Speed Bag for Beginners Tips and Tricks

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speed bag for beginners
Learn the proper speed bag technique

No matter if you want to improve your martial art skills or you just need something to work out with, the speed bag has many benefits for you.

This boxing training helps to develop your hand-eye coordination, rhythm, coordination and hand speed which is crucial for offense and defense. But it also helps to get rid of stress and improves your physique in various ways.

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It seems to be an easy activity, isn’t it?

We just punch it, and when it bounces back we hit it again, and so and so on. It is a bit dream of many guys who are a little bit interested in boxing to beat the bag like Rocky in the movie.

But, if you have not tried it yet, you will see it is not as easy at all. The bag will not do what you would like to. It goes away too fast or moves too slowly, and it will hardly react as you want. You will realize that you are not going to be the next Rocky so fast.

What is the solution?

Of course, you have to learn the basics, and practice as much as you can to develop your body and brain until the ball will move as you want it.

Here you will find tips and tricks for that.


Beginner Speed Bag Tips and Tricks

What size speed bag is suitable for beginners?

Firstly, let’s talk a little about the equipment itself.

They come in different sizes. These are:

  • Large: 13×10, 12×10, 11×8 inches
  • Medium: 10×7, 9×6 inches
  • Small: 8×5, 7×4, 6.5×4 inches

It is logical that the smaller the ball, the harder to hit. But, with that, more it develops your skills and better for advanced trainees.

So, if you are a beginner, get one in a larger size. It is going to be easier to punch since the target is larger and bouncing is slower. But it helps you to learn the basics and get used to the new activity. Plus, it makes your shoulders and arms really strong. You will feel when you need a smaller one.

And, if your primary purpose for the equipment is just working out, you do not even have to change at all.

Do not worry. No matter what type of platform you have, it is compatible with any sizes.

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How to Hit a Speed Bag for Beginners

As I said before this training requires a lot of practice, and you have to start somewhere. In the following video, you will learn essential suggestions from an expert.


Let’s recap the speed bag tricks for beginners learned above.

  • The middle of the equipment should be at eye level.
  • You should come close to it. This way your eye and brain get used to incoming punches. So, if you fight with someone, you will know what is going on.
  • Hit the bag with the outer part of your hands. This way you can control the equipment better.
  • Do not punch it with power, just touch it. There is no need to rush, makes it moving slowly.
  • Focus on the rhythm. You can even count if you want.
  • Keep your hands high. This helps to react quickly for the bouncing back ball.
  • So, get the basics, and with practice, you will be able to punch it really fast and use different ways to hit a speed bag (combinations).

Want to learn more? Just check out the following speed bag workout for beginners guide with even more tricks and tips.


To sum up

The boxing speed bag is excellent exercise equipment not just for martial artists but for everyone. It is an exciting activity that develops you both mentally and physically. It requires learning, but I think that is the beauty of it because there it never makes us bored.

If you have any questions or need more advice feel free to ask below.

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  1. Can you tell me how many calories we can burn with it? I want to get one for cardio because I quickly get bored with activities like running.

  2. That depends on your bodyweight and the intensity of your workout. Plus, we should not forget that it is such an activity that works mainly your upper body. I think it burns something like jogging or breast walking.

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