Best Punching Bags for Kids to Get Your Children Fit

Boxing and punching sports may be seen as dangerous sports for children, but it is essential for their health. Children and adolescents do undergo stress when they are angry or frustrated, and they would need a youth punching bag as part of their therapy and as a way of letting out what they feel. Instead of punching their pillows, walls or other children, a punching bag for kids will help them control and manage their emotions appropriately.

A bag can be used at home where the kids will punch on it not only let out their stress, but also have fun as they build their physique. It helps reduce the incidences of obesity and other inactivity associated diseases in children because the child will always be active unlike when playing video games. If you want your child to start playing sports early or engage themselves in martial arts, then a punching ball will be of excellent help.

When the child starts out using ​this equipment, make sure that they start it slow to avoid any injuries and they will later improve their speed and power.

4 ​Best Punching Bag for Youth

1. 4 Piece All Purpose Heavy Bag Set for Children

It is a boxing set that a heavy bag made of heavy canvas with Double-end tie down design, 6 oz. youth boxing gloves, and adjustable skip rope as a ceiling attachment with hardware. This is what the kid needs to start boxing and other different skills such as physical coordination and discipline while having fun. You don’t need to buy any other equipment.

It has a ceiling attachment and hardware which helps you hang it hence giving your little one easier access.

Heavy Bag Set for Children


  • The price is affordable and cheap for a 4 piece boxing set.
  • You will get a full refund of your money if you don’t like the equipment.
  • It has a 1- year warranty period for the repair and replacement of any defective parts.
  • Made of an excellent quality material


  • Not recommended if you don’t have enough space to hang it.
4 Piece All Purpose Heavy Bag Set for Children
39 Reviews
4 Piece All Purpose Heavy Bag Set for Children
I would recommend this boxing set for children 4 years and above as it teaches your kids new skills, exercises and channel their hyperactivity. If you have enough space in your home or garage, it hangs well and provides an excellent experience for the kids.

2. Liberty Imports Sport Kids Boxing Gloves and ​Bag

It has a great design where the punching ball stands a solid boxing stand. The stand has an elastic spring, which allows it to get back into place. It can be weighed down with sand or water to avoid toppling over when it is hit.

The height is adjustable i.e. from 30” to 43” (80- 110 cms), so it can be used by kids with different heights, or a child can grow with it.

inflatable punching bag kids


  • It comes with gloves hence the child can enjoy a fun, realistic and safe experience.
  • The gloves can be hanged on the boxing stand.
  • Best for people who don’t have enough space in their homes as it can be moved around.


  • The boxing speed bag has to be inflated by use of a pump which doesn’t come with the kit.
  • The stand can easily break if excessive force is used.
Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Punching Bag With Gloves Punching Ball for Kids 43'
234 Reviews
Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Punching Bag With Gloves Punching Ball for Kids 43"
I would recommend it for children above five years as it is a great set that can be used to train for agility, coordination, and skills. It is also an excellent way to encourage children to exercise regularly. It is light in weight and adjustable. Therefore it can be used for a long time, and it offers value for your money. However, it is not safe for children who would use excessive force while striking or kicking as the stick can easily break.

3. Kid Kick Wavemaster

The structure is good as it has high impact inner foam that absorbs strikes and kicks well, has a durable nylon that doesn’t fray or rip even after several months of use.

This ​youth punching bag with stand has four weight, and height adjustments hence work well for children of different stature and all ages.

kids martial arts


  • Most parents say that it is a quality punching bag for kids with a design of Kid Kick logo on the front which acts as a target for kids when practicing punches and kicks.
  • It has a low and heavy base that weighs about 170 pounds when filled with sand or water and it prevents it from toppling over even when used by the most active kids.
  • It has small roll relocation for the shorter hitters, and it is great to practice for boxing classes and martial arts.
  • Freestanding with a rounded base, hence makes it easy to move it around.
  • It can be emptied when you want to transport it.
  • Has a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not suitable for kids when they get to 11 years and if they are tall.
  • They make an annoying sound when rolling.
  • Expensive, but this is justified by the many quality features it has.
Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
195 Reviews
Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
This is an excellent youth free standing punching bag that is meant to teach kids kickboxing, mixed martial arts and karate skills. I would recommend it for children for easy kickboxing and punching.

4. Ringside Youth Kids Training Bag Set

It has a slip- on head gear with an elastic chin strap hence offering a realistic, safe boxing experience. It teaches the child needs to be safe while boxing and it provides safety in case the child misses to strike the bag and it hits their head.

The boxing gloves, headgear and the bag are made of a high-quality material which is very durable, and the design is attractive and beautiful hence kids will be attracted to it.

Ringside Youth Boxing Set


  • It comes with two slip on gloves so you will not need to buy a pair of gloves so the child can start training immediately and it also saves you money.
  • It is a hanging ​product, so you will not worry about tripping over it.


  • Most parents complain that it is smaller than they expected.
  • The height is not adjustable, and at times you may be forced to lower the mounting point.
  • The return policy is for thirty days only, and the buyer will pay for the return shipping.
Ringside Kids Boxing Set (2-5 Year Old)
231 Reviews
Ringside Kids Boxing Set (2-5 Year Old)
If you have a child under three years and are interested in kickboxing, then get this for them. It is perfect for practicing boxing and nurturing a champion. The gloves are a smaller version of professional adult – sized gloves, and they are very comfortable.

Buyer's Guide

As a parent, you need to pay attention to several things when you are buying your child a bag such as:

1. Size

The weight should be right because most injuries do happen when they use a heavy bag, and if it is too light, there is a chance that it will swing back and hit the child. To get the right size, you will first weigh your child and then get a kid punching bag that is half the weight of the child. For example, if your child weighs, 139 pounds or less, equipment that weighs 60 pounds is suitable for them.

2. Freestanding or hanging

heavy punching bag types

You have to decide depending on the available space, whether you will get a bag that is standing or hangs on its own and whether it will be inflatable or filled.

If you have limited space, then get a standing punching bag so that it can be dragged back and forth when you want to use it and easy to store. It is the convenient it option because you will not need to buy any hanging accessories.

If you have plenty of space, then chose a hanging bag. ​They are good when you have a spare room where you can hang, and it will not disturb neighbors because it does produce noise and vibrations when punched. However, you can get a hanging bag spring that absorbs the shock hence creating less noise.

Kids love the hanging punching bag because when they hit it, it will swing away and then come back where they can dodge it, kick it as it passes by therefore creating more fun.

Above all, chose a safe environment where the child has enough room for movement.

3. Design

This matters because buying something that has your child’s favorite superhero may not work well with the child. Get a model with a face of the opponent of their superhero and the child will have the nudge to hit the bag.

4. The material

Two best materials will last for long, and these are leather and vinyl. Leather has a natural and comfortable feeling, but it can be costly. Vinyl is a good alternative, and it will not tear and crack easily. Choose a punching bag for children that has a waterproof material so that if it is used outdoors and it is rained on, it doesn’t get moldy or damaged. There should be a layer of foam in it that will ensure that the child doesn’t get hurt.

5. Gloves

They are needed to avoid swollen knuckles, and if not worn they would cause bleeding after a couple of punches. They should be light and fit well. They should be of a durable material that will not tear or rip and inside there should be a thick layer of foam which protects the knuckles when punching. A hand wrap is needed to stabilize the wrists, and if a child doesn’t wear the right hand wraps or wear them correctly, then it can lead to pain or a broken wrist.

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6. Price

The price matters and what you should consider is not a cheap ​bag, but a product that is value for your money. Check if the bag is giving you adequate benefits, and it has the features that you want. You may also consider the cost of hanging the bag and hardware expenses such as the screws, shock spring, chains, hooks, swivel and a mount.

There are several kids’ punching bags in the market so if you don’t know where to start, you may read reviews from parents who have bought bags before purchasing and you will know which is most recommended. Involve your kid and guide them in making a choice that will make them happy.

Health Benefits Punching Workouts for Kids

  • It enhances cardiovascular health because as they increase their speed and strength, the heart and lungs get stressed. Hence they are challenged to adapt so that they can support the high level of physical activity.
  • It’s a great stress reliever as the punching a bag is a way of letting their emotions out.
  • ​It improves the brain capacity and function. Hence improving on their reaction time, focus and memory.
  • ​It improves on coordination and balance such as eye-hand coordination. So it reduces the risks of falling and injuring themselves.
  • ​It builds better, stronger and faster flexes because the child is always watchful unlike when they are playing indoor games such as video games.
  • ​Improves on their health and keeps them fit because they spend a lot of time strengthening their arms and feet. This builds their overall strength, increase weight loss and build more muscles. Regular punching workouts will lower their fat percentage and work on their shape.
  • It helps children improve on their self-confidence as they learn how to protect themselves from bullies or strangers.


What about kids inflatable punching bag?

Well, if you want to buy a superb equipment for your children to work out, forget them. ​An inflatable bop bag ​is just a toy and does not provide efficient user experience. Maybe they are suitable for toddlers.

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