Is It a Good Idea to Hit the Heavy Bag Without Gloves?

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hitting heavy bag without gloves

If you like watching fighting moves, I’m sure you have seen scenes in which the “fighter” hit the heavy bag without gloves. It looks cool, and people who have never hit the bag think that is the way it is. But, it is not true at all.

I know, it is tempting to hit the heavy bag without gloves to prove ourselves how tough we are, but it does more harm than good.

The reason is simple. The heavy bag is far more durable and harder than you. If you hit it without protection it will bruise your knuckles, tear your skin and even worse damage the joints and bones of your hands. And that leads to long weeks of recovery when you will not be able to hit the bag at all.

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Also, hitting the bag with bare hands have an adverse impact on practicing the techniques. If you have wraps and gloves on, you do not have to care about injuries and pain. You can focus on improving your skills.

From these facts, we can get to the conclusion that hitting the bag without wraps and gloves is bad.

However, very rarely you can put off those gloves and try it feels to hit someone in real combat. But you must be careful and wise.

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Here are a few tips.

  • Never hit the bag with full power! Just throw really light punches that just snap the surface of the heavy bag. A big punch can quickly result in a broken hand.
  • If you throw hooks or overhand rights, your fist moves on the surface of the punching bag which is certainly harder than your skin. So, be careful because these punches without gloves can result in painful scratches and burns on your knuckles.
  • Finally, about the fist. When the gloves are on, we do not usually make a solid fist since it does not allow to throw powerful punches. But if you hands are naked you must make rock-solid fists. This way you will not be able to throw such powerful and fast punches, and the landing angle will be a bit safer.
  • Another thing you can try for a better protection is to hit the bag from a closed position. This way, you cannot throw heavy punches because of the close distance.
  • Finally, you can remove some filling from your bag if it is too hard or use a bag that has a foam surface.

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After reading these tips you may want to hit the bag without gloves more times, but do not do it. 99% you must wear gloves and wrap your hands carefully during your training. You must protect your hands from short and long lasting damages.

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