Top 5 Most Common Jab Mistakes You Should Avoid

jab mistakes

The jab is maybe the most uncomplicated punch, and many beginners underestimate the efficiency of it. Well, crosses and hooks allow us to hit the opponent or the heavy bag with enormous power but do not forget that little strokes fell great oaks.

You should make your jabs the best among all your punches because:

  • It does not need much energy to throw like uppercuts or crosses. Hence, you will get tired later, and you can throw many of them to slowly weaken the opponent.
  • It is the shortest punch so you can quickly react to an offense or always keep the opponent under pressure without using up all your energy.
  • With the help of it, you can set up the big punches or mislead the opponent. You can also find the optimal distance for offense and defense.

So, to sum up, you must be the master of the jab, because it is the most versatile and useful punch of all.

It seems to be easy to perform, but you can commit many mistakes, tough.

From the following video, you can learn about these jab mistakes and how to get rid of them.


Let’s recap the jab mistakes

  1. Believe in the power of the jab, and throw it often. It is super efficient and a silent killer. Do not underestimate the power of it for defense and offense.
  2. Use the full length of your arm when you throw a jab. Get full extension for maximum power and speed.
  3. Jab is not a power shot (can be a punisher if your technique is professional) so do not try to make it that. Hence, do not lean forward for extra distance and power. Use your footwork to get into a position that is optimal to throw your jabs
  4. Slow retraction and letting your arm down makes a hole in your defense, and your opponent will use that for the counter-attack. So, keep your arm up and get back to defense position as quick as you can.
  5. Do not rock your hand before throwing. This is a typical beginner mistake. If you do that useless motion, you waste time and cannot be throw jabs from any position.

So, do not forget your jabs because they are your most important weapons in the fight. Try to avoid these mistakes and use them.

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Top 5 Most Common Jab Mistakes You Should Avoid
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