+20 Double End Bag Tricks to Boost Your Skills

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double end bag tricks

The double end bag, even if it is simple equipment, it is an extremely useful tool to develop your boxing skills.

It improves your hand speed, accuracy, reflexes, timing, etc. Everything that a fighter needs in the ring. I think it is the best equipment to substitute a sparring partner since it behaves unforeseeable. You never know where it goes, so you must focus all the time.

Typically, we use the double end speed bag for practicing punches with head movements, footwork, etc.

But, what it if I tell you that it provides far more possibilities than that to practice for any types of martial art?

The following video made by FightTips will show you how. Within this exciting and very creative tutorial, you will learn 25 ways to use the floor to ceiling ball.

It is also good to see the perfect balance and technique of Shane, the creator of the video. He’s been in martial art for 20 years, so do not be down if you cannot do perform the drills like he.


What a great compilation double end bag tricks, isn’t it?

Boxing punches, combos, head movements, high and low kicks, catches, knees, elbows, and many other excellent drills are packed in this video. All types of skills and techniques that a fighter needs in the ring. Particularly, in MMA.

I do boxing at home, so I focused on those drills. I loved the post/frame/measure, shoulder roll, “speed bag” practice, gazelle punch and the catch and throw practice and chain punches.

I tried them, and I was a bit disappointed since most of them did not go as I had expected. These drills seem to be not so complicated, but the bag is so unpredictable, and they require a lot of practice and dedication.

However, that is why it is such a powerful way to develop your techniques and skills since it acts like a real opponent.

Without a doubt, these tricks are fantastic! And I’m going to practice them for sure!

What do you think about these tricks? Have you tried them? Tell us how your training went on!

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