What are the best cardio machines for boxers?

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Ever wonder about cardio machines for boxing? Your body needs a lot of endurance to endure the physical exertion and strain that come with training for a fight. Cardio is the key to boxing, so you want to get in as great shape as possible. The best cardio equipment for boxing helps improve your endurance while also aiding in weight loss and increasing strength.

Here is my cardio workout machine list for boxers for effective aerobic exercises.

1. Treadmill for boxing – Convenient and effective running

Many people think using a treadmill isn’t as effective as jogging or running outside, but it has its own wide array of benefits.

  • Treadmills are equipped with a special running area that absorbs the impact. That means running on the treadmill puts less stress on joints.
  • Also, treadmills come with different inbuilt programs, or we can create customized training. This way, we can have a workout driven by a “machine” coach.
  • Modern treadmills are equipped with an incline belt. That means we can have a running workout as if we were running up a hill. That’s a great addition to cardio boxing workouts.
  • Finally, we can run whenever we want no matter what’s the weather like outdoor.

Running is a huge part of a boxer’s workout since it builds endurance and increases overall work capacity. But, it’s also an excellent way for fighters to burn fat without even stepping into the boxing ring. There are countless ways to run, such as interval training, sprinting, or run at a steady pace.

No matter what type of running you want to do for boxing, you can do it with the help of the treadmill. I think the best cardio machine for boxing is the treadmill.

Here is a sample routine

2. Rowing machine – The cardio and strength combination

Rowing is a great full-body workout. Unlike other exercises, which tend to isolate one area, rowing centers on your core and shifts your focus to using your whole body to generate power. While your arms, legs, and shoulders are all working to propel the rowing machine, you’re also engaging your back and even your abdominal muscles. It’s a combination of strength and cardio training.

Typically, water, wind, and magnetic rowers come with adjustable resistance. That function helps to have custom workout plans.

The rower is valuable boxing training equipment for those who have knee joints problems or want to mix up their routine. Rowing for boxing is something you should consider.

3. Stationary bike – If you like paddling

While working out at home, using a stationary bike is a great way to burn calories; it is also easy to get bored. You can vary your pedaling intensity or use your bike for interval training to spice up your routine. The exercise bike works your glutes, leg, and even your abdominal muscles.

If you want to do cardio training for boxing with a stationary bike, you should use a flywheel machine. A flywheel exercise bike uses a large wheel that spins freely on an axle to simulate a ride on the road. The exercise bike’s flywheel will provide a smooth, fluid experience that replicates the feeling of cycling outdoors.

4. Jump rope – The boxer’s best friend

As you may already know, jumping rope has many benefits for boxing. If you are already a boxer, jump rope is something that you should be doing regularly. Jump rope is a great way to stay in top boxing shape. Skipping is an excellent exercise for all-around fitness. Jump rope is a perfect workout for losing weight, increasing stamina, and increasing agility.

It is one of the most inexpensive and compact boxing equipment that can be used for training.

5. Stair climber machine – Effective but expensive

The stair climber is a type of cardio machine that uses a ‘step’ motion to simulate climbing stairs. It is a workout machine that primarily targets the leg muscles. It is commonly found in the cardio section of gyms.

If you have ever climbed stairs for a longer time, you know how tiring it is. Now, that’s what this machine imitates. We can change the resistance and the speed so we can customize the intensity of the workout.

The only downside is that that the stair climbers are the most expensive among the home gym machines.

6. Vertical climbers – Mountain climbing for stamina

A vertical climber (versaclimber) simulates mountain climbing, and athletes use it to improve strength, endurance, and performance. Compared to the previous stair climber, it engages both the lower and upper body. That makes it superior to boxing cardio equipment.

If you are just starting with a vertical climber, you might feel uncomfortable with the machine, as it is very different from the devices you are probably used to. One of the biggest mistakes people make is pushing the handlebars up and down too much. In reality, the vertical climber is designed to work your whole body, not just your arms! Using all your muscles at once will give you the best results from your vertical climber.

Common questions

What is the best cardio for boxing?

Boxing is a physical and mental discipline. Therefore it is essential to maintain good physical condition. The best cardio for boxing is running. Aside from making you faster and stronger, it is also the best way to improve stamina. Other considerations are swimming, skipping, or using one of the machines above. In general, you have to keep your heart rate high, so you have to push yourself no matter what you do.

What cardio machine burns the most fat?

While it depends on how hard you work, the short answer is that you burn more fat doing an elliptical workout compared to a treadmill or bicycle workout, according to menshealth.com. That means about 13 calories per minute.

To sum up

The best boxing cardio machine varies according to who you ask. Some trainers will recommend running on a treadmill, while others will say that a stationary bike is better. Still, others may tell you to hop on a rowing machine because that will improve your balance and flexibility. While different machines do offer advantages to certain people, the truth is that a combination of using various equipment is the best. Doing some steady running, followed by some high-intensity sprints, followed by a little bit of cycling, will give you the best cardio workout possible.


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