Best Burpee Variations to Boost Your Physique

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variations for burpees

I do not know anyone in the world who likes the burpee exercise, and I’m used to be among them. Even the traditional burpee is a tough full body exercise, but if you compare it to the variations below, you will see it is easy.

But, the burpees, also known as squat thrusts, have so many physical benefits that it must be in your workout routine. Some fitness experts call it the “Single best exercise in the world.” And I agree with them.


What are the burpees benefits?

Because it is an intense full body exercise, it lets you burn a lot of calories in short time. Also, it boosts your metabolism.

They are perfect for increasing your functional strength. With every repetition your work your abs, legs, shoulders, chest, back, and arms. All your muscle groups.

what do burpees work


You can do them anywhere. No equipment is required.

Burpee is the perfect bodyweight exercise for conditioning and developing your endurance which are crucial for fighting. It boosts your heart rate up quickly.

Compatible with any workout. You can add it to any routine without side effects.

Are you a beginner?

Before learning the variations, you should exactly know what’s a burpee. Many times I see people doing this exercise in bad form. If you do not do it correctly, it will lose its benefits and may lead to injuries. So, learn the correct method first.


44 Different Burpee Variations List

Funk Robert’s Youtube channel is my favorite source for conditional and strength development workouts. Within the following video, he put together the ultimate collection of burpees exercises. Most of them are advanced moves and not for beginners.

Personally, I love the burpee variations with weights for which I mostly use dumbbells. They are very severe but develop strength and stamina drastically. There is no need to use heavy weights first since your body needs time to get used to these challenging movements. For beginners, I do not recommend to use weights.


Sample Burpee Workout for Fighters

Now you know a lot of variations that you can add to your training. Also, you can create a program in which only squat thrusts are included. Here are is an excellent example for that.



No matter what martial arts you do, squat thrusts variations are the among the most powerful activities to increase your strength, stamina, endurance, and condition. They are very hard, but that is the reason why they are so efficient. Plus, the more you do them, the faster you get used to them.

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