Hanging Vs Free Standing Heavy Bag | What’s Difference?

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free standing vs hanging heavy bag
Standalone & hanging punching bag comparison

A few years ago when I decided to buy a heavy bag, I was hesitating for long between the hanging and free standing heavy bag. After checking out a lot of discussions and the suggestions of experts, I bought my hanging bag, and I could not be more happy with it (though, the installation was a pain in the butt for me.)

If you are in the same situation now, I would like to help you to decide. Here I’m going to show you the pros and cons of both.

About hanging punching bag

If you want to be serious with any martial art, there is no training with a hanging bag. It is the best equipment to boost your punching power, develop your offensive and defensive techniques. Also, it is suitable for cardio workouts.

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1. Swinging – Forcing you to move, practice footwork and other boxing techniques

While swinging seems to be a problem for a beginner, it is one of the main reasons why this type is so practical. Just think about it. If you fight with an opponent, does he stay at the same place? Of course, not.

When the bag swings, you have to coordinate your body to throw a punch (range), and that develops your offensive skills.

Also, when the it comes towards you, it is an excellent possibility to practice your defense skills such as stepping away, blocking, etc.

Hence, if you cannot spare with someone, it is the most suitable to get a “real” combat situation.

working out


2. Heavy weight giving resistance

If you want to boost your punching or kicking power, you should hit a target that has weight behind it. The problem with free-standing equipment is that the bag itself is not heavy, just its basement.

So, if you want to improve your punch, kick and body power, use a hanging heavy punching bag. It will never fall over even if you hit it with enormous power.


  • It needs space to use. If you live in an apartment or you are lack of space, it is not the best option. It needs space to swing.
  • Installation is not easy unless you are familiar with drilling, etc. (I’m not. I spent a day with it). Also, you need a massive base where you can hang it.
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Here is a useful video from which you can learn how to buy hanging boxing bag.


About stationary punching bag

A lot of people who want to work out at home prefer free static heavy bags since they are out of the box. But, if you need one for serious training that stands everything, you have to dig deep into your pocket.

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  • No installation required. You just need to feel the basement with sand or water.
  • Most of the equipment is stuffed with high-density foam inside, so their surface is not so firm. Hence, it is more comfortable to your knuckles or legs when you kick it. That is useful if you want to use it only for cardio boxing or kickboxing workouts.
  • It is suitable for practicing low kicks for example for Muay Thai.
  • It is easy to store since after usage you can put it into the corner of the room for example.
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Floor mounted boxing bag


  • The equipment itself is light, so it has limits in case of developing punching and kicking power.
  • Under intensive usage, it may break, especially models that come with an adjustable “neck.”
  • Since it stays in a static position, it does not provide as many possibilities as hanging ones for developing offensive and defensive skills.
  • Lighter products may fall over if being hit by a stronger blow or kick.
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Which one is for you?

If you are lack of space or have nowhere to install a hanging bag, a freestanding bag is better than nothing. Also, it is suitable for you, if you want to use it for cardio training or “light” training.

If you have space, just get a hanging heavy punching bag because it is more versatile and durable. Also, it the best equipment to develop martial art skills at home. You can also have a heavy bag stand which substitute ceiling mount.

Have you got any questions about standing punching bag vs hanging? Feel free to ask below.

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