13 Push Up Variations for Strength & Explosive Power

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push ups strength explosive power

There is no doubt that one of the most important bodyweight exercises is the push-up. The traditional push-up works the entire upper body, and with a few changes, we can get even more benefits from it.

There are push up variations that help to focus more on one particular muscle group and to develop the strength of the upper body even better.

Also, some variations can help you to develop the explosive power of the punches. Hence, I think you agree with me if I say this exercise must be in your workout routine no matter what martial art you do.

OK, now let’s learn these exercises.

From, following video you can learn ten variations that are perfect for developing the strength of your shoulders, chest, arms and core. You will also learn how these exercises develop your muscles. I especially loved the double pump one. If you find these moves easy, you may use a weight vest.


Now let’s learn 3 moves that will boost your explosive power. Therefore, you will be able to punch much bigger, and your upper body movements will be more dynamic.

I particularly loved the Spartan, and the Rocky Balboa push-ups, I have already included them in my workout routine. And they work!

However, keep in mind that these exercises are not for beginners, especially the last one. They require strength and practice since they are rather challenging.

Watch the video for instructions.


That is all guys! I hope you have learned something new and you are going to include a few of these push-ups in your workout routine. I did, especially the ones from the second video. They have helped me to throw more powerful and dynamic punches. Not to mention, I feel great strength development in my entire upper body.

If you have tried these exercises, do not forget to tell us how they work for you. And if you do other push-up variations, share with us, please.

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