Doorway Punching Bag Guide | Have Boxing Workout at Your Apartment

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If you have no space at home to hang a heavy bag or use a stand, a doorway punching bag is an excellent alternative. Obviously, it will not provide such a good training experience, but still better than nothing.

This type of equipment is particularly beneficial for beginners who just want to practice the basic punches and have a light boxing at home. And, for those who want to use the bag for cardio workouts.

The fact is that there are not so many products we can choose from. Here is the short reviews of the best two.


Best Doorway Punching Bag Reviews

1. Quiet Punch Review

doorway punching bag
Apartment friendly punching bag

This doorway frame punching bag is not really a bag but a mat instead that you can quickly fix to the door frame. It is compatible with 28″ – 36″ doorways. The installation is quick and easy. You set the two bars between the frame, then install the pad with 4 hooks. Uninstalling takes just a minute, too. This way Quit Punch is portable punching equipment.

Obviously, the pad is much lighter than a heavy bag, but the user experience is pretty good thanks to the used materials. The system is more suitable for lighter punches, but it can stand huge blows as well. Also, the pad is not too hard, so you can hit it with bare hands.

A nice benefit of Quiet Punch Bag is that it is not as noisy as f you were using a large heavy bag. It has some noise the flexible straps, and the filling of the pad reduce the noise. Hence, it will not disturb the neighbors.

This quiet punching bag is particularly useful to improve your speed and have cardio. You can also throw any types of punches on it. Although, uppercuts and crosses require some practice, I think.

If I lived in a flat, I would get one for sure. Ok, it is not as good as a real heavy bag, but a great home boxing equipment to practice.


2. Gorilla Gym Heavy Bag Stand

door heavy bag stand
Hang punch bag from pull up bar

The Gorilla doorframe pull up bar is one of the highest quality equipment of this kind. Even if it is lightweight and portable, the maximum capacity is 300 lbs which is far enough for most of the people. It is suitable for doing the most beneficial bodyweight exercises like pull ups, chin ups, leg and knee raises. And the installation is a piece of cake. You do not need any bolts or screws at all. The system fits most standard doorways that are 24″-36″ wide with regular trim.

This version comes with an additional attachment the “fight station”. You can quickly add that boxing stand attachment to the Gorilla Gym core unit, and it lets you to hang a maximum 120 lbs heavy bag. That size is enough even for a strong guy.

And when you do not need it you can quickly uninstall it.

Keep in mind that you need to buy the home boxing bag separately.

Buying tips: You can find the reviews of the best heavy bags here.

If you have no space for a hanging or a freestanding heavy bag, this equipment is a great alternative to have heavy bag workouts at home. But, it is not as noiseless as the previous tool.



If you have no space at home that does not mean you have to neglect your boxing workout. Just get one of the doorway punching bag equipment above. Which is better? Well, I prefer the traditional “long” bags instead of the pad type, so I would put my vote on Gorilla. But, the Quite Punch is a great equipment as well for training.

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