Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

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Everlast Omniflex

Product Name: Everlast Omniflex

Product Description: In my opinion, the best freestanding punching bag on the market is Ringside Elite made for professionals, but it is rather expensive and big. So, I was searching for a more affordable and smaller alternative, and that is how I found Everlast Omniflex.

While it is not as professional as Ringside, it provides a rather good user experience and perfect for someone who wants to have a light punching bag workout at home. I particularly recommend it for women or youths. However, it is not for big punches and kicks because it will not last for long.

  • Durability - 70%
  • User Experience - 80%
  • Price - 90%


  • Adjustable
  • Good rebound
  • Comfortable punching surface
  • Compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for both punching and kicking
  • Affordable price


  • Makes some noise when punched
  • Not easy to fill with sand
  • It cannot stand extreme usage in the long run. (huge punches and kicks). The neck will bend or break.

Beneficial Features of Everlast Omniflex

Functions for Adjustments

This is an adjustable freestanding heavy bag with a maximum high of 67 inches. Thanks to the adjustability it can be set to your height quickly.

Also, by setting to lower positions, it can be used for practicing regular and low kicks as well as knee strikes for MMA and Muay Thai.

However, people taller than average may find the maximum height a bit low.

Stable Basement

Omniflex comes with a plastic base that should be filled with water or sand to keep the bag in its place. Most people fill it with water, and they do not complain about leaking. The sand is a better option since it is heavier, but filling the base with sand is not easy since the whole on the basement is rather small.

I think, the best option we fill it both water and sand because that way the base will really heavy making the freestanding bag extremely stable. Hence, it will stand more powerful kicks and punches even at the highest level.

The entire filled equipment is about 130 lbs, so not so heavy to move it around. The diameter of the base is about 35 inches.

Everlast Omniflex

Great swing thanks to the flexible neck

Everlast Omniflex punching bag comes with a flexible neck joint between the bag and the base. That is the feature that makes the equipment bounce back to its place after hitting it and absorbs the impacts.

The maximum angle that this flexible neck joint allows the equipment to move is 30-degree, and it quickly moves the bag to its vertical place.

It has a very dynamic movement that provides a lot of possibilities to practice various boxing skills. For example, you can practice your head movement and single or two handed covers to protect your head from the bag coming back. Also, because the body of the bag is not long, you can place uppercuts on it. It is may be a good alternative for double end bags.

Watch this sample Everlast Omniflex workout

lonsdale freestanding punch bag


But, this function is maybe the weakest point of Everlast Omniflex.

Average users with no martial art background or customers who cannot hit it with tremendous power do not complain about breaking. They have been using for many years.

However, pros who can kick and hit it with huge power, claim that this freestanding bag is not strong enough, and it breaks sooner or later particularly at the highest setting. If you are among them, I recommend Ringside Elite for you instead.

Materials of used

It comes with a high-grade shock absorbing foam striking surface.

Thanks to this feature, when you hit Omniflex, you do not feel the pressure in your knuckles, wrist and other joints that are engaged in the move. So, it provides a more comfortable and safe training compared to tradition hanging heavy punching bags.

The outer shell is made from a Nevatear material (synthetic leather) that is durable and tear resistant.

The Bad

Not for practicing power hits

Because of the flexible neck and the lightweight body, you cannot practice big punches or kick, because it will fly away. If you want to develop your punching and kicking power, you should get a heavier bag without such a flexible neck. Also, if you hit Omniflex punching bag powerfully, the neck will breaks sooner or latter.

Use it as if it was a double end bag. So, throw light punches on it and move. This way, you can practice your defense and offense skills, but that training is also a great cardio workout.

Hard to fill the basement with sand

Hole on the basement is not so big, so if you want to fill it with sand, you must be patient. Anyway, for the best stability I suggest to use both sand and water to get maximum weight.


How much water is required to fill the base?

About 13-14 gallons.

Can take of the neck and hung it up?

No. There are no straps.

Is it suitable for teens?

Yes. It is perfect equipment for them to practice boxing and kicking without getting injuries.

What is the diameter of the base?

About about 33 inches

Is it for you?

In case you are searching for equipment to practice punching and kicking also your defense skills, Everlast Omniflex is a bag that you should check out. It has a good size and price is OK as well. It is also a great option for women who need an efficient cardio fitness equipment since it is comfortable to hit. But, it is definitely not for professionals or for developing punch power.

For more about Everlast Omniflex Freestanding heavy bag, check out customer reviews on Amazon
141 Reviews
For more about Everlast Omniflex Freestanding heavy bag, check out customer reviews on Amazon
  • Height: 59″ at lowest setting, 67″ at highest setting
  • Weight: about 130 lbs when filled (but that depends on the filling).

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  1. I want to buy a bag for my 13-years old son to burn some fat at home. Is this bag suitable for him?

  2. I need bag for fitness purposes, you know to have some cardio at home. Will this bag do for a girl?

    • Sure! It is not as hard as a typical heavy bag so it won’t hurt your knuckles. Plus since it rebounds quickly it forces you to move a lot around it.

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