Boxing Workouts for Women For Amazing Body

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boxing workout for women

Do you want to burn fat and boost your endurance, but you are fed up with the typical boring cardio workouts? Want to train your body more enjoyably and learn some new skills? Then, boxing workouts for women is a type of training you should give a shot.

Boxing is a sort of sport that has proven to be among the most effective activity to get rid of body fat, build functional strength, and boost endurance. Plus, it is a versatile activity that requires practice, so you will never get bored with it since there is always something new you need to learn.

Also, besides the mentioned benefits of boxing for women, it is particularly beneficial since you can improve your defensive skills as well.

Boxing for Beginners Advice

If you have not done this type of training before, you should learn the basics, and it is not bad if you are a familiar with a few types of boxing exercises.

If you are a total beginner, who has never done the mentioned activities, you may think it will need a lot of effort to learn these basics, but do not worry they are not as complicated as they seem. You may go to a gym to learn the basics, but you can find tons of tutorials online as well.

Just practice! From my experience, the better I became, the more I wanted to know about about this training.

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What boxing equipment you need?

Well, that depends on the workout routine. But, you can have an excellent boxing training workout to lose weight at home without any equipment at all. Yes, you do not need gloves or a punching bag if you do shadow boxing drills or any boxercise type training, you can still burn fat and enjoys the physical benefits.

On the other hand, if you have a heavy bag and a pair of gloves, you can have a workout that may you have never experienced before. You will maximize the fat burning and physical development effects since the bag adds an extra resistance to each of your punches.

And if you do not like the manly look of the bag, you can get a pink punching bag that may suits you better. Or, if you have no place to hang a bag, you can get a freestanding punching bag that you can quickly move around in case you would like to work out.

Now let’s see a few female boxing routines for weight loss at various levels with and without equipment.


1. 15-Minute Women’s Boxing Cardio Workout for Quick Burn (no punching bag)

This is a rather quick boxing circuit for a full body training. It includes 4 × 3-minute rounds with 1-minute rest between. Hence, it is intensive, but that is why it is so powerful.

You will have to do jump rope, shadow boxing, alt. straight knees, dumbbell cherry pickers, and flurries. Each exercise must be done one after another without rest.

2. Heavy Bag Boxing Workout For Women (+ Advice from Coach)

This is an excellent heavy bag cardio workout with full of tips on how to use the heavy punching bag to get the best results. It is made by not a fitness trainer, but a real boxing coach.

From this video, you will learn not only how to hit the bag the right way, but also other exercises that fighters do such as box jumps or ones with a medicine ball to improve their physique.

3. Tabata Style Training

boxing techniques for weight loss
Boxing workout at home| Credit:

If you want to practice your punches, this is the high intensity plan you should try. You need to throw the punches (jabs, hooks, uppercuts) for 20 seconds followed by jump rope, speed bag, jumping jacks or fast feet without rest. You can make the circle 2-5 times depending on your level of fitness.

4. At Home Cardio Kickboxing Workout Routine

at home kickboxing workout routine
Boxing training drills | Credit:

This routine is very similar to the previous one but maybe a bit more difficult since roundhouse kicks, and active rest should be done for 45 seconds.

5. Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners & Intermediate

And finally, another punching bag workout for women with a lot of useful tips. You will learn not just how to place the various punches on the bag, but also how to kick it and other powerful exercises.

To sum up: I think after checking out the fitness boxing workouts for women above, you want to start this type of conditioning. Boxing as exercise for women for weight loss works perfectly, but it has many other benefits as well.

However, before you start beating the bag, let me warn you. Always, warm up before and wrap your hands and use gloves. It is a common mistake of the beginners. Without protecting your hands, you can hurt your wrist, knuckles, and joints quickly. Here is a quick guide how to wrap your hands.

So go ahead and start boxing at home or in the gym to build the upper body you are going to be proud of.



Other boxing training at home for women?

Well, to support your female boxing training program, you need to develop your endurance, strength, and cardio. For strength training, I recommend you doing bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squads, etc. But, if you have a pair of dumbbells, you can use them for getting stronger as well.

For cardio, running is the most obvious way, but if you do not like it, then you can use the jump rope instead. The skipping rope training boosts not only your cardiovascular system but also helps to develop your skills such as footwork.

If you combine all of these workouts, you will have a complete fitness routine for every purpose.

Is shadow boxing for weight loss enough?

Sure! While it seems to be an “easy” activity, it is a full body training. Just keep the intensity, the proper form of the punches and do not forget about the footwork. Try to have 3-minute rounds with 1-minute rest between.


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  1. Thank you very much for these workouts. I enjoy them far more than typical cardio, although I need some time to learn the basics. They work my entire body and I feel the burn. I don’t have a bag yet, but I plan to get one.

    • I’m happy that you like boxing. Keep going on, and as you get better, you’ll enjoy it even more.

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