Can You Kick a Punching Bag?

If you want to buy a punching bag for kicking, you should be careful. Kicks are much more powerful than punches. Therefore, a bag for kicking should be much more durable. A low-quality bag with a poor exterior, stitching, and design will crack in no time.

In a nutshell, you need a high-quality heavy bag that is made for all sorts of combat sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. These bags are more expensive but last for much longer. However, there are some other factors to check out, which we talk about below.

Types of heavy bags for kicking

We can choose from two options if we are searching for a bag for kicking. Let’s see them.

Long hanging heavy bags (Muay Thai type)

man kicking muay thai bag

Traditional heavy bags are from 3-5 feet long, and they are mainly made for boxing. Although, we can use them for high kicks.

We need a longer bag to practice high and low kicks, knee strikes, and other attacks. Muay Thai bags are at least 6 feet long, but there are 7 feet long versions.

The downside of these long heavy bags is that they require a high and robust anchor point. Considering that the standard ceiling height is 9 feet, installing such a bag is quite complicated. A solution could be to get a heavy bag stand, but it’s hard to find one which is high enough.

On the other hand, if you can hang it somewhere safe, it’s the best equipment to practice kicks at home.

If no hanging option is available, the next type of bag is the solution for you.

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Free-standing bags

man kicking free standing bag

These bags are made for people who can’t install a standard hanging heavy bag for some reason. We just need to feel the base with sand or water, and it’s ready to use.

Most of the standing bags on the marker are made for fitness purposes to do cardio or lose weight. They aren’t suitable for powerful kicks and punches. They break and fall over easily.

The high-end stand-up bags look and behave much differently. They are huge pieces with a bulky base made for real martial artists. We can kick them with massive power without falling over. They also have enhanced hitting surfaces with sock absorption.

If you want to have a good kicking workout, only sturdy free-standing bags should be considered, such as the Wavemaster XXL, Ringside Elite, or Century BOB XL. They are costly but give excellent training and are long-lasting.

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Why the weight of the bag matter

When we purchase a boxing bag, the rule of thumb is that the weight should be half of the user’s.

For kicking training, we should get a heavier bag, about 20-30%. This way, you get better resistance but still swing. For improving kicking power, you need an even heavier than that.

How to kick a punching bag

Frankly, I only do boxing and rarely kick my punching bag. (Mainly, when my kids tell me to do the same as Jackie Chan 🙂 )

But, I know it requires a lot of practice to perform the kicks correctly. Plus, plenty of room is necessary for kicks.

You can learn the correct kick execution on bags presented by the North American Muay Thai Champion Mike Zhang in the following video. He uses a standing bag, but the same is true for the hanging bags.

To sum up

You can kick a punching bag if it’s made from durable materials and let by the manufacturer. I think bags under $100 aren’t suitable for this purpose.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask them below.

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