How to Make Correct Boxing Fist for Safe Training

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One of the biggest mistakes of beginners who start boxing is that they do not care about the proper fist. However, the correct form is crucial to prevent injury, no matter if you hit a bag or spare with someone.

Here you will learn the proper boxing fist.

How to properly fist

First, bend your fingers except for your thumb. Then, place your thumb across the second knuckles of your middle and index finger.

To prevent injuries, you should always keep your fist tightly closed, and your fingers should be closed in your palms.

To keep this tight and closed fist, static muscle work is required that has an effect on the wrist and the forearm. This way, if you hold your fist too tightly, the traction of those muscles will have an adverse effect on the speed of your punches. Plus, it has a disadvantageous impact on the muscle coordination. Hence, your punches will be not as efficient.

proper fist
How to punch without hurting your hand

When you hit something, a huge pressure is generated that has an impact not only on your fists but also on the muscles, bones, and joints of your forearms. That is why the relationship of the fist and forearm are so important. That means the top of the hand and your forearm should form a plane.

Also, the fist and wrist should form a tight unit. Because the fist can only defeat the imposed loads if the collision force gets into the impact line connecting the wrist and the elbow collinear.

So, the next time you work out do not forget the proper boxing fist before punching anything. It is crucial to avoid injuries and to maximize the effect of your punches.



How to make a fist in boxing gloves?

The same way. However, since your hands are wrapped, and the gloves are thick, it is maybe more difficult to keep the proper boxing fist position. For example, when I began hitting the bag years ago, I always loosened my hands. But, I focused on it, and now I do not forget it.

What if I can’t make a strong fist?

Well, you may need to improve the strength of your fingers. A hand gripper exercise equipment may help.

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