21 Boxing Posters to Motivate Your Training

Boxing posters are an essential addition to a gym, and they come in many various forms: motivational quotes, pro/amateur matches, and fitness challenges.

No gym wall is complete without posters of champions. From Muhammad Ali to Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather to George Foreman, there is a common theme. Motivation mixed with athletic talent. These posters have the power to boost boxers resolve and inspire them to become champions.

Go check out some of these motivational boxing posters here.

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1. George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

Boxing is a very exciting sport, especially when the action is between two legends of the sport such as George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.

2. Nino Valdes vs. Rocky Marciano Vintage Poster

Here are two heavyweight legends squaring off in the middle of this amazing vintage advertisement poster. This vintage boxing poster is sure to be a collector’s piece as both Nino Valdes and Rocky Marciano were well-known heavyweights in their era.

3. Joe Frazier Vs Muhammad Ali Boxing Poster

A poster that celebrates the spirit of competition as well as the boxing match between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.

4. Muhammad Ali Vintage Poster

Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. A perfect caption for a vintage boxing poster.

5. Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield

The heavyweight showdown that was Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield is one of the most memorable boxing matches in history and now you can own a piece of history!

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6. Lennox Lewis Vs Mike Tyson Poster

Be there! Be part of the world’s most anticipated boxing event when heavyweight champion Lennox “The Lion” Lewis fights with Mike Tyson.

7. Julio Cesar Chavez vs Jose Luis Ramirez Poster

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Jose luis Ramirez Poster


Whether you’re from Mexico or rooting for the Mexican champ, this poster is about as close as it gets to experiencing the big fight between the two lightweight champions.

8. Famous Boxing Legends Collage

Famous Boxing Legends

A collection of the greatest boxing legends of the modern era.

9. Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns


The historical battle between Sugar Ray and Thomas Hearns, two of the greatest middleweight boxers.

10. Hagler vs Hearns Fight

In 1985 World Middleweight Boxing champion Marvin Hagler (57-3-2, 32 KO’s) and Light Middleweight Boxing champion Thomas Hearns (30-0, 16 KO’s) fought in Las Vegas for the undisputed middleweight championship of the world.

11. Bruno vs. Tyson Retro Poster

Bruno vs. Tyson Retro Poster

12. Southpaw Movie Poster

The Southpaw movie poster, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams, is a great addition to any home boxing gym.

13. Old boxing poster

Old boxing poster


Here’s a vintage priceless boxing poster from the 1930s that you probably don’t have in your living room. Look at this guy here – he’s old school, man.

14. Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Boxing Match Poster

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

This is a fight poster for the undefeated 5-divison world champion United States Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs the 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao to unify welterweight world titles. This event was held on May 2, 2015, and was televised on pay-per-view. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, after being delayed from May 1 due to a glitch in the telecast rights of the live feed in certain countries.

15. Boxing knowledge poster

This poster includes the boxing basics including a footwork template, punching combinations, defensive moves, and defensive game plan.

16. Boxing Club Poster

boxing club

Boxing gloves posters are unique item that will make your home interior more interesting. These posters will draw the attention of your visitors.

17. ROCKY IV Poster

Born Rocky Balboa, in this Italian Stallion of a poster, Stallone as an icon of toughness is just as supercharged today as he was in the 70s. Watch his rise to stardom in this vintage Rocky boxing poster printed on premium quality paper stock.

18. Muhammad Ali The Champion Official Boxing Poster

Muhammad Ali, known as Cassius Clay before his conversion to Islam, was once described as “the most magnificent” athlete of the 20th century. Most people would say that is a debatable claim however it cannot be denied that he became one of the most controversial figures in modern history. Loved by fans and deplored by foes, he left an imprint on millions of minds after giving unforgettable imprints on his opponents’ faces. Decent, proud and high spirited, he was aggressive but not cruel, sublimely skillful but not arrogant: a genius in the ring and a gentleman outside it.

19. Vasily Lomachenko Vs. Teofimo Lopez Boxing Fight Poster

Get this Vasily Lomachenko Vs. Teofimo Lopez Boxing Fight Poster to remember this great Boxing Fight.

20. Boxing motivation poster

boxing motivation quote poster

This motivational poster is a great way to keep you motivated during training and remind you to always give 110%. It is the perfect gift for anyone who has a passion for boxing or simply enjoys looking at quotes.

21. Boxing Quote Poster

A quotation by the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali in a stylish typographic poster.

Are you in search of boxing posters for your own private gym? Are you repainting the walls and looking for fresh posters to use? Or are you planning to decorate the walls inside your gym with some gorgeous art prints? Pick some above and you are ready to go.


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