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Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review

    Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag

    If you are looking for a Muay Thai heavy bag for home with a reasonable price tag, an ideal length for the tall workout guys, and a warranty that protects your investment, you should definitely search for the Outslayer Heavy Punching Bag (130 lbs.). This particular model from the Outslayer has every feature to fall for and an incredible warranty of 10 years, securing your investment from every side.


    Length72 inches with 12 inches straps
    Weight130 lbs (can be filled up to 300 lbs)
    Diameter14 inches
    Fillingcompressed fabric without sand
    Warranty10 years made in USA

    The material of the equipment is imported quality vinyl with an overall weight of 130 pounds and a height of 6 feet (72 inches). If anything bad happens to it, out of ordinary weather, wear and tear, and use of sharp objects, just send a picture of it, and you will instantly get your new item as a replacement. Isn’t that great?

    The 72 inches long can be extended with 12 inches of straps according to the personal choice for ease and comfort of use. Because of its excessive weight, it will create more resistance, so you will face less swinging.

    It can even bear more than 130 pounds of weight, so you can add up to 300 pounds of excess weight inside even if more weight is desired. That is why I put it on the top of my best heavy bag list.

    Features of Outslayer Muay Thai Bag

    Below are listed the unusual features of this Muay Thai bag that you are dying to read:

    1. High-Quality Material

    It has the imported quality and is manufactured exclusively in the USA using the highest quality American vinyl with an excessive weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. so that you can have a comfortable punching and kicking experience and more customizability. The filling is a unique fabric that is loved by customers.

    2. 72 Inches & 130 Pounds

    The height of the Outslayer Muay Thai punching bag is excellent. It has a height of 72 inches or 6 feet, along with the 12 inches long 4-layer maximum strength straps to adjust the length accordingly without needing additional chains.

    The weight is 130 pounds offering more resistance and thus less swinging. Moreover, an additional capacity of 300 pounds makes this model one of a kind.

    3. 10-Year Warranty

    If you still fear that your purchase is at risk, it covers a guarantee of 10 years which means that if it gets damaged, you will get your money back or you will get the bag replaced with a brand new one. The warranty covers everything except for the weathering and the use of pointy and sharp objects.

    4. Professional Punching Bag

    It is made for professional purposes and is already being used in fitness centers and gyms worldwide. You can also use it at home, but it is best for professional fighters and trainers. Having one at home will surely help you develop your condition, punches, and kicks.

    Watch how it works for Muay Thai bag workouts:


    Some pros are mentioned in the paragraph below:

    • Capacity for Additional Weight

    Apart from its 130 pounds weight feature, this punching bag has an incredible capacity of holding an extra 300 pounds of weight, making it an amazing one for professional use in gyms where variable weight is required. This way, we can modify the density.

    • Secure Straps

    I usually face the problem of straps being broken with intact. It has 4 layered maximum strength straps for easy lifting and hanging. Moreover, these straps can be used for extending the length of it. Its durability of it is out of the question.

    • 10 Year Warranty

    Who does not like protection for their investment? With the incredible 10 years of warranty, a person can have boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai training without any worries about wasting the investment. You will get a replacement or your money back instantly if something happens to it. Outslayer fight gear is among the best supported and reliable brand on the market.


    • Excessive Weight

    Although its heavy weight provides weight resistance and thus makes it swing less, this excessive weight may not suit every person, especially the smaller individuals having less weight. Moreover, such equipment can also injure the trainers as well.


    Does Outslayer have a good reputation?

    Many heavy bags are available today, but the Outslayer bags are among the best. These products are made to stay strong no matter what happens, and there are many options with different colors, shapes, and designs for different combat sports. Outslayer is a reliable manufacturer.

    What are the benefits of Outslayer punching bags?

    Hydraulically compacted materials come prefilled in Outslayer heavy bags. It creates a striking feel that is appealing. It doesn’t feel too hard, but it is firm enough to provide resistance. These heavy bags do not contain sandbags that could shift over time like cheaper heavy bags.

    What is the ideal weight of Muay Thai heavy bags?

    Muay Thai punching bags traditionally weigh between 70 and 150 pounds and are 5-6 feet long. The heavy-duty models are more suitable for advanced fighters, as they enhance the strength and power of your kicks and punches. Boxing bags are shorter and lighter.


    This Muay Thai gym bag is good overall and has a fantastic list of customer reviews and ratings on Amazon. I also find this model perfect for professional use, along with its incredible features of additional weight capacity, variable-length features, incredibly durable straps, and reasonable price tag. That’s why it is usually called the best Muay Thai punching bag on the market.


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