Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag Review

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Everlast Omni Strike MMA heavy bag

Punching bags are usually used for training most physical activities that involve boxing, punching, and kicking. If you are interested in practicing your martial arts, karate or even a little bit of kickboxing, a heavy bag is an ideal accessory to have in your house for regular practice at your own convenience.

Buying a punching bag can be quite the confusing task. Begin by taking into consideration the size of it, the dimensions, the quality of the material it is made of and the weight of it all before going out to buy one. Once you have identified all these requirements, you can choose to either go online or walk into a store and get yourself the appropriate punching bag for your training.


Everlast MMA Omnistrike heavy bag overview

The Everlast Omni Strike heavy 80-pound bag, as the name suggests, weighs about 80 pounds generally. It can be hung from the ceiling using chains or nylon straps and is made of heavy duty synthetic leather which ensures long lasting durability and makes it completely functional.

This 90-dollar purchase has been designed with MMA fighters in mind. For most bags, the sand mixed in with the other fibers in them tends to sink to the lower end due to regular use and this could easily result in injuries.

The Omni Strike heavy bag, however, is designed with a C3 foam wrapped bottom panel that is ideal for users training on low kicks and ground and pound. It also has knee strike handles on either side of it which can be held on to during kneeing which simulates the Muay Thai clinch training. This functionality makes it suitable for any martial art.

Watch the video how the professional MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones uses it.



Everlast MMA4788 80lb OmniStrike Heavy Bag, Black, 80-Pounds
166 Reviews
Everlast MMA4788 80lb OmniStrike Heavy Bag, Black, 80-Pounds
This Everlast punching bag highly reviewed and rated online by numerous home users and is very durable and aptly functional in its overall use.



Here are some of the features that differentiate Everlast MMA striking bag from other numerous products.

1. Durable Material

It is made of highly durable synthetic leather and is extremely useful for MMA fighters who are in need of heavy punching bags for their training. The bottom part is made of C3 foam that is wrapped around it. This is for users who strike low kicks and for the ground and pound. It is filled with a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers and is typically available in a color combination of red and black. The red portion is the lower bit with the C3 foam wrapping, and the black portion is the upper bit of it.

2. How To Fix It

It can be hung from the ceiling using highly durable chains or nylon straps provided with it. A swivel hook is also provided and hangs about 17 inches in length. It weighs 70 pounds and is approximately 36 inches in length.

3. Knee Strike Handles

It also has two handles on either side of it which can be grabbed for kneeing. This simulates the Muay Thai clinch type of training. And, thanks to this feature, you can even use it for a ground and pound bag workout to practice MMA.

4. Warranty

The Everlast Omni Strike heavy bag comes with a 120-day warranty. This ensures that any damages incurred from the purchase date can easily be fixed by the manufacturer or replaced if need to be. The warranty, however, does not cover scenarios of neglect, misuse or abuse by sharp objects.

5. Heavy Bag with Handles For Wrestling Practice

For MMA fighting type of training, this equipment is ideal since it is quite dynamic in its use. It is not too heavy neither is it very large in size meaning it can readily be used for practicing wrestling drills. One such drill involves picking up the 80-pound bag and carrying it over a distance. The C3 foam on the Omni Strike also acts as an excellent target for ground and pound practice when on the floor.

everlast omnistrike stand
You can buy the special Everlast Omnistrike stand as well.



  • The Omni Strike designed with MMA fighters in mind can serve two purposes; it can be used for kicking and kneeing. The red colored, C3 foam wrapping on the lower end of the heavy pad is designed for this purpose to prevent any injuries that occur when practicing these moves. In other equipment, the sand filling tends to go to the lower end and could cause bodily harm.
  • The handles on either side of the bag are useful for grabbing onto and practicing the kneeing maneuver. This simulates the Thai clinch.
  • It is convenient in size. This makes it perfect for practicing wrestling drills. Fighters could pick it up and carry it over given distances. You can also practice the ground and pound move when using it by putting it on the floor.



  • The C3 foam wrap only exists at the bottom which means this product is not particularly sufficient for those looking to practice their kneeing.
  • The main strike area is subject to becoming soft after long periods of use. This can be temporarily fixed by hanging the bag in the opposite direction allowing the material to redistribute within it. This, however, is not a permanent solution to the problem that could arise.
  • Hanging it in areas where exposure to the sun is high, could easily cause the material to wear out faster. The faux leather covering and straps are susceptible to wear and tear. It is therefore highly recommended hanging indoors to avoid this.



If you are a martial arts fighter or would like to work on your combat skills that involve a lot of kicking and punching, this is a wise investment decision. It is readily affordable, not too heavy or huge in size thus very convenient and has a 3-month warranty which assures that any damages will immediately be fixed by the manufacturer unless they were intentionally caused by the user. Everlast Omni Strike serves multiple purposes and is perfect for home use due to its dynamic uses.



  • Durability - 75%
  • User Experience - 90%
  • Price - 95%
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