Does boxing help lose belly fat?

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Boxing training is one of the best ways to lose belly fat and get in shape. Even better than running and jogging, many people think. Many people are taking up boxing to lose belly fat, but there is more to it than just burning calories. Let’s take a look at how you can burn more calories and which type of boxing you might want to try out if you want to burn more belly fat.

boxing burn belly fat


How to lose belly fat

We have excess fat around the belly because our body fat percentage is high. It looks terrible and increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Why we have a high body percentage? Because we take in more calories daily than the body requires and burns. And, the unnecessary calories are stored in the way of fat.

The most crucial step is switching to a healthy diet, paying attention, and reducing daily calorie intake. The aim is to get a calorie deficit, so the body starts burning fat.

A diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Eat healthy things with control and drink a lot of water. A boxing diet is based on these rules.

We can speed up weight loss by doing a fat-burning workout. In a nutshell, it’s a routine that raises your heart rate and engages all of your major muscle groups. The more muscle fibers work, the more energy and oxygen are required. That’s why such moves like running, rowing, or burpees are such effective fat-burning exercises.

And, yes, the same is true for boxing!

Can boxing help you lose weight?

Let’s think about a typical boxing workout. What do the boxers do?

Firstly, they have strength training with bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, burpees, etc. All these moves are compound exercises that build both strengths and burn calories effectively.

Next, they have some cardio workouts such as jump rope training, plyometric exercises, running, jogging, etc. Again, all these activities are burn calories effectively.

Moreover, they do a lot of exercises to strengthen their abs.

Finally, the boxers practice the punches, footwork, hit the punching bag, practice with an opponent, etc. And, all these activities require the body to work as a whole. So, again, they help to burn fat.

So, now you understand why I said boxing is the best workout to lose belly fat. It’s a complex, versatile and exciting sport.

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Fitness boxing workouts for weight loss

Of course, you don’t have to train like a real fighter. A boxercise workout routine will do to lose fat around the waist. Here are a few examples.

20-minute cardio boxing workout

The combination of boxing and interval training will help you burn fat faster than running on the treadmill. This routine is a full boy workout presented by a professional boxer. I love it!


30-minute boxing for women

Boxing for fitness can help women to lose fat from the stomach through controlled movements and aerobic exercise. It will help you learn to control your breathing and concentrate on your target, making your weight loss process more manageable. This routine includes some effective boxing exercises.


Shadowboxing workout

Shadowboxing is suitable for training your muscles and refining your fighting technique. It is also a way to burn calories and lose weight. If you are preparing for pugilism, shadowboxing is an excellent way to help you learn new moves. You can also shadowbox to relieve stress and get your blood pumping.


Best boxing exercises for beginners

Boxing drills you can do at home with no equipment. This routine is excellent practice punches, slips, and combinations. If you have a heavy bag, you can use it to practice these moves.


Will a heavy bag help to lose fat?

Heavy bags help to strengthen your muscles, especially your shoulders and core. They are a great training tool for boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts. The calorie-burning depends on your weight, intensity of the training, and many other factors.

A 200-pound man with 45 minutes intensity heavy bag workout can burn about 700 calories. That’s a huge number, so yes, the heavy bag can help to lose belly fat.

Of course, novice trainers can’t do such prolonged and intense training, so the results aren’t so good. But, still very effective. And, who doesn’t like hitting the punching bag? It’s far more enjoyable than running on the treadmill, isn’t it?

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To sum up

It might seem unusual to take up boxing as a way to lose weight. After all, the image of a boxer is one of a strong and muscular physique. In fact, by taking up boxing as part of your belly fat workout, you’ll not only feel good and develop self-confidence, but you’ll also burn fat and tone the muscles in your body.

Want to learn more about boxing? Look around for more workout ideas, tutorials, and home equipment tips.


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