10-minute Heavy Bag Workouts for Quick Calorie Burn

Whether you want to build some muscle, lose weight, or just improve your cardiovascular endurance, a heavy bag workout is a must. What makes this type of workout so effective is that it works the whole body, enjoyable and challenging.

With 10-minute heavy bag workouts, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time and still feel as though you’ve worked out for hours.

Here I’ll show you some short workouts.

10 Minute HIIT Heavy Bag Workout

Going to the gym takes time, money, and effort. Why not give yourself an all-important 10-minute workout using a heavy bag? It’ll give you a much-needed short burst of exercise, but also let you incorporate HIIT into your routine without having to do all the hard work. This 10-minute HIIT workout includes some HIIT exercises which work your muscles extremely hard and get the heart rate up. You can find similar heavy bag HIIT workouts here.

Follow Along 10 minute Boxing Workout

Get a quick punching bag workout in this video! You’ll burn some calories doing this follow-along boxing workout.

The number of rounds you need to complete is eight. Each round lasts 1 minute with a 20-second break between them. You can adjust the time according to your preference if the time is too much. If the time is too easy then make the round longer. When you really push yourself, even a short workout can be challenging. You can get a great boxing workout just by putting on gloves and hitting a heavy bag if you don’t have time to exercise. At home or in the gym, this can be accomplished! The workout is fun, but make sure to do it correctly!

A heavy bag training session with 720 punches in 10 minutes

After this workout, you will most likely feel sore the following day. You will feel it in your muscles, your bones, and of course, in your brain. I chose this workout because it involves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and heavy bag training. The punches and combinations are quite simple so this training is suitable for beginners. By the way, the few bodyweight exercises make it even more effective.

A 10-minute boxing workout for beginners

If you’re not in the mood for a full-blown boxing workout, here’s a quick one you can do just about anywhere. The fitness trainer takes us through a short workout for beginners, learning the basics of boxing. The only equipment you will need is a lightweight set of dumbbells.


How many calories you can burn with a 10-minute punching bag workout?

The amount of calories burned depends on several factors such as your age or weight, intensity, etc. For a 155-pound person, punching a punching bag for 10 minutes will burn 69 calories and for a 185-pound person, it will burn 83 calories. Learn more about how many calories boxing burns here.

How long should a heavy bag workout be?

It’s impossible to say how long you should punch a bag. For instance, you can combine bag strikes with push-ups or sit-ups as part of an effective beginner’s punching bag workout. From 20-30 minutes of punching a bag each day can provide many of the benefits.

The average bag session lasts two minutes at the most. A professional usually punches and moves at high intensity for three minutes. I occasionally box for 4-5 minutes with the heavy bag. As a result, there are fewer rest periods needed, and you are given a greater workout in general.

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To sum up

These heavy bag workouts are designed to get your heart rate up, get fresh blood into your muscles, and get you into the fat-burning zone. I hope you find these workouts useful and please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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