Do Boxing Workout at Home If You Are Bored with Typical Cardio

boxing workout at home

I think I’m not alone with my opinion if I say that cardio workouts can be very dull. And there is nothing worse than giving up your workout because of boredom and not tiredness.

If you feel the same, then the solution is boxing (for both women and men). No, I’m not talking about going to a club and let yourself beat up by someone, but having boxing training at home.

Here I’m going to talk about why boxing is such a powerful way of training, how it helps you to get better physique and also how to start boxing workout at home.

Benefits of Boxing

The cardiovascular training is a kind of workout that typically does not focus on losing weight (although it helps to maintain your body), but it develops your endurance. For that, you should do long and monotonous exercises that are very beneficial but for most of us boring. And once you get bored and give up your training, it is difficult to start again.

However, if you do boxing, you perform an intensive training that is not boring at all. On top of that, it works your entire body and boosts your cardiovascular system. It also improves your coordination, core strength and general muscle tone. Finally, it helps to get rid of stress and improves your self-confidence.

So, if you want to do something that is enjoyable and develops you both mentally and physically, boxing cardio workout at home and heavy bag workout are the way to go.

What You Need for Home Boxing

home boxing gym

If you want to do boxing exercises for weight loss or just want to be a “hobby” puncher, then you do not have to go to a boxing gym. You can train at home alone, but it is worth to attend to a gym a few times to learn the basic punches, footwork, etc. That is enough to work out at home safely and efficiently.

Alternatively, you can find a lot of boxing tips online too, for example here on

For a perfect home boxing workout, you should have the right equipment such as a hanging or a freestanding heavy bag, a pair of gloves, hand wraps and a jump rope. These things are pretty affordable. You can get a basic set under $100.

How to have a boxing workout at home correctly

Like any other workout, boxing starts with a full body warming up. Pay attention to warm up your shoulders, wrists and lower back properly. Have at least 5 minutes jump roping, for example in 5×1 minute sets. Your warm up should be at least 10 minutes long.

Then, wrap your hands correctly, put on your gloves and hit the bag with a few light punches here and there just for the “feeling” and to prepare your body for the real training.

Then have a rest for one minute (or more depending on your fitness level) and get ready for the fight in mind.

Here come the rounds. The best would be if you have 3 minutes rounds with 1-minute rests, but for a beginner, that is hard at first. So, depending on your level of fitness, spend less time with punching, for example, 1-2 minutes, or rest more. As you get better, extend the length of the hitting period, and rest less.

In the first round throw single straight punches such as jabs (left hand) and straights (right hand). It is not a problem if your punches are not the best ones, just keep hitting the bag, but do not beat it with full power to avoid injuries. Also, experience how the bag moves and get its rhythm.

The second round is for practicing the right and left hooks. Throw hooks on the top (head area) and also on the middle of the bag (body area).

In the third round you can start throwing simple combinations, just short ones with those punches you are the best at. Typically, these are jab-cross, jab-right hook, jab-jab, etc. Take it easy. There is no need to make combos with more than three punches.

In the forth round we are going to focus on the footwork a bit more. While throwing punches, move around the bag by keeping the proper boxing stance. It will be much harder than beating the bag from a static position.

In the fifth and six round ( more if you want) try to put together everything, the punches, easy combos, and footwork. Imagine your bag is a real opponent who you should knock out but it hits back as well.

Finally, finish your workout with a 5-10 minute jump roping.

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That is all! If you make six 3-minutes long rounds with 1-minute rest and you beat the bag intensively (plus jump roping), then you are exhausted now. Of course, as you get familiar with hitting the bag you can modify your workout.

You are maybe curious why I have not included uppercuts or harder combos in the routine. Simply, because they require practice and as you are a beginner, you should go step by step. If you enjoy boxing, I’m sure you are going to do searches to learn more techniques.

Here is another workout if you have no equipment to have heavy bag workouts.



There is no question that the best is if you go to a real trainer (for even cardio purposes), but if you are a lack of time boxing at home effectively is also possible. Boxing is an exciting activity that will boost your endurance (you will feel in a few weeks) but also helps to get rid of the daily stress.

If you want to learn more about boxercise workout at home and how to set up your home boxing gym, look around this website. You will find a lot of useful information.

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