The 5 Basic Boxing Guards You Have to Use

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People start boxing training or other martial arts like MMA like focusing on the punches and neglecting defense skills like boxing guard techniques or footwork. And, that is a huge mistake since boxing is more about defense than offense.

I have just found a handy guide from from which we can learn the top 5 guards. By using these techniques, you can not only protect yourself from incoming punches but also get into a position from which you can throw your hits more efficiently.

Apparently, you should not stick to one type of boxing guard since your opponent will learn it, and it is going to be your weak point. So, switch your styles to keep your opponent guessing.

Tip: If you cannot train with someone, include these guards when you do shadow boxing or heavy bag workouts. Imagine as if you were fighting with a real opponent or sparring with someone.

Now check out the following guide to learn the basics. Under the image, I added videos to learn these techniques.

boxing guard


Boxing Guard Tutorials

1. Basic guard

This is the most important one you have to learn first. This position is perfect for protection as well as throwing punches. For maximum defense keep your chin down but fix your eyes on your opponent. (Do not look down!)

2. Low hand guard

This rather relaxed position is excellent to throw jabs, but your hand must be swift. Since your arm is down on one side, your head is unprotected so you must be careful with it.


3. Boxing high guard

With the help of the high guard defense you can walk down your opponent and protect your head totally, but your body becomes unprotected, so you must quickly lower your elbows in case he wants to attack your stomach. Also, do not keep your elbows and gloves too close to each other since you cannot see your opponent.


4. Philly Shell

This is an advanced guard that requires a lot of practice, but very useful. With the help of your shoulder, you can protect your head, while with the arm in front of your torso, your body.

5. Sit Down or boxing low guard

This is an excellent defense technique to get under the hooks and straight attacks. Keep your knees relaxed to bend quickly and do not take off your eyes from your opponent.


To sum up

The best is if you practice all the boxing guard styles above so that you will have a weapon for any fighter, and you can keep him guessing constantly.


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