Inflatable Punching Bag for Adults | Are they Worth the Money?

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inflatable punching bag for adults

No matter what type of martial art you do, you need equipment that allows you to develop your techniques without the need of someone else. And the best option for this training is, of course, a punching bag that lets you work on your accuracy, power, and speed.

You can choose from various punch bags (heavy, speed, double-end) if you want to focus on one particular skill.

However, a lot of people are interested in the inflatable punching bag that is cheap and can be used even in small space. And for a beginner, it seems to be a good buy.

But are they good for training?

If you want to do punching bag workouts, there are a few things you should ask yourself before buying anything.

The most important question is what you are going to use it for? Do you want to improve your punch and body power? Want to perform cardio workouts to burn fat? Or want to improve your punch speed and accuracy? Are you a big heavy guy or a small lady? These are all important things to know.

For example, if you want hard training with big punches, a free standing inflatable punch bag will be good for nothing since it provides no resistance. But, if you just need equipment to make you cardio workouts a bit more fun, then it is maybe an option for you.

Inflatable Punching Bags Benefits

While an inflatable punch bag absolutely worthless for strength training because it is so lightweight, this feature what makes it a suitable option for developing your accuracy and speed. Since it moves away and rebound quickly, it is a constantly moving target that is hard to hit. Hence, you can develop your accuracy, speed and sharpen your reflexes.

And since you have to move here and there quickly to land a punch, it is also not bad for a cardiovascular workout.

But, if you ask me, an inflatable bag will never be as good as a double end bag or a speed bag for improving these skills.

Another advantage that we should mention is the price. This equipment is much cheaper than a ceiling mounted heavy bag or a freestanding punching bag. And we should not forget the fact that they need no installation at all. You just pump it up, and you are ready to use.


The biggest problem with these types of bags is that they are made of weak materials, and they quickly burst after a big punch or kick. They only stand weak punches that are otherwise used while training for accuracy and speed. So, if you want to enhance your power techniques, forget it, and get a heavy bag instead. It will burst sooner or later for sure.

On the other hand, an inflatable bop bag can be useful for kids to practice kicks and punches. And to force them to move more funnily.

Another problem that usually occurs is that there are bags that come with a water-filled base that can leak. So, do not use them in a carpeted room.

Any Products That are Worth to Buy?

Well, the only bag that is worth to mention is the Everlast inflatable punching bag that may worth to check out. Although, the reviews are not the best and the price is much too high.

Everlast Cardio Strike Bag Kit
7 Reviews
Everlast Cardio Strike Bag Kit
The Everflex Cardio Strike Bag Kit includes an intense 20 minute calorie burning workout DVD, Neoprene punching gloves and a foot pump for easy inflation.

Another product, that has the most reviews.

Pure Fitness Boxing MMA Target Bag
381 Reviews
Pure Fitness Boxing MMA Target Bag
Targets placed at strategic spots enable kids to practice various martial arts movements with accuracy


As you see, my opinion about inflatable punching bags are not good at all. They are not the best option for adults even if they want to improve their speed and accuracy. For that purpose a double end bag, you know a ball that is attached to the ceiling and floor with rubber bands, is much more suitable. Or a speed bag that hangs from a platform and should be punched quickly. So, do not spend your money on these products.

But for kids it might be a good option to taking their first steps into the martial arts, burn some calories and release stress. My kids have one and they love it. They it it almost every day. I’m happy because they have a good cardio training.

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