Ringside Adult Heavy Bag Kit, 70 lbs. Review

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Ringside Adult Heavy Bag Kit, 70 lbs. Review
Searching for a heavy punching bag is certainly not an easy task. Although there are lots and lots of boxing equipment manufacturers but still finding a reliable and comfortable model is tough. Moreover, even if you do get successful in the search for a good quality equipment, it will be quite expensive that is beyond your affordability range.

If you are also looking for a cheap heavy punching bag for residential use. But you are not willing to pay an unnecessary, expensive amount to purchase that; you should look for the fantastic Ringside Adult Heavy Bag Kit, 70 lbs.

It is made from the heavy duty vinyl which keeps it sturdy while giving you a comfortable punching experience. Moreover, it contains the filling of synthetic and natural fibers so that you can train your fists without getting your knuckles hurt.

The package of this particular deal is also quite incredible. You will not only get a punch bag by paying the price around $80, but along with that, you will get hand wraps plus a pair of adult boxing gloves which you have to buy otherwise.

The kit also includes Swivel and mounting clip so that you do not have to make an effort for mounting it on the ceiling of your room and you can workout comfortably.

Moreover, the weight of it is also ideal for averaged height males that is a male having a height of 5 feet 10 inches having a weight of 130 pounds. This model works for almost any height of trainer.

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This model is equipped with many features which are listed below for your interest:

1. Ideal Weight for Average Height Males

Finding the perfectly weighted product is quite a fuss. Where they can hurt the hand and knuckles while punching, lighter models could not help the fists in making the muscles strong.

But with this Ringside product, you can have an ideal weight that is 70 pounds which is perfect for average height and weighted male.

2. Smooth Material

It is also made from the smooth yet durable vinyl material so that you can have an unforgettable experience with it. Along with that, it has a filling of natural and synthetic fibers making the punching ideal for every type of training.

3. Free Gloves & Hand Wraps

In such a reasonable price, you will not only get just a bag but along with that, you will receive a free pair of boxing gloves Ringside Adult punching bag Kitplus the hand wraps so that you can have everything at hand for heavy duty training and you do not have to spend more money on anything.

4. Swivel & Mounting Clip

Mounting it to the ceiling of your room is not that much easy but thanks to the Ringside that you are getting a swivel and a mounting clip with this model as well so you do not have to face any difficulties.

The Pros & Cons

Below are listed the incredible pros that most of the customers find in the Ringside Adult Kit:

The Pros

  • Affordable Price

You can hardly find at home boxing kit at such a reasonable and affordable price as this punching bag kit from the Ringside. The price is nothing as compared to the $500 and above dollars that you see in the majority of other products.

Moreover, the shipping is free of cost making an overall complete reasonable and affordable package.

  • Starter Heavy Bag

If you began to start your punching training that this would be the perfect model for you because of its ideal height and weight.

The Cons

  • No Warranty

There should be a guarantee card available with every boxing equipment, and almost every other deal that I find on Amazon have the warranty of 5 to 10 years. But this deal does not have any warranty.

  • Not for Professional Use

Although it is suitable for beginners, for it is not for professional use. Gyms and fitness centers could not use such type of bag for training purposes.


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I would give a 4 out of 5-star review to this Ringside Adult Heavy Bag Kit because of its reasonable price and a complete package but with a few cons of no warranty and less appropriate for professional use. You could use it for exercising and training at home, and it would be useful for that purpose.
  • Durability - 80%
  • User Experience - 60%
  • Price - 100%
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Comments Rating 4 (1 review)

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  1. Good price but not for pros

    It bought this kit and I’m satisfied with it. It isn’t a pro level bag but for this price it is OK. For beginner level training and for cardio it’s a good buy. But, I wouldn’t recommend it for advanced level people. My boys also like it very much.

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