How to Make a Double End Bag for Home

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How to make a double end bag
How to make a floor to ceiling ball

Have no money to buy a boxing DE bag for home? Are you a pro who needs a minimal target to hit? Well, the following DIY double end bag video will help you to make one from 5 bucks. And, you do not need anything special or being a techie guy.

Watch the video.


Is this for total beginners? Well, you can try to use it, but I think it is better to get a standard double end striking bag first since the target is more prominent. So, you can get used to this type of training. You can check out the best ones here.

So what do you need?

  • Tennis ball
  • Rubber bands with hooks
  • Wire Nail Hooks
  • Anchors
  • Drill machine

The only hardness of putting together a such a homemade double end bag is drilling if you have concrete floor and ceiling. You will need a particular drill bit for that. If you do not have, ask for help in the store.

Be careful with the drilling! If you make the hole too wide, the dowels come out.

Small double end bag installation

The ideal height for a sharpshooter ball is a bit under the level of your chin. If you can buy adjustable bungee cords, then it is easy to set the level. Otherwise, you will have to play with the cords a little bit.

Do not tighten the bands too much neither make them too loose. If they are too tight, then the ball bounces too fast making it an impossible target to hit. If they are too loose, even if you hit it lightly, the ball flies away.

So, try to find the optimal bouncing for you.

Tips to use it effectively

Keep in in mind that a DE bag is more like a speed bag, so you do not have to hit it with power. Instead, it is a tool to improve your speed, hand-eye coordination, reaction, timing, concentration, and accuracy. And such a small target, like a tennis ball, requires a lot of practice. But, you can improve all the mentioned skills effectively. It is a great way to practice if you have no sparring partner.

Do not overcomplicate your tennis ball double end bag training, just have easy combos or simple punches (jabs, crosses). I usually have combos like 1-1, 1-1-1, 1-2, 1-2-1. If you are higher level at boxing, you may want to include uppercuts as well.

Also, this boxing equipment is excellent to improve your footwork and head moves.

Do not plant your feet in one place. Move the ball around to find the optimal position to throw a punch or to avoid being hit. Take up the rhythm of the ball and “dance.”

By making the bands a bit looser, the bouncing of the ball will be lengthier so you can practice the head moves which is a vital defense technique.

You can find more useful advice here.

I usually have 3-4 rounds before my heavy bag training, but that depends on you.

The double end bag drills will help you to get better results with the heavy punching bag as well. It teaches you to move around and “use” your head. People tend to plant behind the heavy bag, but the slip bag helps to get rid of this lousy innervation.

What about using boxing gloves? I use them since that is how we fight in the ring, so I force myself to get used to it. However, you do not need serious hand protection for this training.

To sum up

Even if a sharpshooter double end ball is cheap homemade boxing equipment, it is a beneficial tool to improve various skills at once. If you do not do any martial art, it is also a great cardio workout which is much more enjoyable than running or doing burpees.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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