We strive to help you make smart choices on your next boxing gear by providing thorough reviews, including the pros and the cons and feedback from other athletes. We review the available boxing equipment in the market and bring you our findings for you to make an informed choice as you go shopping.

We love boxing since it is a cardio activity that provides numerous benefits to your body. It is also one of the most affordable and powerful ways of getting a good workout.

If you are looking to start boxing either at home or in the gym, or you are a seasoned boxer, we will help you navigate through the ever-changing trends in the world of boxing as we bring you reviews of punching bags, boxing gloves, protective gear and wraps, and focus pads. We also provide detailed analyses of other accessories such as shoes, boxing shorts, training vests, and headphones.

The market for boxing gear is so vast that going shopping without some prior information on the available equipment is a total waste of time. The task of finding the right gear can be daunting, and that is why we pick an item, try it, weigh its pros and cons, inquire about it from other athletes before giving you a detailed review.

Our crew try out the different equipment on your behalf and bring you everything you need to know about them without bias. We hope that this helps you decide on what equipment to start with, or what to pick next if you have been in the game already.

Our reviews will help you get the equipment that is suitable for your specific goals and budget. Whether you are looking for stuff to use when punching a bag, in competitions, or sparring sessions, read through our reviews first. The gear that is suitable for competing in the ring may not be ideal for the punching bag.

We do not just provide reviews on the equipment. We also bring you different boxing workouts. We provide information on their benefits, muscles that are targeted by each, the risks involved, and feedback from other athletes on the workouts.

Do not hesitate to give feedback and if you have any questions regarding any boxing gear or workout. Leave us a comment with your question, and we will never tire of providing the answers you need.

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I wish you a strong and healthy body.


Imre, the editor of punchingbagsguide.com

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Hi there! I’m Imre, 38 years with three kids. I started bodybuilding when I was 15, then boxing when I was 16. I did it for some years. Then I stopped it. You know, family, work, starting life, etc.

I began working out again when I was about 30 – boxing and calisthenics. This combination has helped me to get the best condition in my life. Since I’m busy, I bought my punching bags and some other equipment required for home training. I work out at least three times a week.

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There is no better fitness system than boxing. Your muscles grow, your endurance improves, your heart gets stronger and you're more energetic. Since boxing uses practically your entire body, you'll burn tons of calories. Because I love boxing so much, I started this blog to help others get started.