Best 3 Pink Punching Bags For Women (2019)

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pink punching bags for women

Girls! Boxing, kickboxing or any other martial art is the best way to keep yourself in shape and to get rid of the daily stress. But, you need a female punching bag, right? But those typical heavy bags for men are ugly. Do you want something girlish?

Here I'm going to show you three pink punching bags that function as the traditional ones but made for women.

Each of the bags below is suitable for both punching and kicking, so they are perfect for both a martial art and cardio training as well. With the help of them, you can burn fat, develop your offense and defense skills, be stronger and free your mind from the daily problems. Did you know that hitting the bag is the most effective workout to burn calories fast?

It does not matter if you have never hit the bag before, just learn the basic punches and you are ready to go. And with practice, you will learn the rest quickly.

If heavy bag workout is not new to you, then these pink bags are also a perfect choice for you since they provide a good user experience even for pros and durable.

The only thing to keep in mind before purchasing one is to check if you have enough space to use and where to hang it. It swings, and moving around it needs space, at least 6 ft.

The listed products below are manufactured by trusted brands giving warranty that their training gear functions as it should. So, you do not have to worry about tears and other problems.

Also, since these bags are made for women, they offer a more comfortable hitting surface that does not hurt your knuckles while punching, and shin while you kick it. Though, always protect your hand with gloves and hand wraps.

Now let me give you reviews of the most popular pink heavy punching bags.

Pink Punching Bag Reviews

1. Everlast CardioBlast - For Beginners & Fat Burning Workouts

If your primary purpose is to have cardio boxing or kickboxing workout with your bag, then Cardioblast is maybe the best choice for you. It has a lightweight and soft outer shell providing a soft feel while hitting it. So, you do not have to worry about knuckle and wrist pain. Also, it is 40 inches (1 meter) long, so it has enough length for high kicks.

Its weight is 40 lb (about 18 kg) which not too much, therefore it swings more than heavier bags. However, if your primary purpose is cardio, this is useful since you have to move a lot to avoid being hit by the returning bag or placing your punches and kicks. Hence, your conditioning workouts will be more intensive.


  • Comfortable and safe punching power.
  • Not too heavy, so swings forcing you to move more.
  • It has a loop at the bottom, so you can attach a weight to fix it to the floor in case you find the swinging too much.
  • It comes filled.
  • Available in pink and black colors.


  • It only comes with the straps that are sewn on the bag. So, you have to buy a few inexpensive accessories such as mounting bracket to hang it.
  • Users hitting it with barefoot or hands find it a bit too hard. (Anyway, it is not recommended to beat a heavy bag without hand protection)
  • Since it is lightweight, it does not stand huge kicks and punches. It may swing too much. That is why it is better for cardio, though.
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In case you are searching for equipment for your cardio workouts CardioBlast is a good choice for sure. But, for developing your punching and kicking power, you will need a heavier bag.

2. Everlast Women's 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit - Good Resistance For Any Martial Art

everlast women kit for boxing

​Everlast 70 lbs heavy bag kit

If you find Cardioblast too light for your martial art training, then this one is a better option for you. Since it weighs 70 lb (31 kg), it does not swing so much even if you hit it powerfully. This way you can improve your punching and kicking power.

Besides, ​this pink Everlast punching bag is a complete set meaning you will get the bag, 12-ounce pink boxing gloves, and 108-inch hand wraps. Plus, all the accessories you need for hanging. Hence, you do not have to spend time and money buying other gear individually.


  • Comes with everything you need to install and use.
  • Filled with synthetic and natural fibers to get comfortable, safe and efficient absorption.
  • The outer shell is made from high-quality synthetic leather for durability.
  • Comes with adjustable customization chain so that you can tweak the bag to your height.
  • Its weight makes it suitable for serious martial art workouts.


  • The price is higher compared to other products here.
  • A few girls find the pink punching gloves a bit big, though they protect their hands completely.
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If you are searching for a pink heavy bag that stands huge punches and boots, then get this.

3. RDX Women Filled Punching Bag - The All in One Pack

RDX ladies bag

If you are searching for an all in one set for your home boxing training, then you will love this bag. It is packed with everything you will need and even more.

For example, the set comes with two types of accessories for installation, a ceiling hook and a wall bracket as well. Also, you can find other extras like a pair of high-quality pink training gloves, speed rope, pink hand wraps and a strap in case you would like to fix it to the floor.

The bag itself is made by a unique technology called Maya Hide Leather Technology giving an incredible durable outer shell that stands even gym usage. It is filled with shredded textiles proving proper absorption and safety for your wrists and knuckles. Also, this filling does not sink to the bottom of the bag and returns its shape quickly. Thanks to the zipper on the top you can add more filling to increase it weights.

This RDX bag is about 4 ft high (120 cm) which is suitable for both kicking and punching. Its weight is about 44 lb (20 kg), so it swings enough if it is used by an average lady. Although, the extra filling can be added.


  • All in one pack that comes with everything you need to have boxing and kickboxing workouts.
  • Suitable height and weight for any martial art training.
  • Long-lasting outer which is waterproof so you can use it outdoor.
  • Duly filled for hand safety and shock absorption.
  • Comes with high-quality heavy bag gloves for even better hand protection.
  • Good value for the money.


  • I didn't find any info on the warranty.
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To conclude if you do not want to waste your time and money buying everything individually, but you need a multipurpose training bag, this product is worth to buy.

Which is the winner?

Well, each of these bags is quality, so you should pick one that suits your needs. If you need one mainly for fitness cardio training, get CardioBlast or RDX. If you are serious about martial arts such as MMA, buy the 70-pound bag from Everlast because it is heavier.


What about a free standing punching bag?

Well, there is no pink free standing boxing bag available today as far as I know. But, you can check out the best ones here that are suitable for women as well. Century Wavemaster is red.

How to hang?

It is not complicated. You just need a few tools. Here is a guide.

I have no place to hang the bag. What can I do?

You can buy a heavy bag stand that requires no installation. For these products I recommend the one from Everlast.

Is a women's punching bag good for Muay Thai?

Well, for Muay Thai you will need a longer equipment, about 5-6 ft in length to enable low kicks.

Have you got any questions? Feel free to ask below.

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