Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag Review | Is It a Good Buy?

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Everlast c3 foam heavy bag

The Everlast C3 heavy bag provides a good user experience thanks to its weight, size and the contoured closed cell technology (C3). It is a versatile piece of equipment that is suitable for those who need a bag for boxing or kickboxing workouts. Thanks to its unique surface and filling it gives resilient shock absorption for more efficient and safe training. It is an excellent choice for even pro users. Considering its price and features, it is a good value heavy punching bag for home with a few minor issues.


  • Extra padded punching bag foam shell outside bag for better user experience.
  • Heavy enough to place powerful punches and kicks on it.
  • Durable materials.
  • Good value for the money


  • After a time the filling sinks to the bottom.
  • Some people find the hitting surface hard.
  • The straps are not adjustable.

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What are the best features?

It is an Everlast 100 lb punching bag

This bag is heavy, so when you punch or kick it, it does not “fly” away. Hence, it is suitable to develop your punching power as well as for those who can already hit with significant power.

Special Filling

Firstly, this bag comes already filled, so you do not have to care about that.

Besides, Everlast uses a unique mixture for filling it that includes synthetic and natural fiber mixed with sand. This way, the bag is not too soft and not too hard and provides proper shock absorption. Plus, that mixture does not sink to the bottom of the bag too fast.

Increased Force Dispersion & Cushioning with C3

Thanks to this foam technology the surface of the bag is more cushioned providing a more comfortable hitting area since the force disperse better. Also, C3 takes away the moisture from your gloves, so they will not get damp during your training. These features are beneficial for someone who wants to have serious heavy bag workouts.

Durable Shell and Straps

The outer shell is made from polycanvas which is a very durable material. You do not have to be afraid of tearing even if it is under heavy usage.

The straps are also made of heavy-duty nylon. That is maybe better than chains because the bag does not make so much noise while you hit it.

Check out how this guy test the durability. ๐Ÿ™‚


The problems

If you check out the Everlast C3 foam heavy bag reviews on Amazon here, you can see that most of the users are satisfied with this bag. However, there are few minor problems that can be solved simply.

After lengthy usage the filling sinks

This is a typical problem with most of the heavy bags, but it can be quickly remedied by taking off the bag and rearrange the filling by turning it upside down. On the other hand, the Everlast C3 bag has far less complains about sinking than other products thanks to the foam cover outside that gives extra support for the filling.

The hitting surface is too hard for someone

While it comes with a foam blanket around the body of the bag, some users find it a bit hard to their knuckles. (While others like it for this feature.) Do not forget that Everlast C3 foam heavy punch bag weighs 100 pounds, so you need to protect your hands with wraps and gloves to avoid injuries and to enjoy good training experience.

The nylon straps are not adjustable

This is a problem if you want to hang it to a low ceiling. The straps are about 16 inches long, and the bag itself is about 4 feet tall. So, the whole equipment is about 65 inches long. Keep this in mind when you buy it. Check the high of your ceiling to have enough space to install the bag at the right level.


Is the heavy bag foam wrap removable?

No. You cannot get it off.

Can I use it outdoor?

Well, the poly canvas is a durable material, it is not recommended to use this bag outdoor. The moisture goes into the filling and the foam, and that inevitably shortens the life of it.

Does it come with all the hardware that I need to hang it up?

Just the straps. You will need ceiling mount (the best is if you buy a swivel one) or a stand. It works fine with the Everlast heavy bag stand, so you do not have to care about installation.

Can I anchor it to the floor?

Yes, it comes with hooks at the bottom.


Considering the price, features, customer reviews and user experience the Everlast C3 punching bag is a good buy. It is versatile and durable serving the needs of those who want equipment for at home heavy bag workouts or any martial arts. It has a few minor problems, but those can be solved effortlessly.


  • Durability - 90%
  • User Experience - 90%
  • Price - 90%


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