How to boost your punching power with overcoming isometrics?

punching power isometric

Have you been looking to increase your punching power and not have to gain weight? This read is just for you.

A lot is at your disposal when it comes to increasing punching power. It can range from increasing your volume, improving your technique, flexibility, overall speed, strength, and explosiveness.

Rapid Fitness by Zen Martinoli for professional boxers sheds light on a technique called Overcoming Isometric. It is a fundamental concept that you might already be doing as a boxer and not know yet.

Overcoming isometrics entails working your motion against the movable object in any boxing or strength improving activity. This is going to recruit most of your body muscles to overcome that movement. It is sought of like doing a one-rep maximum bench press that you cannot fully complete.

Zen defines it as a situation where the joint and the muscle work against an immovable force like pressing against a wall or pulling on an immovable object. They are 6-10 maximal contractions and can be as low as 3 seconds. There are different types of isometrics. This particular one is considered superior to yielding isometrics, which entails restricting your body from moving, for example, by holding a squat position or push up position.

Benefits of Overcoming Isometrics

  • Repeated application of this technique leads to a high strength adaptation and an elevated motor unit recruitment that is essential for those in the boxing profession.
  • It develops a better acceleration of speed in athletes.

Let’s see what it is all about presented by JT Van V.

Let’s recap how to punch overcoming power isometric

  1. Ensure that you fully suit up with your boxing gear.
  2. Head over to a plain wall.
  3. Hold a punch position and press against the wall as hard as you can for 6-10 seconds.
  4. Work different ranges since this overcoming isometric works best at the range you hold the position. You can start with a close range.
  5. Place your fist on the wall and allow yourself to fix a better position from the press’s feedback. Ensure that your body is in an upright position, with an inward slightly turned hip and pushing your other leg into the shot. Avoid leaning your upper body towards the wall, as this will cause you to feel weak.
  6. Hold the contraction as forcefully as you can. Make sure you relax your body by doing warm-ups in between the 6-10 seconds. You are not limited; do anything to contrast the intensity of the isometric.
  7. Continue by moving to a medium-range position. Then follow up by getting into a full-range position. When completed, count this as one set, which should be performed in 3-5 sets. Train with this technique twice a week for 4 weeks, followed by 4 weeks rest.

As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, make sure that you try this out frequently for better results. Make sure you do it as part of your regular fitness training. You can follow up by going through the Rapid Fitness book by Zen Martinoli.

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