded, it’s ready to use and keeps its shape forever.

    Better shock absorption to protect joints and bones

    man hitting water bag

    Since water-filled heavy bags are more flexible, they can absorb kinetic energy and eliminate hard spots frequently found in traditional boxing bags.

    Training with these bags reduces the probability of injury and pain while training longer and harder. You don’t need to hold back anymore in order to avoid injuring your knuckles and joints. The risk of injury is less.

    Strikes feel a little less harsh on your joints, just like you do when you hit someone. Still not soft, though. Beginners and amateurs will both find that the Aqua bag provides a more accommodating surface for them to train on.

    From fitness beginners to professional boxers, anyone can benefit from boxing training when water replaces sand or other heavy bag contents.

    Recommended product:

    Aqua Training Bag 18" 120 Pound Heavy Punching Bag

    – The Aqua Training Bag can benefit people at any level of expertise, no matter how much experience they have or how little knowledge they have.

    – There are a number of eye-catching colors available.

    – Featuring a teardrop shape and water-filled interior, you get a great workout and a better training session.

    – Feature thick-walled vinyl and injection-molded ends, making them strong enough to handle the most vigorous strikes.

    Good resistance and feedback

    Your strike will be reinforced by substantial resistance and feedback when you contact the bag. Water bags are also soft and yield at the point of impact, so they don’t feel as hard as heavy bags. As for the bag itself moves around quite a bit, but it will not move as much as a regular mid-sized bag would. Water bags generally require less room than traditional punch bags, so you’ll have less room to accommodate a water bag.

    Teardrop shape to throw uppercuts

    Wrecking balls (uppercut bags) are great for developing hooks and uppercuts. In terms of learning how to throw hooks, uppercuts in extended combinations, this is one of the most effective bags. Of course, you can use it for practicing jabs and crosses, but the bag’s shape is better for uppercuts and crosses.

    If your goal is to improve your uppercuts, then hang the aqua bag higher so that you can hit its bottom. By lowering, you can practice body shots.

    Practice the most powerful punches for (KO)

    Canelo Álvarez

    Due to the shape of the aqua bag, teardrop-shaped design, there’s an opportunity for us to throw hooks and uppercuts, punches that are powerful enough to knock down our opponents. With this bag, you can improve the accuracy of these punches.

    The left hook travels a short, compact distance from launch to target since you’re using the same hand you use for the jab (in orthodox stance). The power is transferred from your base to your torso and finally to your fist. Even though it’s easy to do, it’s insanely difficult to master and takes a long time to get skilled at the punching techniques. And that is where the teardrop shape water-filled heavy bag comes in.

    Suitable for outdoor training

    The aqua training bag can be used either indoors or outdoors. These bags are waterproof and made with UV-resistant materials. If you live in a colder area, you will need to be aware the water in your training bag may freeze according to the weather conditions.

    That is an excellent feature! Working out outdoor is the best way to exercise in my point of view.

    A water heavy bag is portable

    Naturally, after you fill the bag, it will be heavy, so you won’t be able to move it quickly. However, just drain the water from it, and you’re good to go. You can’t comfortably transport the blader since it is only a few pounds. All you have to do then is refill it again.

    What are the downsides of aqua bags?

    Body punches can be challenging to practice on it

    It is hard to train your body shots with most water bags. You can practice working on the middle and lower torso with conventional heavy bags. The same cannot be said for many water bags. You get the bad habit of only hitting the head if you only practice with aqua bags. And that’s not enough in the ring.

    Every fighter can be sent tumbling to the ground by a well-placed body shot. A successful bodywork attack causes your opponent to breathe heavily and takes the wind out of their sails. Your opponent’s offense rate will slow down, and their motion will be hindered.

    Punches must be taken with care

    The fact that water bags are gentler on the body is true. However, this only holds if your punches land correctly. There’s a pretty decent chance you’ll catch and roll your fist on the bag if you land a punch wrong. This will put a lot of pressure on your wrist joints even if you wear hand wraps and boxing gloves to protect your hands. Since a traditional heavy bag has a flatter and firmer surface, we don’t usually experience this as much.

    That is why beginners should be careful using this boxing equipment for the first heavy bag training sessions.

    Leaking and rips off

    Aqua bag does not seem to be susceptible to being badgered into leaking. In addition to being quite thick and well-molded, its edges also appear to be well-defined. However, accidents do happen, and it cannot be patched if it begins to leak water. There is no way to fix the bag.

    Additionally, it is not hard to find water-filled heavy bags of really low quality on the market. Getting a cheap product with a short warranty is not a good idea. The last thing you want is to flood your home gym. A higher price is a sign of durability.

    It still requires a dedicated place

    Compared to free-standing punching bags, these are hanging bags that still require an acceptable place to hang and enough space to move around. If you don’t have a strong anchor point, you can use a heavy bag stand. If you lack space, you’d better get a free-standing heavy bag.

    If you have an overhead beam in the garage or home, go for it. There’s one thing I’d recommend, though, get a solid heavy bag spring, so the whole thing works well and minimizes shocks.


    Do I need gloves to hit the aqua bag?

    Water is less firm in terms of the striking surface than some heavier bags out there. Basically, that means you can go bare-knuckled at it if you want to. However, it’s not a soft surface, so be careful. Therefore, if you are just starting with practicing with bags, you should take every step slowly at first. Make sure you wear your hand wraps and heavy bag gloves while practicing. Eventually, you’ll be able to remove them as you gain strength and get used to the surface.

    What is the best way to hang and fill a water punching bag?

    The following video guide will show you how to get started with this boxing equipment.

    How to Kick the Heavy Aqua Bag

    In the following video, a fighter practicing kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate demonstrates how to warm up, use movement to achieve lower body attacks, and kick the water bag effectively. The bag measures 21′.

    To sum up

    Bags with water filling will respond more like a human body than ones with a traditional filling. These water-heavy bags might not appeal to everyone, but those who train in martial arts will find this characteristic very useful. Generally, heavy water bags are more portable than traditional heavy punching bags since the water can be quickly emptied and refilled.

    But, if you are serious about combat sports, this option will not be enough to master your boxing skills. Of course, for a home gym use at any skill level, it will do for sure.


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